Hllo i m back again so lets start
Quick recap:annika hand got hurt and shivaay came to know pinki bring naintara at om

Shivaay hugged her very tightly first she was shocked and then confused and then she noticed shivaays sobbing she tried to console him but in vain
A:shivaay relax what happened r u fine naa
S:sobbing) have u gone mad and why r u asking me that i m fine or not
A:shivaay relax i m fine look at me i am to like tan tana tan nothing happened to me
S:really nothing happened to u so what is this pointing 2wrd her hand
A:ohh it is just a minor cut nothing serious
S:angrily )oh really minor haa so now tell me how u get it
A:stammering ) vo actually i slipped on the road so thats how i get it
S:wow annika u r such a big liar
A:liar me how
S:how smoothly you lied about this injury we got to know everything what happened how u got this where were u last night everything
A:everything but how
S:its none of ur bussisness but u tell me why did u lie
A:vo i didn’t want u get worried and take tension about this small thing so but anyways u tell me how did u get to know
S:ohh u don’t want we get tension don’t u know what was my condition when i didn’t find u anywhere and top of that when u came and u became unconcious i thought my world stop my life stop at that point i thougt i died before he complete annika put her finger in his lips
A:plz shivaay don’t say i f something will happen to u i will die at vry nxt moment so never say like this
S: i will say u never thought about my feelings u do whatever u want to do whats the need to get into mess if something happened to u thank god to those police officers who told us about this nhi to u will never tell us about this (in one go)
A: police officers but why did they come here
S:they wanted to take ur signature on some papers and want u 2 come to police station to recognise the culprits
A:ohh so what are we waiting 4 lets go(she start getting up but shivaay make her sit again)
A:what happened shivaay
S:not so soon jhansi ki rani first u need rest v will go later and have this medicines and sleep
A:oo my mata shivaay
S:what happened r u okk or i should call the doctor
A:(laugh) i m fine actually look at these medicines itni saari i don’t want 2 eat these much
S:stop ur drama u have to take them
A:but shivaay
S:did u say something
A:me nhi toh
S:but i thought i heared something
A:u r thinking so much ookk u ll go i want a do rest
S:okk but ha (cut by omru)
Om:you go v will take care of her
R:and yaa v don’t allow her to het up frm the bed
He leaves frm the room
A:omru i want a tell u something vry important
Omru:first u need rest v will talk about the matter later
A:no i want a tell u ryt now its urgent
A:yesterday whe i was in the garden………silent conversation
Omru :what r u sure
O: okk but now don’t take stress and u do rest
R:otherwise ur the wild cat eat us raw
Meanwhile shivaay on call
S:okkk meet me outside mansion
S:in half an hour
Call hang up screen freze on shivika tensed face

Same as previous one and new men enter in annika’s life
Soo byyy guys

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