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Recap -Oberoi ladies goes missing, Oberoi ladies lost themselves & their dreams after marriage, Prinku & Mona gives them a challenge,


Ishana ask Om for Rejoining her job as a chemist in the same centre

Ishkara room

Ishana – Om I just want ur conformation!!!!

Om – ( make her sit ) ishu even I want to talk to you about that !!!

Ishana sit excitingly

Om – ishu I know you have been working as a chemist b4 marriage, but ishu not any more ishu you know your health get spoiled because of chemicals I can not bear it & moreover when you come from the centre the smell come from you when we smell it , it is neausetic & harmful I know without using chemicals you cannot work so I’m suggesting not to work in the lab OK please stay safe at home & take care of Rihaan & I need u throughout my life ok it’s getting late I’m leaving for Gallery , don’t forget to have Breakfast (in a full stretch) . He leaves from there

Ishu too realised that he is emotionally blackmailing and get ready to accept the defeat & message


saumya – Rudhra you are late again get up …

Rudhra – you will never change why do you wake me late always , you are fit for nothing, you can’t do any job correctly, in Coll days u get very good names but now u have become waste

Saumya- Rudy what r u talking it’s not becoz of me its becoz of you …(before she completes )

Rudhra – Enough, don’t talk anymore I don’t wanna waste time with you , I’m leaving now.

saumya’s PoV ” I can’t understand y he is behaving like this I sacrificed my dream & try to take care of him even he forgot I only suggested him to keep a Gym , but now he is not behaving like b4 even he doesn’t respect me anymore, Mona & Ishu were right ” & she take the same decision that ani , ishu has taken .

Night ,

Jhanvi & Pinky also received the same response they called Mona , Prinku

they all accepted the defeat and got ready to do as per the message.

The message was

” Hello my dear one I know you were not happy without fulfilling your dream to make you happy I m going to Kidnap you on coming Friday to know who I am come to pool side @ night after 10


your well-wisher”

Precap- Kidnapping story

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