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Shivika room
Shivaay drag annika 2 room and closed the door leaving everybody shocked behind
D:what happened 2 billu
Omru: even we don’t know lets go and checked everybody stand in front of door but found it closed
P:(thought)aaj to uss annika ki oo my maata pakka smirk
Inside room
Shivaay hold annika hand tightly and then check out her frm tip to toe with concern whereas annika was shocked with his sudden behaviour and then shivaay tightly hugged her
S:annika r u okk
A:yaa i m fine
S:how can u be so careless u know how much i get worried not finding u in front of me and where were u whole night
A:shivaay me woo… cha…chanda ke ghar pr thi
S:(gets angry he pulled her 2wrd himself and made her grip more tight on her) stop lying annika i know u were not at chandas house now common be a good girl and tell me whr were u ??? (While one hand is caressing face and other holding her hand tightly)
A:shivaay i m not lying (blood start oozing out from her hand )
Now he pinned her to the wall and now both r inches apart both can feel the warm breath of each other shiver start running from her spine
A:what r u doing shivaay leave my hand
S:what m i doing and i leave ur hand hand before 3 months now don’t try to test my patience and tell me godd dammit he hold hand more tightly
A:(while trying 2 free herself) leave my hand shivaay its hurting and who r u 2 me and why i tell u whr was i
S:ur r my wife???
A:u r mistaken i m not ur wife we r divorced 4 ur kind information now leave my hand

Shivaay leaves her hand and she tried to move but then she start feeling dizzy and she fell on the ground before she hit the ground shivaay picked her in his embrace and put her on the bed and called doctor and informed everybody about annika’s condition everbody rushed 2 annika and get shocked 2 annika hand with full of blood
D:billu wht happened and how she got hurt
S:hurt wht r u guys talking about
Om:shivaay look at bhabhi’s hand
Only then shivaay get aware about annika injury and then he look at his hand with full of hand
Meanwhile doctor has arrived and she instruct everbody to wait outside everbody does the same but shivaay being sso he is not outside even in doctor insistence then doctor allowed him 2 stay with her when doctor was checking her shivaay sits besides her and caressing her face after 10 mins doctor checked her and first aid at her hand
S:doc what happened to my annika she is fine naa and why she is not talking to me
Doc: relax mr. Oberoi she is fine actually bcz of her stress she became unconcious
S:doc how can u say that she is fine look at her her she is not talking to me she is not in her sense
Doc: don’t worry its bcz of sedatives which i give her she gets concious in 2 hours and take care her the cut in her hand is very deep so don’t allow her 2 do any work okk
S:thanks doc i will tke care of her
Doc:now i should leave
Doctor leave now only shivika in room alone shivaay put annika head in his lap and kissed her forehead and hand gently

Annika plz open ur eyes i cant see u like this fight with me pour water me break the glasses of whole but don’t b quite ur silence is killing me frm inside i want to know why u did that all 3 mnths b4 what was the reason who forced u annika plz get up get up 4 ur billu ji’s sake plz plz
I LOVE U ANNIKA I LOVE U SO MUCH plz open ur eyes now i don’t want a leave u i only got to know ur importance when u left me after u left me l became soulless body i lost my everything my tadi my smile my happiness but when i saw u again in that dargah i again started feeling like i m alive i want a hug u i want a kiss u i want a love u iwant a scold u 4 doinf all this i thought my life is back but when u announced u r getting engaged someone my anger overpowered my love and i saw those harsh words 2 u but i didn’t mean that but when i saw u with someone embrace i thought i m going 2 loose u again and in my fear of loosing u i announced my engagement with annika but annika i didn’t mean that i don’t like nagini at all i only love u so now plz get up ab me tumhe khud se kbhi door nhi jaane doonga never ever his chain of thought break when he heard rudra is calling him

R: Bhaiya come with me its emergency
S:what emergency tell me
R: bhaiya police has arrived and they r asking about annika bhabhi
S:police but why r they asking about annika
R:don’t know bhaiya

In hall
Pi: o my maata shivaay sees what this manhoos girl did now
S:stop it let me talk 2 them ya inspector what happened why r u here
P:mr. Oberoi we r here 2 meet miss annika can u tell us whr is she ryt now
S:could u plz tell me the matter why do u want 2 meet her
P:we will take only 5 mins of her we want her sign on this fir
S:her sign plz tell me clearly
P: i think till now she does not tell u about yesterday incident
S:incident no actually she is not well and she is doing rest ryt now so u have 2 tell us
P:yaa how can anyone be fine after happening so much
S:what happened to her
P: actually mr. Oberoi yesterday some goons were trying to kill a lady in xyz road she is passing around them then she helped the lady and rescued her but in this process her hand got badly hurt by paronoid then she takes the lady to the hospital and informed us file a complaaint against the goons but bcz of injury she became unconcious and we cant take her sign at that tym and in morning she moved frm the hospital so here we r 4 her sign but as u say she is resting so could u plz take her 2 police station 4 further procedure
Till then shivaay anger reached at peak he was boiling
S:???which further procedure
P:we captured some culprits so she can identified them
S:okk i will take her
P:now v should leave

D: billu ye sb kya h meri baachi
R:bhabhi is so brave bhaiya
O:i m proud of her
J:not only u we all proud of her
Pi: manhoos h jha jaati h wahi kuch na kuch gadbad ho jaati h zaroor uske hi
S:stop it mom not a single word against my annika otherwise i will not cut by his phone ringtone and excused himself and moved to his room where annika is sleeping peacefully
S: hello
Poc :……….
S:r u sure bhavya
B:yes bhaiya i have a proved
S:okk come 2 my room
B:okk i m coming
Call end

B: Bhaiya have a look
S:what is this
B: bhaiya these r the picture of of that red area whr naintara used to live before coming to om
S:so what u want to show me
B:bhaiya look at the car in this pic this car belongs to OF but it was not ur car and we interrogate some peoples they told us ki aapke aalawa bhi naintara se milne koi aaya tha jisne usko paise diye they
S: to tumhe lgta h ki wo jo koi bhi h wo hamari family se h pr aisa kaise ho skta h
B:bhaiya hume shaak nhi poora yakeen hai ki wo oberoi family se hi h kyonki
S:kyonki kya
B: bhaiya kisi ne oberoi family ka naam use karke unki bail kara di
S:what but who did
B:bhaiya woo…wo
S:tell me who was the person
B: bhaiya u don’t believe me
S:tell me
B:piin…. pinky aunty ji
S:what mom no mom can’t do this
B:bhaiya trust me i have a proove
S:what proove
B:recording of their conversation
Recording play
N:samdhan ji namatey
P: how dares u to call me
N:i want my money
P:money which money ill give u enough of money now i will not give u a single penny
N:okk then i will tell everything to damadji about ur plans against annika
P:go and tell him he will not believe u that i brought u here
N:okk we will see
P:and now don’t call me again
Call cut
S:it could be fake na
B:no bhaiya its all recorded at police station she told me everthing how much pinky aunty hates annika bhabhi and she also gave me this necklace which is belongs to pinky aunty
S:bhavya leave me alone 4 some tym
B:but bhaiya

S:i want a leave alone 4 some tym
Bhavya leave shivaay breakdown and remember kulgotra puja day when annika told him bt he did not believe her and even scold her
He sits beside annika
S:annika i m sorry i didnot believe u plz fogive me tears falls frm his eyes on annika face
Annika opened her eyes and shocked to see shivaay in such state she tries to sit and shivaay helped her in sitting he immediately pulled her in bone crushing hug annika shocked

Screen freeze!!!

Shivaay confront pinky 4 her deeds

And plz do comments

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