Hii once again i m bck with another shot of oo jaana so lets stat

along with trio whole OF reached hall and shocked 2 see pinki who is screaming on gauri whereas gauri is standing in front of pinky with teary eyes
P: how dares u
G: (sobbing) aunty ji please stop it
P: no i will nots u low class peoples what u thinks about urself
J: stop it pinky and why r u shouting at gauri
P: goods jethaniji u all r here and ur so calleds dil is trying to kills me
All: shocked
J:what the hell r u talking i trust her she can’t do anything and stop creating ur drama
P: u r sayings that i m lying i m creating dramas u r not beleving on me and taking side of this road side trash ,i don’t know what blackmagic
does this girl on u , i know these type of girls very well bl***y gold digger 4 money they can do anything even they can kill person
O:(anger) stop it choti maa stop talking nonsense about my wife i trust her so not a word against my wife
G : omkara ji i didn’t do anything (sobbing)
O: stop it gauri i trust u i know u can’t do anything and stop crying
R: yes chulbul bhabhi we all know who is saying truth or who is lying while giving disgusting look to pinky
Shivaay noticed this
S: okk stop all of u( he stand in front of gauri and wiped her tears ) stop crying gauri
G:bade bhaiya humne kuch nhi kiya
S: u don’t need to explain me i trust u (gauri hugged him and he consoled her ) it must b some misunderstanding so come on and smile like a good girl
P: oo my mata shivaay ye tu kya kr rha h
S:stop it mom and i think u misunderstood her and he moved towrd her room
While om rudra jhanvi moved 2wrd their respective room giving disgusting look to her
And pinky too moved 2wrd her room in anger

Shivika room 11:30 pm
Shivaay sit on couch and think about today incident
what omru were talking if that was true than i should find out the reason behind that jisne meri annika ko itna majboor kr diya ki use ye sb krna pda which apart both of us 4 thAt 1st i have to find out what exactly happened 3 months before i know who can help me in finding truth he called someone .
End of pov
He moved 2 wrd annika room but find it empty and he called on chandas no.
C :(sleepy) hello who is this
S:this is shivay singh oberoi
C :shocked why did u called me at this tym of night is everything okk with annika she is fine naa tell me
S:wait a min. What r talking annika is not here i thought she must be at ur house
C: no she didn’t come here i should try to call her
S:no use her phone is switched off so know any of her frnd and a place where she used to go when she upset
C:friend i don’t know but haan i think i know where she can go
S:so what r waiting 4 tell me
C:city garden whenever she was upset and don’t want talk to anybody she goes to city garden
S:okk hang up
Shivaay quickly start his car and move toward c.g.after half an hour he reached there and searched her but she was not there now he get scared and clled khanna immedietly
S:khanna track annikas phone location
K: wt happened sir r u fine na
S:cant u hear
K:sorry sir wo i get worried so i just
S:(shouting ) i want annika location within 5 min
K:okk sir
After 5 min
S:haa bolo khanna
K : sir mam ka phone city garden ke paas xyz road pr switched off hua th
Call diconnected
He reached the road and searched her but she was also not there he start moving toward his car and he noticed annika phone in road (guys head lights of car r on) he quickly picked up phone
Annika ka phone yha pr iss trah kya kr rha h where r u annika i hope u r fine (he became restless and tear start flowing frm his eyes he sit on his knees and start remembring their moments ) he noticed 2 person whom r talking about a girl he quickly moved towrd them
S:what r u talking about girl
M 1:yaa today in afternoon a girl met with an accident
S:accident no nothing can happened to her
M 2: bai shahab r u alright
He showed them annikas picture
S:was she the girl who met with an accident
M 1 :don’t know we didn’t see the girl face
S: kis hospital me le kr gaye h
M1:abc hospital
3:30 am
Shivaay quickly rushed 2wrd hospital and reached their
S:where is the patient who had admittef today in accident case
R: which patient u r asking
S:a girl who had met with an accident in xyz road
R: oo yaa i got it sorry sir but she died
R:sir i can take u to the patient so u can identifief her
S: still in shocked state
R: sir come with me
Shivaay involuntary followed her and reached the mortuary where dead body is lying and her face covered by shroud
R:here is the dead body i ll take leave
Shivaay slowly removed the shroud while tears r not in mood to stop and he slowly uncovered her face and get shocked he quickly covered her face and moved out and sit in car
S:she is not my annika i know that she can’t leave me like this

Where r u annika i know u r somewhere near me but i can’t find u his thought were break by phone call
He quickly picked up the phone
P:bhaiya whr r u its 9:30am and u r not in home
S:rudra i m coming i went 4 some work i m coming
Call disconnected
I think i should not tell omru about this they must get worried first i have to go home may be annika has arrived
He quickly rushed 2 wrd om
Shivaay reached om everyone prsnt on hall
D:billu where were u whole night security told that u moved in hurry at late night
S:actually dadi wo kuch kaam tha
D:kaisa kaam wo bhi itni late night
S:dadi something important
D:i m asking samething what important work
S:office ka kuch kaam tha and dadi i m tired i ll get fresh n up so i will talk 2 u later
He moved 2 wrd his room
He called someone and instruct them and rushed to washroom
After few min he came out from washroom
And moved toward dinning table where everyone present except annika he sit on his seat but he is not able to eat
D:billu what happened
D:so why r u not eating
S:actually dadi wo cut by rudra
R:arey annik bhabhi app aa gyi
Shivaay stand up frm his seat and moved toward her
D:arey annik puttar where were u i didn’t see u frm yesterday
A:dadi wo me before she can complete shivaay drag her toward his room and leaving behind everbody in shocked and close the door
A:wht r u doing shivaay confused
S:wht am i doing angrily
He hold her hand tightly blood start oozing out from her hand but shivaay didn’t notice it
Annika shocked
Screen freeze

Shivaay gets 1st clue of annika’s innocence

I hope its big enough

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