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So lets start
Annika leave om with teary eyes and shivaay move toword his room
In shivaay room
As shivaay enter in his room he locked himself in his room & he fell down on his knee and tear start falling from his blue eyes

S p.o.v.
How can she do this to me how ??? How can she say congratulations and then she went to meet her fiance how can she think that i can move on in my life with someone other doesn’t she know that she is my life i can’t even think about my life without her it after listening my engagement with ragini i saw something in her eyes it seems that someone stab her someone snatch her everything but what she did with my family before 3 months i will never forgive her
never ever

Annika in city garden sitting on bench thinking about whatever happend today and tears r continuesly rolling from her eye
A pov
How can he do this to me wo aisa kaise kr skte h?? doesn’t he know how much i get affected by this but annika u deserve this its all because of me na hi me wo sb krti na ye sb hota and then her cute moments start come in her mind and she sadly smile and oo jaana play in bg in sad version
Her thougths were break when she notice someone hand in her shoulder and she turns around to see the person standing behind her and she found its none other than rudra with tear in his eyes he suddenly hugged her vry tigtly
and start crying annika console him

R: bhabi i m sorry
A:y r u saying sorry
R:bhabi whatever bhaiya did today its all bcz of my stupid plan (Remember guys rudra plan to jealous shivaay in ib) if i didn’t give that stupid idea and in jealousy bhaiya didn’t do anything like this
A:its not ur mistake than y r u saying sorry its all bcz of my fate neither i did something nor this day come in our life btw why did u msg me 2 cm here
R:actually bhabi i hv decide to tell everything to bhaiya

A (confused )what r u tlking about
R bhabi ur truth ,chhoti maa truth , bhaiya’s birth truth &reason of ur leaving bhaiya
A (shocking & in low tone )rudra!! no u can’t do this
R but why bhabi i can’t see u both in pain thats why i m going to tell and start moving
Screen freeze on rudra deterimenant face!!!

R: bhaiya i want a tell u something
S:yaa tell me
R:bhaiya wo bhabi
Someone carry unconcious annika in his hand

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