Only you’re my life (Ragsan FF) Chapter:-02..ragsan spends sometime..


sanskar looks surprise at ragini..??
ragini looks at another side..

Rag:-(turns at looks at him blankly ..)??
san:- ragini ji.. you also got punishment na…
{ragini’s look turn as what’s the hell idiot ?}
(bites his lip)?
wow nahi… ohw so sad..
i mean sad.. very sad..
(ragini turns from his side)
san:-everything is different here ragini ji…??
my old college is better ..
you know i joined here today and in my first class i got punishment …??
what about you ..☺☺
is this a regular activity to you in here…(laughing???)
rag:- (looks as angry??)
San:- just for fun..?
(In mind.. why is she so mean .. I’m a monster or idiot to her ..

Sanskar looks at ragini she turns in other side and act like reading book….
sanky stares at her and ragini turns…
and looks at him..
he also looks at her..??
Ragini:-(back to the Normal and warns him with angry look…)??
Sanskar turns from her side..

sanky :-(in mind) she looks at me with angry look but i feel that as cute one ..
she ignores me but i want to became friend with her..
what this sanky .. come on..
I think she is a quite angry bird but it’s easy to me to became friend with ..
i like her bold attitude i like her…

san:- ok enough ..
(ragini ignore his eye contact and look at her books)
ragini ji please break this silent ..
i gets bore..
and you know..
you’re look like a cute girl what so silent ..
please talks one for me to hear your voice …
please please please!!!!!????

Ragini looks irritate and closed the book angrily and turns to sanskar side fastly ..

rag:-(high tone)??? .. shhhh…
shut up….
Mrs.. what you want from me.
I’m seeing you since long..
you didn’t stop your speech..
If you say one word again I’ll break your teeth..
I also in bad mood..
because of you and your friend I got punishment for came late to classroom ..
you two played foot ball around me when i come class.
Idiot I’ll kill you…(more sound)
{sanskar looks other side}
why you looks at my head if anyone dance on it…
san:-(low voice)not know but will happen sometime..
rag:-what(she feels her shouted before and also feels professer behind her… she turns slowly)

ragsan looks helpless towards professer..
Rithik:- what’s the hell is happening here..
I gived punishment only but you imagin i sent you two to disco..
you two are disturbed my class..
It’s the first class to both of you but..
san:- you also first here???…

Professor/ragni looks at him ????…

San:-sorry ??..
Ri:-go and celebrate your happiness with her …
I’ll never allow you two for disturbed my classes so get out from campus and come with manners next time …
ragi:-sir but..
R:-go out…
Ri:-wait where is your partner sanskar maheswari ..
S:-he goes to washroom..
Ri:-? take him also….

Rithik leaves from there…
ragini and sanskar takes there bags..
abi arrived there ..
A:-(notice the books) if he called us to classroom ..
sa:-no… he gives punishment to get out from college …
A:-what????(notice ragini)
ra:-(???) Idiot …(leaves from there)
A:- ?? i left you five minutes you spoiled everything and i thought you’ll because friend with her but she in angry mood…
sa:-(??)She is a angry store .. come I’ll tell the full story ….

They leave..

…in car park..

abi:-what she scold you?
sa:-yes .. she is different .. i like That ?
Abi:-how many time will you like the differents of girls ..
sa:-Every girls are like my friend nothing else like your dirty mind idiot …
Abi gets call..
(end the call)
s:-it’s roop..
A:-mm.. she angry with me for coming this college against her wish and she in our college as a lone..
s:-go and pacify her..
A:-(imitate sanky) go and pacify.. ??
A:-I planed dinner night to her so i should go and convince her for that ..
S:-you go I’ll go from here ..(looks at ragini’s car)
s:- go idiot else roop will make chutny in you…
Abi:-Wash your mouth..

ragini comes to sit car…

san(in mind):-i didn’t plan to go with but how will i go.. laksh should in the conditions to convince swara bhabi .. and adarsh bhai will in with papa.. pari bhabi also working with mama..
if i connect then i should brought there scolds…
so i should ask lift to her..


san:- Hi ji…
San:-please give me lift ..
rag:-where is you fried …
san:-he got some urgent work yar. please please .. mom will get worried if her only son get ill because of this rainny day…??

…..ragsan in car????..
Rag:-(in mind) he is so cute .. what.. don’t speak like this control he is a irritating person ..
sa:-I’m irritating you na..
rag:-what?(how he find my mind)
san:-I’ll study your face ..
ra:-(he is dangerous) what’s for that?
san:-nothing .. i feel laughing when i looks your angry face its so funny ..
you try hard to became angry ..
S:-looks at there.. your nose and lips ???..
Ra:- (turns to window side)
S:-we should became friends na..
Ra:-(looks like he is impossible) You’ll never let your mouth to rest .. how is this possible to talk nonstop..
please keep silent else i get headache ..??..
S:-(?) Ok…I’ll try..

….After 5min sanskar looks at a ice cream shop…

ra:-what happened …
sa:-ice-cream.. my favorite shop… i and my didi also have ice here when rain..
ra:-it’s raining outside but you wants to eat ice..
san:-its interest to doing different things ..
ra:-whatever .. nonsense ..
san:-come with me you should enjoy ..
ra:-no thanks i didn’t have much time..
san:-it’s college time but we are in out side then what work you have ..
ra:-ok.. i don’t like ice.. ok… go ..

sanskar goes..

ragini in mind..

rag:-(why I’m feeling something different .. he spoiled my mind.. i shouldn’t obey him like this.. why i not ignore his demand ..
i should leave..)
driver go from here..
( car is moving and she looks him through car window.. sanky enjoy the ice with poor kids and dance with them in rain…
A light smile appears in her face..)
driver stop the car and go back to the ice shop ..
(ragini looks at him ..
sansky turns and smiles..
ragu turns)

sanskar comes back to car..
sa:- you miss the ice-cream party ..
ra:- no thanks …(fack smile) I don’t want to fall ill…
sa:- I will never get ill.. cuties…
sa:-i should call you as cities ..
ra:-not again call me like this ..

sanky chuckle …

……car stops before maheshwari mansion ..

sa:-hey.. if you enjoy they playing ..
ra:-what? please speak like someone understand ..
sa:-ok.. when i was playing with kids.. you played witn your driver and car .. front to back.. back to front..??
sa:-hey .. free advice please don’t hide your smile that’ll became lucky to join your face like you smile when i dance…
and also enjoy rain that will make you fly high ..

Ragini looks at him..
R:-if you always like this..
s:-exactly ..cities ..
R:-shut up..

sansky:-it’s my home .. you’re welcome anytime ..
bye ..

sanky goes and ragini looks at direction ..

sa:-(stops and not turn) don’t wait for me to turn .. call me if you want to see me (shouts his number)

ra:-drive fast…(chuckle .. he is impossible ..)

sanky turns and smile towards ragini …
episode ends with ragsan smile)

precap:-ragini misses sanky in classroom …

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