Only you’re my life (Ragsan FF) Chapter:-01.. ragsan feelings eachothers ..


A big college is shown one boy sit in the bench under the tree…. He chat with his friend..

“Abi…. Please don’t blame me”

A:- how’ll you say like this.. because of laksh Bhai ..
we came this new college..
I don’t know anyone here..

“sorry.. Abi.. you’re my best friend so I want you also joined with me..
how will I handle this new college .. ? ?
we should study for the final year also..
please.. please Abi..
Please forgive me..”

Abi :- OK sanskar don’t take this face dude… ? ?
i had hard time when convince my family for join the new college…
so tease you sometime..
but truly I’ll also miss your company if I never come this college.. ? ? ? ? ?

sanskar :-(hold his hands around abi’s neck) I know this idiot that’s why I’m pleasing to you to break your drama..
( ? ? ? ?)

Abi :- what!!!!

abi ? ? ? ? chase sanskar ? ? ? and both are running around the tree..


Big mansion is shown…
pari,sujata and annapurna are cooking in kitchen …
one voice is coming from the upstairs room …
A girl scolds A boy with full of anger but he sits in the bed with cool attitude ….

“laksh this is to much ..
??? you broken the hand of head master who teach sanskar now because of you durga papa changed his college ….”

laksh:-(??) if you finishes my baby swara ( he drags her to the bed and hold her shoulders but swara makes his hands away and turns from laksh’s side)
ohhhh… no .. madam is angry with me…???..
that professor is not good that’s why he slaps sanskar for
sanky complaint him to police because of his bad behavior towards girls …(????)
I’ll never allow anyone to touch my brother…

swara:- many ways in here but you takes violence always ..
thats why now sanskar leaved his college in his final year…
in your family no one in here to scold you???..

La:-????(laugh)Because everyone know I’m correct and also abi in college with sanky to manage
but here you in to scold me( laughing ???)

swara:-(angrily look????) You’re getting mad I’ll leave …

laksh hold her hand and drag her towards him..
and play with her hair ..
but swara avoids his eyes..

laksh:- you angry here but sanskar will enjoy new college new girls .. so don’t spoil are romance for that Romeo he is exited to make new friends …

swara pushes him to bed…

sw:- sanky is not like you …
?????(smile) beast luky ..

she runs from there and laksh runs and follow her with smile..

……….in college …..

A big car is entering to the college and stop…
A beautiful girl comes from the car…
she looks around the college and take deep breath
and walks towards the college …
while sanskar and abi run across her …
she looks at them with irritating but couldn’t looks there face…
sanskar runs behind her and holds her shoulder …
she feels some connection with his touch and her body spare some current pass..
……music plays in background ……
abi in front of her face and trying to caught sanskar…
abi:- sanky stopppp….
she murmurs his name…”sanky”..

sanskar stops to hear her voice and he also feels some connection with her voice ..
he removes his hands and she back to normal ..
abi comes to sanky and caught him tightly but sanky is stand like status and looking towards the direction which she goes..

she is in mind… :- why this name attached with me from i heard that…

she is about to turn towards sanskar.. her driver called her and running towards her…
“ragini ji…ragini ji….”

she turns and speak with him that time sanky looks at her side pose and murmurs her name…
sanskar:-(in mind) why i feels some connection with her…

abi shakes sanky …

abi:- what happened if you lost anything ….
sanskar:- don’t know .. ( looks towards her direction)
abi:- you’re acting to escape from me na.. ( that time abi gets some call and leaves with excuse )

sanskar’s full focus is in towards ragini’s direction..

sanky ( in mind):- turn towards me dumboo.. turns..

ragini leaves from there after talking to her driver..

sanky:- turn please turn …(murmured with excitement)

ragini looks sanky through mirror which in before she…

sanky notice that and smiles and ragini also notice sanskar’s smile .. she leaves from there like she not looked anything ….

sanky :- something wrong happened to me if i looks at her.. whats that… shhhhhhh…
sanky come on…


sanky and abi comes to the classroom with talking and scolds each other…
they enter the classroom but never notice the professor …

abi:- it’s will be fun….

they laugh and about to make hi-fi … they notice the classroom silence and looks around and turns towards the professor.
and looks shocked …

san:- ji…..

professor rithik singh (actor Arjun Bijlani…)

rithik:- what’s this manners ..
abi:- sir…
s:-sorry ..
r:- what sorry ..
r:-go out and stand still this period overs..
r:-get out…

They go out with pappy face..
abi :- i get urgent..
(he runs to washroom)
sa:- hey..hey…
sit.. boring ..
he is not a professor hitler ..

he turns and surprise to see ragini besides him…

The episode ends with sanskar’s surprise face..

precap :- ice-cream party with rain romance …


(A/n thanks a lot for your loving support I’ll write long part and more scene next time.. sorry for this short one..)

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