My One and Only Wife (kanchi ) Part 2 by Ashu

Get ready to laugh because Ashnita came back with another episode. Keep reading keep laughing and keep smiling.

Episode starts

Kabir in bathroom. He slowly cums out slowly and saw sanchi still holding injection. He slowly slowly cums to sanchi and saw her sleeping. He then saw wine bottle. He drinks it.

After sometime wine gets affected. He shouts and sanchi woke up.

Kabir dances and sings dances madly. He gets inside and sanchi gets shocked to him bringing hunter.

Sanchi -kabir wat is this

Kabir -nacho

Sanchi -wat

Kabir -i said dance Oh i will hit u

Sanchi cries -u will hit me. U dnt love me.

Kabir -my one and only wife i love u but dance I want to teach u lessons.

Sanchi -kabir wat happened to u

Kabir – nasha dance baby


Sanchi dances on hawa Hawaii song when she stops Kabir runs behind her with hunter.

Kabir -music change nach bulbul paisa milega.

Sanchi dances and Kabir dances holding wine bottle and Hunter.

He gets tired and sleeps.

Sanchi – oh god today I know wat happened to me when I drink. Thank you god for giving me Kabir. How he handles me. I love u Kabir.

She turns back and saw Kabir missing. She looks for him. Kabir is going in neighbours house. This time in sleep walk.

Kabir bangs door. They opened door. Kabir entered in. He saw man.

Kabir – sanchi i love u

Man gets scared. He told his wife i have to dance again. Everynight Kabir cums here in sleep walking and always make his band.

Kabir – basanti nacho

Man -kabir this time I dance like man ok

Kabir -basanti dance now

Man -ok first I have to wear basanti clothes I’m cuming.

After sometime man cums in basanti getup. Kabir asked him to dance.

Man dances on break up song. Kabir slaps him.

Kabir-basanti garbar told music change so change.

Man changes music. Dard e disco plays. Kabir also joins too. Sanchi cums there and gets shocked to see him.

Sanchi -Muna wats going on

Muna -sanchi ur husband always cums here and make me dance. If I won’t dance then he becomes gabar. And made me basanti.

Sanchi – when this happened

Muna -I forgot and when he cums here where were u. I beg of u sanchi dnt punish Kabir. And Pliz take him to consult doctor.

Sanchi – ok Kabir

They again saw Kabir missing. Sanchi cums to her house and she saw Kabir waiting for her with hunter.

Sanchi switch on radio and dances. Kabir was laughing and he slept.

Sanchi looks at him lovingly.

Sanchi -y u love me this much Kabir. I know I’m one and only wife. I dnt deserve u. I love u.

Precap : Kabir’s bua entry

How was that.
Keep smiling.


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  1. Riyarocks

    hahahaha………..Ashu….mere pet mein dard ho raha hai has haske…….ab tum hi ise theek karo….arey, dard diya hai toh ilaaj bhi toh tumhise karwaoongi naa……..haha………too good dear……..soooooo hilarious……….a bada waala jaadu ki jhappi for u……….luv u a lot sweetieeeeeee……………

  2. OMG Ashi dear….u made me laughed a lot…my stomach is paining….just a amazing & hillarious episode… update soon. lots of love to u sweetie.

  3. Hilarious episode…. I couldnt stop laughing….. Amazing

  4. Niyaaa

    Hey ashi u know what tum sach me laughter aatyachar kar rahi ho hum per kasam se kabir ne kya badla liya h sanchi se nd bechare padosi tak nahi chode nd TU readers ka toh kahna hi kya aaj sabka khusi se anshu nikal pade honge u r too gud nd u have a great sense of humour.. Sweety issi baat pe ek jor ki jadoo ki jhappi tumhara ff padne k baad main khud ko relax mahsus karti hun sari tension yun gayab ho jati h thank u thank u so much loveee u dherr se bhi dherr jyada..bye tc

  5. Dhruti

    ashu ff was soo funny that i laugh continuously and now ab to pet me bhi dukh raha he has has ke !!! but i can’t ever imagine kabir’s this side………….now sanchi get to how kabir is hansle her when she drink alcohol !!! he he ….. ff was funny, comedy, super duper…………..update soon ……thank you to for laughing me like this way………………..

  6. Jessicca

    Hilarious… Amazing … Fantastic… Brilliant loved it❤

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