Only you’re my life (Ragsan FF) Chapter:-05… Ragini realize her love..


…In morning ….
Maheswari mansion …

Sanskar gets ready to college …
Annapurna enters with pooja thread …

San:-(Hugs from back) Good morning mom..
Ana:-Good morning beta.. ok show your hand bachcha…
(she ties the thread)
San:-For what?
Ana:-This is for your safety .. because your Time is not.. pandit tell this to me… Please promise me.. you’ll never remove this..
San:- (smile) I have best mon then why this thread ok but I’ll keep this safely ok…
An:- (smile) you’re also my best son..

They hug….

…..In shivanya room..

San:-(knock the door) May i come in di..
shiv:-come on chottu..
[laksh and rithik enter the room with some photo)
san:-(looks rithik with little scare) Hi jiju..
laksh:-(towards sanky) bhai.. take this photos and please tell your Friend malik to show The person 20years old photo ok…
san:-ok lucky bhaiya but who is this in this photo ..
very pretty child …
shiva:-(smile) I’ll tell you…
{she discripe everything)
but sanky please don’t reveal this to our family ok it’s very secret ok..
san:-(sad tone) ok promise .. jiju don’t worry… I think your sister is in my age now .. so I’ll search every place ok..
and I’ll find your mom photo also ..
rithik :-(Smile)thanks ..
(little strite) but don’t make absence in class because of that ..

everyone smile and sanky runs from there with exuse of phone …

……In phone ….

Ragini :- hello …
sanky :- hello ragini ji good morning
Ragini :- good morning but I want to see you urgently ..
sanky :- but why so soon.. what happened?
Ragini ji we will meet in college na..
Ragini :- please sanskar ..
sanky :- mmmm… ok.. I’ll come in to ice-cream shop..
Ragini :-ok..

……in maheswari mansion hall….

sanky :-(greets durga prasad and ram prasad) mmmm.. papa bye I want to go early ..
ram:-but. beta breakfast ..
sa:-I’ll eat in canteen papa.. bye mom… bye bhaiya..
(he runs fastly)
laksh:-he is very interest in new college .. I think i done a good jop..
(swara smirk towards him..)
laksh :- ok.. violence is not good …

……in ice cream shop….

Ragini arrived there …
sanky also come the same timing …

sa:-wow… what a timing yar..
Ragini :- Thanks for coming ..
sa:-(smile) what will you eat..
Rag:- i want to know something ….
sa:what happened you.. this much fast..(ragini look 😡😡) ok…
what you want to know ..

Ra:- If you were study in ssk school in childhood ..
sa:-(surprise) yesss.. how you now..
ragini :-(smiles)(and hugs him tightly)😍😍😍
sanskar in full shocks…

precap:- car accident and truth reveal😱😱😱

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