Hi readers…meenu here….
I thought to write a one shot on swasan…as i am a die hard fan of swasan…
This is my third one shot…
So lets start……

Every day he will repeat the same queation he use to ask his mom..
“Mom,can i go out?”

But..everytime he ask his mother denies saying that he is a cancer patient for whose body medicines wont work…

Today..14th feb..the day he was born…As usual he asked his routine question relating to his birthday..
“Mom,today is my birthday..i dsknt wven know whether i would be able to celebrate my 20th birthday or this as my last wish…..CAN I GO OUTSIDE.. ?”he aaked with teary eyes.

And his mother agreed…

He rushed outside with full of happiness . He sodnt knew what to do really. So he started ro walk through the speedy street.

As he walk past the card shop..his eyws was attracted by her…
Without thinking for a moment he went inaide the shop. Now he is standing infront of her, a messy table is only seperating them.

“How can i help u?”she asked with a cute smile on her face.

“I want one card”he said looking into her eyes.

He selected one card and give it to her.

“Can i wrap it and give”she asked once again with that simple cute smile.

He agreed and she went bacj and wrapped it and give it to him.

From then one…everyday..he went to that shop and purchased a card. And she use to wrap it and give him.

Days passed.

One day,he took his whole courage and went ro the shop. And purchased. But this time,he left his mobile number on her messy table without being noticed.

After 4 to 5 days,when she cleaned the table,the attractive blue coloured card chatched her eyes on which his number was written along with his name-SANSKAR.

She dialed the number and the mobile ringged..
but this time it was taken by his mom.

“Hi…whose this”his mom asked with firm voice.

“Hi.. i am swara.. is this sanskar’s number.”

“Sorry my dear.. he passed away 2 days before”saying this his mom broke into tears which couldnt be controlled by any of the consoling words and she cut the phone.

She broke down into tears………………

His mom use to sit in his room where he passed his cancery days,where his beautiful memories are,where they boyhs pend much time together..

Once…she opened up his cupboard.
The moment she opened it ,piles and piles of cards overflowed the cupboard.

She took one and opened it. She couldnt find anything unusual…it was just a card..but she noticed a chit inside it.

She took it and read…

“You are really cute and handsome..if you dint mind can we meet today at 5 o clock at cafeteria..
With lots of love….SWARA.”

His mom opebed another card and did find the same chit inside that too…She opened up as much as cards she can and she did find the ahit in all….



How is this one shot…????i am sorry that i killed sanskar in this os too… but i dont know why such thoughts came into my mind when i sat to write….

Plzzz do give me youe feedback through commenting….

Thank u for readibg my oneshot…


Credit to: Meenu

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    1. Thank u anu

  1. Short nd emotional…

    1. Thank u jiya

  2. awsm yaar keep writing………..

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  3. awsm…….

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  4. Emotional

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  5. sorry to tell dear but it’s not ur one shot means u didn’t write it I already read it online.

    1. Yah i know that . Tat its there in online

  6. it’s copy past u only added the name n taking credit its not urs so stop foolling people by saying

    “i am sorry that i killed sanskar in this os too… but i dont know why such thoughts came into my mind when i sat to write….”

    people here r not fool if u have told its not ur story then we would have loved it but it was copy paste dear

    1. Its not like that saniya….i know its there on line. I just tried one reading it and writing it here. I have read that story 1 week before.Sorry if i hurt u.. i promise u that this one will be my first one and last one tat i would write like tat.
      Once againn sorry…???

  7. stop taking someone credit to ur self

    1. I am not doing that. U misunderstood…
      Since no one here have tried writing like that…i tried one…..reading online and writing it here…..
      Sorry.. saniya.. i hurt u…

  8. hey dear stop lying it’s not ur story I have read it be fore.

    1. I am not lying dear…… i know its there in online….and i am not taking credit……

    1. Thank u

    1. Oh….thank u

  9. Short and sweet..! Lovely..! ❤

    1. Thank u shreya

    1. Thank u kritika

  10. Nice story

    But after reading the cmntz of others..I felt hurt…

    Meenu if u r copy paste this story plz…give the crditz to the writer…don’t do this

    This is not the ryt way….. if it is someone else…u should give the crditz to him/her..

    But anyways…this is a nice story
    ….I don’t know the original writer…

    If u need to share someone else story in the name box u should type meenu on behalf of …….(name of.the original writer)…then anyone will not feel bad…others will also thank u for shareing it with u…from next time don’t do this type of things…

    Sorry if u r hurt…

    1. Actually i didnt know his name…. and if u have read the comments then u should have read my comments too….

      I didnt want to cheat anyone…….

      When i read that story.. i felt nice… so i thoyght of sharing it with u guys…tahts wgy i have done this……

      But u all are misunderstanding me…..???????

  11. Emotional nd nce

    1. Thank u L Khan

  12. I already read it somewhere.

    1. Everyone and read this…….

  13. Emotional but you should have atleast told us that you copied it

    1. I should have.. sorry abt taht

  14. Can anyone tell me how to change the profile pic …..plz reply me

    1. Sorry i dont know even that is also needed for me to…..

  15. iam crying now

    1. Oh…..?????????

  16. nice every love story is not completed

    1. U r very correct and thanks 4 commenting

  17. nice don’t be upset dear

  18. nice don’t be upset dear

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