A one/two shot on Aara? Devakshi? Tanish or Thahaan? (You guys choose) ~Nusz


A one/two shot on Aara? Devakshi? Tanish or Thahaan? (You guys choose) ~Nusz

Hey guys Nusz is back aha with another short story on KD, KRPKAB, KTPK OR TPK (I am from From Cad raised in England). This story will be very different than the actual track!! But everything will be based on a love track in my style… I have written many Fan-Fictions and people enjoyed it a lot so I wanted to give a try out for any of these couples because I was bored has hell. Anyways I am a big fan of Aara and Thahaan but I like also like Tanish and Devakshi too. But I will choose any of your choices. It will be based on a true love story. Let me know who you would like to see. I will write some stuff below and you guys tell me aha xx.

Anyways keep smiling / shining like always xx.

~Nusz/ নুসরাত aha xx.


Titles that you would and the story based?

– “We left each other for reason but I really want you back”

– “We both ran away like a bride and groom and become one forever”

So guys these are the titles you can choose from and the most voted one will win. Alright basically you can see what the story will be like but I will give a little hint for each title.

Look Below aha.

“We left each other for reason but I really want you back”

Storyline for this is when two couples split up and face problems without each other but then this world makes them meet again.


“We both ran away like a bride and groom and become one forever”

A girl has been waiting for a guy for almost 5 years back their marriage. (They were childhood friends). He when to England to study and fell in love with a girl there and then he returns to India to leave that girl but eventually every turns the opposite when he realizes something.


Well guys I am finished telling you the two storylines of the titles that you guys need to choose. I’ve also given you guys some hints for each title for their story. Now you need to choose the couple.

Is it going to be?

Aara (Aryan and Aradhya)

Devakshi (Dev and Sonakshi)

Tanshi (Rishi and Tanu)

Thahaan (Bihaan and Thapki)


Now it’s up to you guys and tell Nusz and I will write a one/two on these couples based on the couple and two storyline that got voted the most. If you guys don’t say anything then I can’t do a Fan-Fiction on them. So you guys have to choose and let me know ASAP.

Moral – “Happy Friendship Day my lovely friends… I have lost someone very close to me but please never let the ones that love you the most go away from you.”

Anyways keep smiling like always guys xx.

If you want read the other Fan-Fictions by me xx.

Love you guys by Nusz aha xx.


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  1. Alisha

    Hey Nusz! We all know that you are a wonderful writer and you have written a number of fanfictions. People (including me), have loved them a lot. Well, I equally love all the couples but my most favourite one, now-a-days is Devakshi. I just love their simple and sweet love story. They way they care for eachother.. The story line or “We left eachother for a reason but now I want you back.” It would be kinda similar to the original story line of KRPKAB, so I would prefer the second one, “We both ran away like a bride and groom and became one forever..”
    That would be perfect! ??
    Let’s see what other people vote for.. But I would definitely read it no matter if it’s on Devakshi or any other of the couples. ?
    Keep writing and impressing us. Have a nice day. ???


    bihaan thapki…..

  3. Samreen

    tanshi dear and 2 option we both ran away like bride and groom…..and become one forever

  4. Aaru

    Obviously Devakshi..ye bhi koi puchhne ki baat h..n I wud also prefer d second title..

  5. bihaan and thapki

  6. Truelove

    I think tanish and thahaan. First one title would be awesome. 🙂

  7. rafay don kon

    Tahaan nuszat.

  8. Devakshi for sure nd both the stories
    Srry i m quite greedy ??

  9. Bihaan and thapki

  10. misbah imdad

    Devakshi fir the first one

  11. Bihaan and thapki dev and sonakshi keep writing

  12. DevAkshi…
    First title

  13. Y.balamirra

    Devakshi…and any of the plots will go well

  14. Manya

    I am big fan of Aara and DEVAKSHI and I prefer the second title start soon!!

    1. Manya

      Nusz u can call me ayushi

  15. Bhoomi

    Plzz write on DevAkshi ?… And 2nd plot is best “we both ran away like a bride and groom and became one forever”….

  16. Devakshi and I will prefer the 1st track

  17. Devakshi and both title is good as ur wish

  18. Nusz..Am fan f Aara,So i need Aara love story..I choose 2nd title.
    .Happy friendship day dear..?

  19. Aara and tanshi

  20. none other than devakhshi…..

  21. guys hope u remember me ….

  22. Aara and devakshi

  23. thahaan 2nd title

  24. I am a huge fan of aara ,and the 2 nd title sounds interesting so I vote for it .

  25. Manyasa29

    Thahaan n only thahaan …plzz!!
    First title seems good .

  26. Aara the cutest & lovely couples..One f my cutipie..I choose 2nd tittle✌

  27. Ngkrishnakumari

    Of course devakshi is the best jodi ever
    Please write on 2nd plot

  28. Aara ❤️❤️❤️ preferably and the first track
    If aara not possible then devakshi

  29. I am die heart fan of Trojan please write on it

  30. thahaan

  31. Aara or tanshi n second plot we both can like a bride n groom n became one forever

  32. Mariyam123

    Tanu and Rishi

  33. Hi Nusz and I’m a die heart fan of Aara so please can you write on Aara plzzzzzzzzzzzz??❤️❤️????…… and yah the second title seems lovelyyyyyyyyy we both ran away like a bride and groom and became one forever??…….plzzzzzzz it’s a humble request write on Aara plzzzzzzzz Nusz??

  34. Tanshi and 1st title

  35. I need tanshi

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