My One and Only Wife (kanchi ) Part 1 by Ashu

Hi guys iam Ashnita back with this one. I bet one percent u guys will laugh at this and u can get stomach .so be ready with ur medicines.

Let’s start

A big bunglow is shown

And a big room is shown where a boy is sleeping peacefully. A girl cums and saw him sleeping. She wakes him up but couldn’t she went and brought a bucket of water. She throws on him.

Boy shouts -aaaah help our roof is licking

Girl holds his hears and he shouts in pain.

His eyes r passionate, his hair is messy and water drops on his face and a little hair on his forehead making him more hot .

Girl -wake up my beloved husband

Boy -u

Girl -wake up Kabir

So it’s our Kabir.

Kabir -sanchi i will not leave u.

A girl with straight hair wearing ,simple make up. It’s sanchi.

Sanchi runs and Kabir follows her. Sanchi fell in bed as well as Kabir. Kabir is on top of sanchi.

Sanchi -get up

Kabir – no

Sanchi -get up and go and bring milk.

Kabir -first

Sanchi -go

Kabir – no first give me morning kiss

Sanchi -oh baby wants kiss

Kabir nods and make puppy face. Sanchi pushed him.

Kabir -sanchi my one and only wife this is not fair.

Sanchi -go now

Kabir -ok

Kabir was going just then sanchi holds his hands and kisses his forehead.

Kabir -thank you

Sanchi -welcome now go

Kabir went out. Sanchi smiles.

In Tabela

Kabir -1 litre milk

Man -ok

He gives milk to him.

Man -beta how many wifes u got

Kabir -one and only wife

Man -really

Kabir -yes

Man -zamana kehte hai ki tu joru ka

Kabir -so wat she’s my one and only wife. I love her more than my life.

Man – u have pure heart

Kabir -kya karun dil toh bacha hai ji

Man -u should get married again with different girl.

Kabir -uncle i can’t handle one and u asking to marry another. No holding my both ears. And Most important she will kill her first then me.

Man – i think u have many gf

Kabir -how u know. Offcourse I have many gf. Sita,geeta, meeta any many gfs but before marriage. OK iam going bye.

Man thinks wat type of boy he is. Kabir went home. He gets shocked to see sanchi holding injection .Kabir gets scared. He runs and sanchi runs behind him. Sanchi slips in phool Kabir turned back and laughs at her.

Sanchi came out of pool and pushed Kabir. And she jumped.

Bg plays

Sunny suny

They come out phool.

Kabir -did you again drink

Sanchi -no

Kabir – my one and only wife pliz dnt drink next time or else

Sanchi -or else

Kabir again pushed sanchi in pool .Sanchi came out of pool and again runs behind Kabir holding injection. Kabir hides in bathroom.

Precap : Kabir in sleep walk goes to neighbors house.


Sorry for boring episode
I hope u guys liked it.
Keep smiling


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  1. RuCh23

    ??? it was awesome Ashu ??? how can you even think it’s not good? I was dying laughing ???

  2. Priyanshipp

    U were true sis. I was laughing from beginning. U nailed it dear. ?????nd Happy independence day to u

  3. Aafiya


  4. Riyarocks

    Ashu…ek baat bataa….tu kya Johny lever ya Paresh rawal ki student reh chuki hai????? nahi…matlab…aisa comic timing….& dil garden garden karne waali update tha…….luv u loads sweetieeeee………

    1. Riyarocks

      iss baar toh injection tha….agli baar kya jhaadoo leke daudegi kabir ke peeche????haha……..

  5. Amazing…. Couldnt stop laughing….. Update soon and independence day in advance

  6. Amazing Superbbbbb fantastic mind blowing

  7. Niyaaa

    Superb ashi mera to has has kar bura haal h bechara kabie bathroom me hi lagta h puri raat wahi sone wala h..loved it or sahi kaha prinku ne agli baar jhadu lekar kabir ko dhondegi

  8. Ruhanika188

    Wow! It seems to be an interesting one. keep writing

  9. Jessicca

    Wowww… Amazing… Superb… Outstanding

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