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Hi friends. I am new to telly updates and a huge fan of Raglak so decided to write a os on them. This is not totally mine as the idea is provided from other story.Please do tell me how it is.

I opened the door after hearing the doorbell and saw him standing outside. It took me few seconds to realize that it was him when my eyes got wide in surprise.

“Laksh!!!” I exclaimed in happiness. He smiled back at me. My parents also came out from there room after hearing my loud voice.
“Namastey uncle, Namaste aunty”, Laksh joined his hands and wished them. I could see the happiness in his eyes. He always treated my parents as his own.
“Ragini, go and bring something for him na”, my mother asked me. I nodded and was about to go towards the kitchen when he stopped me and asked me to go back to my room. I was a bit confused, I looked towards my mother and she also signaled me to go, so I did.

I came to my room and closed the door. I tried to listen to their conversations but in vain. So I sat at the edge of my bed and started remembering our childhood. He was an orphan. I used to visit the orphanage with my father as he was a friend of the manager of that orphanage. There I met him, I don’t know when we became friends and when I fell for him, yeah right….I love him. Actually love is not enough to describe what I feel for him, it is even more than that. First, my parents were kind of against our friendship but later they also accepted Laksh whole heartedly, why won’t anyone accept him, his cute and innocent talks could make anyone like him. When we grew up, he went away for studies to abroad. Three years passed and now he finally returned. I was still thinking about him when my mother knocked and entered my room.

She smiled widely seeing me and asked me to come out. I went out with her to the living room where Laksh and papa were waiting.
“ Sumi, did you told her the reason”, my father asked. My mother shook her head in a teasing manner. I wasn’t able to understand anything. “Told what?”,I asked.

“That I love you and I want to marry you. Your parents are ready Ragini, now you tell me, will you marry me?”, he finally spoke and left me in an utter shock. The words I was dying to hear from his mouth were finally spoken by him. I pinched myself slowly without anyone’s notice to confirm whether I was dreaming or was it the reality. “Say na Ragini”, my father asked. I shook my head in a big yes, I was so excited that I wasn’t able to control my feelings. “ Are you sure?”, he again asked. “ofcourse I am sure”, I sounded way too childish and they all laughed. I bit my inner cheek to calm down.

My parents went to their room leaving me and him alone. We both kept quiet for a while when I finally spoke “ Since when did you started loving me?”. “ From the time you started loving me”, he said looking in my eyes. I was again shocked, he knew that I loved him, still he never told me. He continued “ I always loved you Ragini and I knew that you also does. Few days back when I finally got a good job, I decided to come back and ask your hand from your parents. I wasn’t sure about my act but when I saw the shine in your eyes after you saw me, I knew that you still love me…..”.

That was enough for him to say, I hugged him tightly, tears of happiness were flowing from my eyes. Who knew that someone’s day could be so good. We were still hugging each other when we heard the coughing of someone….oh, we forgot that my parents were still in the house. We immediately departed and tried to look in different directions.

5 days later, my parents called a priest and showed him our kundlis. He decided a date seven months later for our marriage. All of us happily agreed.

Time started to pass. We used to go out together, sometimes with my parents and sometimes alone. Now Laksh also started addressing my parents as Maa and Papa. That was such an emotional scene to watch when he called them for the first time. My parents hugged him tightly and I kept watching their happy faces, especially his. I missed him so much in these three years, now I won’t let him go anywhere.

“Laksh where are you taking me”, I asked for the tenth time. “Relax na, you will know soon”, He kept his hands on my eyes and kept walking with me. Finally we stopped and he removed his hands from my eyes. I saw a place under construction. “ What is this?”, I asked him. “ It is our home”, he said in excitement. He then showed me the blueprint of the house. “ See, here will be our bedroom, here will be the living room, at this side will be the room for our kids and here will be the kitchen where you will make delicious food for me….outside will be a small garden too, so how is it?”, he asked me. I wasn’t able to say anything, I just kept looking at his face, I never thought to get someone like him in my life. One tear escaped my eye but he kissed it and didn’t let it flow. “ What happened, you didn’t liked it?”, He again asked with a sense of nervousness. “ I loved it”, I beamed in joy and saw him taking a sigh of relief. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder, “ I knew that you would like it”, he said.
We talked for some more time but suddenly I started feeling dizzy. In the next moment I felt unconscious.

When I woke up, I was in the hospital. My mother was sitting next to me. I scanned the room and saw Laksh and Papa talking to the doctor in a very tensed manner. After few minutes they both came near me and smiled. “ Are you fine now”, Laksh asked. I nodded. “ Why are you so tensed?”, I asked. “ Nothing Ragini. I was just scared seeing your unconscious. Promise me that you will never leave me alone”, he held my hand and said. I was confused with his behavior but just smiled and nodded.

It was now only a month left in our wedding. I couldn’t tell how excited I was. Going for your wedding shopping was too much fun. Again one day, we were in a mall doing shopping. My parents went to the ground floor when Laksh and I were on the fourth floor. We kept on looking at things, he didn’t left my hand even for once. I never thought that I will get married to my childhood love in reality. Being honest….it still felt like a dream. We kept on walking and I glanced at the ring on my finger. We both looked at each other and smiled.

Suddenly we heard a blast and I felt as if a powerful force pushed me to the ground. My legs were shaking badly and my mind was still not able to catch what just happened. My eyes were continuously searching for Laksh. That is when I saw him lying at some distance with blood covering his body. Then things started to become blurr and I went into a deep darkness.

I opened my eyes and didn’t took much time to realize that I was in hospital. I looked at the wall where a calendar was hanging. It showed the date 28th September. That means, five days passed after what happened. The door burst open and I saw my mother crying and running towards me. She hugged me tightly but I just wanted to see him right now. “ Are you fine Ragini”, she asked while caressing my hair. “ Where is Laksh? He…he was with me na. Is he fine”, I just wanted to know the answer of this question. She didn’t replied. Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes. “Maa…tell na where is Laksh”, I again asked, my heart sinking with every second of wait to know the answer. “He is no more…”, the doctor answered. I didn’t believed him, I looked towards Maa and she nodded in confirmation. I became completely numb. Didn’t uttered a word. Soon I felt my father also entering the room. He came near me and asked me about my well being but I wasn’t able to answer. My mother shook me by holding my shoulders but no response. Only his images were flashing in my mind. His face, his voice, everything.

“I love you Ragini”, he was literally screaming each word. “ I love you too Laksh, now come down”, I said, while pushing him towards me. He was walking on the railing of the terrace screaming my name. He came down and hugged me. I hit him playfully. “ When will you stop your childish behavior”, I asked him. “ Never…I have started living my life with you Ragini. Life was so boring without you. I just love you so much”, he pulls me closer to him and said. “ Hmm…that means you will never leave me.”, I gave him a suspicious look. “ You still have doubt, I want to share all my things with you. I want to laugh with you, I want to cry with you, I want to live my life with you. Even if you will ask me to leave you, then also I won’t do that”, he smiles and says that to me.

“Laksh!!!..”, I wailed in pain. “ You can’t leave me…you promised me. God, you can’t take him away from me. You can’t do that. Laksh, come back, please I beg you please come back. You said that you can’t see me crying, please don’t leave me…please”. My mother tried to control me but I wasn’t listening to anyone.

“Ragini…”, its him, I heard him. I looked around to search for him but disappointment again came back when I heard his voice in my father’s phone. He sounded so weak as if trying hard to speak “ Ragini, Please listen to me. I am sorry that I can’t fulfill all my promises but please don’t cry. You know na that I love your smile. I want you to remember me with a smile on your face and not tears in your eyes. I am not going anywhere, I am still there with you. I love you Rag…” I heard him breathing his last breathes.

“ You had a heart transplant”, my father gave me another shock. “ That day when you fainted, it was because you had a weak heart. We all were finding a heart donor for you but it all went in vain. Laksh asked us not to tell this to you as you will be broken. After the bomb blast incident, doctors lost hope on him so he asked the doctor to give his heart to you. Fortunately after some tests your heart matched with him and they did the heart transplant”. I couldn’t believe my ears. He did that for me. Tears again started to fill my eyes but I controlled them…he hates my tears right. I kept my hand at my chest where his heart was beating and smiled. “ I will live…Only for you. I will smile…Only for you….”, I promised him.

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  1. its to emotional dear

  2. Omg Divya, this has to be one of the most beautiful and emotional OS I have ever read. Everything about it was amazing. RagLak’s love in this was so pure, sweet, loving and immense ❤️. The extent that Laksh went to save his Ragini was so sweet. But even though their relationship faced a big tragedy through Laksh’s death, it was still so lovely how RagLak were still connected with each other through Laksh’s heart. And it was lovely to read how this connection gave so much hope and strength to Ragini to carry on ???. It was honestly beautifully written. Thank you so much for writing this ?

  3. Shana98

    Cute ❤️❤️

  4. Sakthi Gayathri

    Sometime….it can’t imagine in real life…..but awesome….no….i can’t express… super

  5. I already read this is!! Anyways nice

  6. My words won’t define the beauty of this masterpiece. Any praise I put forward is non equivalent to the beauty of the words u have used. Just keep writing like this. Always. Hope u come with yet another one soon.

  7. It’s amazing…!! no words to describe..!! loved it..!!

  8. Its I think the best is I ever read its just out of the world so emotional so beautifully portrayed characters hats of to your writing skills amazing mindblowing os

  9. Akshaya

    Tragic but everyone should get a love like this

  10. such a heart touching incident I loved it

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  13. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing Fabulous
    No words would be perfect for ur work DEAR
    Emotional one but lovely one?
    The way you have written and described is just Wonderful???
    Hatsoff to you ??????
    Thank you so much for writing it ???
    Continue it and keep going DEAR

  14. Megha123

    It’s really a heart touching os.

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    Super os made me cry??????

  20. Isn’t it the same os that Sindhu di wrote here on tellyupdates earlier and has also posted on her wattpad account??? It is actually the same!

    Sorry to be rude but please don’t publish someone’s else story without their proper permission! It really hurts:(

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  22. Awesome dear ???

  23. Awesome os dear and also emotional

  24. Ragz_teju


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