The one week of my life kaira ff by sanaya (Chapter 9)

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Kartik naira ishaan reaches India
I finally we all are here bhai pls I want to eat golgappe pls pls
K no ways ishaan not now
N why not kartik let’s go na even I also love golgappe
K what? I mean if you are saying than its fine let’s go
Ishaan mouth is wide opened he claps
I wah bhai wah kya baat hain Maine bola toh na lekin unhone kaha to haa
K oye don’t overeact now let’s go
I ( mummers) very good keep doing this!!!!!!!bhai bhai naa raha ( starts singing song)
K ok don’t come I will eat alone than
I noooooooo! I am coming………….
They go to the golgappe stall and starts eating
I di let’s have a competition who will eat more and I am challenging you that I will win
N okkkkk but sorry if its like that then you are going to loose!!!!!!!
I why!!!!!!
K because you are a looser
I bhaiiiiiii……..
N because nobody can beat me in this
I challenge….
N challenge….
N kartik you also come and join us na
K no I can’t eat this you guys enjoy
I bhai plssssssssssss.!!!!!!!!!!!!
K ok fine

They starts eating naira and ishaan eats continuously kartik’s was only busy in looking naira…..
K ohhhh !!!!!! I can’t eat more!!!!( cough )
N its ok have some water !!!!!!
K thank you!!!!!( smiles)
At last…ishaan looses and naira wins
K wow very nice naira he always used to tease me when I was not able to win
N don’t worry now I am here naaa!!!!!!
I haa toh thik hain ek competition hi toh tha USme kaunsi baadi baat hain
K ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
N let’s go now!!!!!
I where
K chalo kahin ghumne jaate hain !!!!!how is the idea
N great!!!!!!
They spend all their day in doing lots of masti and at night in the car
As its late night ishaan has slept but kaira are awake
K nairaaa!!! If u want then you may also sleep !!!!
N no its ok I am not very sleepy
Its starts raining outside naira jumps in excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
N wow kartik its raining out side pls stop the car I want to go in the rain
K but naira you will get sick don’t go
N plsssssssss!!!!!!
Kartik melts down seeing her cute face so he stopped the car and allowed her to go
N thankkkkkk you you are the best!!!!!!!
She goes outside
K ( to himself ) I am not best you made me the best !!!!!!!!!!

Kartik also goes and sees naira happily dancing in the rain ………she was looking so pretty while dancing every droplets on her face were shinning more because of her beauty kartik was just looking at her lovingly her wet hairs her wet eyes everything was just perfect at that time she was a girl like a butterfly pretty to see but difficult to catch she was a girl who believes in happiness !!!!!!!!!! Song in BG( Yeh mausam ki baarishYeh baarish ka paaniYeh paani ki boondeinTujhe hi toh dhoondheYeh milne ki khwahishYeh khwahish puraaniHo pooritujhi seMeri yeh kahaanikahaani
K ( to himself) I am falling in love with you day by day I don’t know what will happen next but I know that I will always be your and I will never stop loving you!!!!!!!
Kartik goes to her and says
K naira let’s go now !!!!!!! Its enough for today!!!!!
N kartik!!!!!!!!!!!!you also came outside wow just see yourself !!!!!!you condition is same as mine
K yaa I know but now let’s go
They goes inside the car!!!!!and reaches their hotels ishaan wakes up
I bhai ….
K don’t worry ishaan we have separate rooms now let’s go now
I I was saying that I am sleeping here only you go !!!!!
N but how can you sleep here let’s go and sleep in your room
I di let me sleep naaa!!!!!
K waitttt!!!!!!!
Kartik goes and takes ishaan to his room…….throws him on his bed
K ab jitna sona hain utna so
I hmmmmmmm!!!!!
Naira laughs seeing him
K naira go and change your clothes!!
N yaa you also!!!!!
They both goes in their separate rooms………

At kartik room Kartik is missing naira and sees her everywhere
K kartik so jaaa itna kyun kyun miss Kar Raha hai tu usse she is in the next room only!!!!!!!!!!haye yeh pyaar bhi Naaaa vaise what’s the day today…………
Ishaan mummers in sleep : Friday
K oh thankyou!!!!! What !!!!! Friday it means its only one day left with me oh my God ishaan wake up naaaa ishaan wake up……..ishaannnnnnn
I kya hain
K wake up
I nooooo……..
K Wake up……..
I noooooooooo…..sone do mujhe
K ok sleep as much you want now I will not let you eat golgappe!!!!
Ishaan wakes up with a jerk
I what!!!!!! Baat baat par bas blackmailing shuru ho jaati hain aapki bolo !!!!!!
K ishaan tomorrow is the last day of the week
I so……
K so……I want to tell naira about my feelings !!!!!!
I hain bhagwan iss romeo ko thodi akal de do!!!!!
K excuseme……
I bhai if you want to get a slap from her naa Then propose her tomorrow ……bhai I mean pls give her some time
But how you will give her time its the last day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
K toh kyaaa main itni der se French bol Raha tha !!!
I shhhhhhhhh let me think something…….
K yaaa!!!!!
I idea !!!!!! I have a plans listen….he is muted
K done great idea !!!!!!!!
I so let’s go
K haa chalo
Ishaan goes to naira’s room and knocks the door
I di pls open the door its very important !!!!!!!!

Naira opens the door and asks
N what happened and why are u so worried ??????
I actually bhai has got a major swallowing on his foot as he fall down pls do something !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
N what !!!! Let me see!!!!!!!
She goes to him and kartik is all set to do acting
K oh god its paining god pls me!!!!!
N Kartik what happened are you ok!!!!!!!
K naira!!!!! Actually I fell down from the ….
He looks at ishaan for giving him suggestion
I from the bed…….
N what but how………
I wait let me show !!!!!!!!
He goes and lyes on the bed
I he was sleeping suddenly he fell down like this ( acts )
Kartik stares ishaan……
N kya kartik can’t you take care of yourself if something would happened to you then let me get the spray ( she gets a spray and sprays it on his foot ) how is it now
Kartik is busy in looking naira and doesn’t responds to her
I phir kho gaye sapno main ( he coughs)
Kartik comes to his senses
K yaa its ok
N I don’t think so kartik pls go and sleep now don’t you dare to stand up ok take care okkkk!!!!
K okkkkkkk!!!
Naira goes from there room…….
Ishaan goes and closes the door kartik jumps on him and hug
K ishaaan I am very happy!!!!!
I yes bhai dekha Mera plan !!!!!!!! Let’s dance
Ishaan and kartik dances on the bed and expresses their happiness at last they gets tired and sits…
I bhai it means that she also loves you as she has so much care for you!!!!!!!now u can propose her tomorrow
K yaaa !!!!!!!I will do it tomorrow !!!but what about the preparations!!!!!!!!
I you don’t worry I will do it!!!!!
K thankuuuuuuuu!!!!!! I love you
I bas bas ab apna I love you apni naira ke liye rakho!!!!!
They hug each other ………
At naira side naira is trying to sleep but could not
She gets a call……..
N hello !! Yaa gayu di why you called me now is everything ok
G no naira!!!!
N why!! What happened
G actually he is coming tomorrow!!!!!!!
N what but he first he coming on Monday naa
G I got a call from him now he was saying that he wants to give you surprise and told me not tell you about this!!!!!
N ( cries) it means I will again have to face him!!
G naira no pls don’t cry try to control !!!!!!!even I can’t help you !!!
N I know di but now I have decided everything !!!!! I will end my life !!!!
G no way naira have you gone mad !!!!! Don’t take this step !!!! Pls be brave
N good night di
G but naira!!!!!! She cuts the call
N yes I don’t have any option now I have decided it before and now I am going to do that!!!!!!!!(cries)
In morning kartik wakes up……
K aaaaa today is the best day of my life today we will become kaira!!! Ishaan wake up!!!!
Ishaan wakes up
I good morning !!!!!!!
They both gets ready
K ishaan have you done everything!!!!!!
I yaa bhai its all prepared but you will have to wait till night!!
K yaa now let’s go and see naira!!
I hmmmmm
K stop teasing me chalo!!!
They goes and knocks the door
K naira open the door ( the door gets open )
I she has not locked it why !!!
They goes inside and doesn’t sees her
K let me call her!!!!!
I yaa…
K her phone is not reachable…is everything ok naa!!!
I bhai don’t worry she will come in an hour wait!!!!!
K ok
Its 12 pm now still naira didn’t turned up
K ishaan now I thing something is fishy!!!!
I Yaa bhai me too
K where is naira is she is ok or not god pls help us!!
I bhai let’s go and find her
K you are right chal!
They both sit in the car and leaves from there to search naira

At naira side she is standing on the cliff and crying
N( says to herself ) I forgeted everything in this week what is happening with me I don’t want to live now he is back I can’t face him even now but I am happy that my dream came true !!! Now its time to do this I can’t live more I always wanted kartik in my life I love him but I never got a chance to express my feelings he is very nice boy he deserves everything in his life but I don’t deserve him !!!!!it would be better if I will die rather than tolerating that man again !!!!
At kartik and ishaan side they both are trying to find naira but got failed
K ishaan !!! Milli….
I no bhai
K nooo..where is she than ishaan !!! Tell me ( he sits on the road and cries bitterly)
I bhai control yourself !!! She must be fine !!! I thing we should try again
K kahin kuch!!!!!
I no don’t think negative !!!let’s go stand up !!!
Saying kartik stands up and again tries to search her he is really very worried for her His eyes were full tears and just wanting to see naira in front of me he can’t live without her she is his life ….
They both try very much to find her!!
K no I am going police station I don’t think my naira is fine she must be in some problem I will have to help her
I bhai but they will not do FIR they will say its not 24 hrs now
K so what should I do then aaise hi betha rahun haan nahi kar sakta main ab aur wait naira pata nahi kaha hain kaisi hain !!! And you are stopping me ishaan !!! Why can’t you understand I love her I can’t let anything happen to her pls don’t stop me ishaan!!!!! Let me go
I bhai pls try to understand bhai I know you love her but have some patience !!!!
Kartik cries hugging ishaan…
At naira side naira was about to jump from the cliff but someone pulls her..…………… be continued

Precap : Suspense!!!!!

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