Only One Message Please… by honey

dear abhi..
i know u r very tensed about my well being but i am everything is going good…
I know u r angry with me for the issue which happen few days before,,
But i wanna say u how important are u in my life
I don’t u remembered or not….but still i remembered how we met first time…i felt very happy because i saw my childhood friend after long time..slowly we became friends…
But that day i don’t know that u will play a such a role that i can’t think being without u …
The way u diverts my bad mood into good is always acts like magic on me and it became a habit to call u when i feel bad….it changes my bad mood into good yaar
the lazy wake up calls, aww i really missing that…but pls… try to wake up early..
the lazy long talks, stupid jokes and silly fights…all are still reminds u…
The way u spent the time with my friendnd the way u speak with them in my best time …
the way my best friends fight by teasing eachother is lovely to see
last but not least i afraid of your eyes…oyee… don’t think that i am afraid of u not not at ll but your eyes reminds me of eyes of reptile which i fear at lot..

But suddenly everything became dark and scary…without you..
U know na when ur phone switch off without notice even for few hours it scares me a lot but now it is switched off from few days,u can u even imagine my suitation…
The thought of negative vibes killing me from inside…
Just a msg from u me happy and recover me from my emptiness..
one message that contains u r safe and happy..
i don’t need anything please….
your chashmish

hii guys hope u like this..
this is some random thought got by me..
@jasmine i hope u read this…
guys u doing a great job…love all d ff but i can’t able comment…
i read all ff in kkb , matsh,yhm,ipkknd, and some in swaragini also… u guys just rock it..
see u again in sometime with other os or fs…

love u…
miss u all a lot…

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  1. Maya

    Short and sweet one Honey sis. No worries about not commenting. Happy reading and take care ??

    1. Honey

      Thnk u dr for ur support

  2. Jasminerahul

    usually i don’t come here to read ffs.but seeing your comment I just checked if you are writing these days and saw this os. it was cute and realistic. it’s true that when the people who you are in touch with can’t be seen or heard all of a sudden we get tensed.pragya just needs one message from abhi to make sure that he is safe.but will hr reply? I know this is an os and it is over.but I am anxious to know why abhi didn’t message her and if he is safe or not.

    1. Honey

      Thnk u dr. Happy to see ur dr…..
      I will try to write rply from abhi also…but it takes some time..

    1. Honey

      thnk u dr

  3. Superb and waiting for abhi’s message to know that he is safe or not

    1. Honey

      thnk u dr sry for late rply…keep supporting..abt rply im jst trying to write

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