Only you’re my life (Ragsan FF) Chapter:-03. ragini miss sanskar in college..


sanskar enters maheswari mansion and goes to kitchen silently …
pari and sujata looka at him..
he greets them and they blessed him silently ..
she go behind annapurna and about to hug her..

an:-mmmm.. today my jaan comes so early na..
san :- (pout) how you know this magic ma.. how will you find me so easily ..
an:-it’s called mothers love not magic..

sanskar hugs her..
san:-suju ma.. what’s lunch ..

sujata shows him everything..
san:- wow.. everyones favorites in here..
you’re amazing ..
(hugs sujata and kiss her cheek)

pari:-come sanskar you’ll get cold .. go and freshen up…
san:-yes.. bhabi ji…
(he runs towards his room..)
pari smiles…

… ragini’s room..

ragu Thinks about sanky..
she remember how he eats ice cream…
and dance with poor children ..
she comes front of her mirror and act like and check her face…
“she imagine sanky in mirror ..
sank:- i say you na you’re so funny in angry ..”
he smiles…
she throw flowers from vase to mirror but his image vanished ..

ragini :-(smile)

she looks at her smiling face and remember his words ..

sanskar:- please allow smile on your face…

she smiles and goes to eat launch …

her servent bring food and ragini stops her..

ragini :- devi ma.. please gives some ice cream..

devi:- (in shock)

rag:-what happened ..

devi:- nothing beta.. I’m working hear since 20years but you never asked ice cream to me na… but now..

rag:- I hate ice cream because my mom died when i born so i hate to go ice cream shop.. because children eat with their parents and they feed their kids but now..
someone teach how enjoy ice-cream in loan state..

(she remember how sanskar enjoy the ice-cream with children and feeds them…)

devi ma gives ice cream to ragu she feeds that to devi ma .. and devi ma feeds ragu.. they enjoy the ice cream and both are have tears in their eyes because of happiness …

ragini :- thank you sanskar ….

……maheswari mansion ..

everyone in hall and eats their launch …

Adarsh:- (towards sanskar) what about your new college sanky..

san:-(remember the punishment) huh.. cool bhaiya.. so many friends good teaching.. great teacher ..


sanskar split his food in plate…

pari:-what happened ..
durga:- have some water beta…
sanskar :- huh papa..
(he drinks the water)

everyone looks the enternce and happy to see rithik ..

san:- (in mind) oh god.. why this hitler jiju comes here..

ram:- come here rithik you also eat lauch..

rithik:-no papa.. I’m full i comes to see shivi…

sujata:- dear.. shivi..laksh and swara goes to some restaurant to calmdown swara..

rithik (smile) :- ok I’ll come later ma bye..

su:- ok.. but tells bhaiya to call me..

ri:- ok I’ll say papa..
bye sanky…

san:-ah.. bye jiju..

rithik leaves..

san:-(in mind) oh.. thanks god.. he got some work else I’ll gone…

….in morning ….

rithik calls shivi and speak with her..

sh:-hai.. why you gone fast..
ri:-because i got some information about her..
shi:-what .. it’s good news..
ri:-but how’ll i find her.. you know na..
my parents died in my childhood and i grown in my badi papa house ..
now i have my badi papa and my bua that your chachi..
but i can’t fulfill my life because of this missing relationship how will i find her..

shi:- don’t worry i know you come here from America and joined to college because to find her..
I’ll help you but don’t lose hope .. i and laksh will with you forever ok..

rithik:-thanks.. my jaan..

shi:- ok ok.. i know .. how about new college .. i know sanky also come there first na..

ri:-yes.. I’ll tell his story later(chuckle)

shi:-what happened ..

ri:-nothing I’ll tell you later but how about laksh .. if he convinced swara..

shi:- yes .. he is experts in that..

ri:-comes coffee shop tomorrow ..


……in college …

everyone in the college classroom ..
ragini in the last bench ..
she search every where for sanskar but can’t find him..
abi enters the class..
he sits before ragini bench..
ragini is about touch abi , rithik enter the class..

After class ends ragini runs towards abi..

abi:-(looks around) to me..
ragu:- yes ..
ragu:-mm.. (looking nervous) where is your friend?
abi:-(teasing) who?
(ragini goes with angry ..)
abi:-ok..ok.. stop..
(ragu stops)
abi:-he has cold so he absence today ..
ragini :-thanks..
(she leaves)
abi:-thanks .. so much angry ..

….in car…

ragini thinks about sanskar ..

…in sanskar room..
shivi scold him for drenched in rain..
she gives medicine..
he think about ragini who tell him that he’ll get ill…

sanky smiles..

episode ends..

ragu calls sanky…

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