The one week of my life kaira ff by sanaya (Chapter 7)

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The scene starts with ishaan naira kartik talking to each other
I bhai so is it final that we are going club today
K yaa its final
I but I don’t have new clothes to wear
N wait ishaan
Naira goes and gets two stylish coats for kartik and ishaan
N so kartik this one is for you and ishaan this one is for you
I wow its awsm
K but when did you get it
N yesterday only mujhe laga ki mujhe tum Dono ko koi naa koi gift to dena hi chahiye naa
Ishaan gets happy and hugs her
I thanks di you are the best
K ishaan !!!!
Ishaan realises and smirks seeing kartik
K but naira tum kya pehnogi
N actually you remember the dress you selected for me
K yaa great that pink one naa it will really suit you
N yaa that one only
In night ishaan and kartik gets ready they both are looking awsm they are waiting outside for naira
I bhai I knew everything about you
K what ?
I I know that you love her
K no its not like that
I bhai pls don’t hide it from me I know everything pls tell me do you really love her
K actually yes I love her from the core of my heart but I don’t think that she loves me
I bhai you know she is really very nice and perfect for you even I also like her but as a sister don’t get insecure
K ishaan I know that but you tell me naa what should I do I want to tell her everything
I bhai no its not the right time just have some patience and give her sometime but don’t stop trying try as much you can
Kartik hugs him and says
K you know what ishaan for the first time I loved someone I feeling very great
I bhai love is an awesome feeling
They releases the hug

I where is di we are getting late
K wait let me call her
Kartik knocks the door
K naira pls come fast
N kartik only one minute I am coming
K ok
Kartik goes to ishaan
K she is coming
I ok
Naira comes outside wearing the pink gown type dress with straight hairs she is looking beautiful as always and our kartik again got mesmerized
K beautiful !!
Ishaan pinches him
K oouch
N what happened, how I am looking ishaan
I di I don’t have words to say you are looking so so beautiful
N kartik what about you
Kartik is busy in staring naira ishaan coughs
K yaa you are looking gorgeous
N so shall we go now
I yaa di let’s go
Ishaan whispers in kartik’s ears
I bhai control yourself
K ok ok fine
They reaches the club ( disc)
I bhai you and di go to the bar table I coming in a second
K ok let’s go naira
They goes to the bar table
N kartik are you going to drink
K no ways I dont drink
N ok then order some soft drinks only
Kartik orders softs drinks
The servants gets hard drinks for them
K its yours and its mine
They both drink naira feels something fishy but ignores
K it was really tasty let me order more
N yaa fast

They drink about 6 – 7 glasses of drinks and now they are in full mood
K ( laughs) naira I think we should go now
N why no ways I will drink more( starts crying)
K no nomore drinks now
N okkkkk baba
K oye don’t call me baba I am kartik call me kat
N ( laughs ) ok kat
Kartik stands up on the table and shouts
K listen everyone I am kat
N hey come down else you will fall
K okkk (sits down)
N kartik let’s go now I am tired pls take me from here
K let’s go
Kartik lifts her in his arms and goes
In the way to the room
K you are so heavy
N oye I am under weight ok and you are saying I am heavy I hate you
Kartik collides with a pole
N see even the pole hates you
K oh really
However kartik and naira reaches their bedroom he puts her on the bed and starts going
Naira holds her hand and says
N where are you going
K why are you asking that
N bus asai hi
K bus asai hi nahi madam tell me the reason you hate me naa then
N who told you that I hate you I …
K you….
N I…..
K ok i m going tum apne I pe hi lagi raho( starts going)
Naira back hugs him
N listen na
Kartik turns
K haa kya hua ms. I
N hey don’t call me that
K I will call you that
N ok to katti na main ab tumse baat karungi and na tumhe mujhse baat karne dungi( saying this she sits on the floor in anger)
K naira ( he also sits on the floor)
N shut up
K naira
N kya hai
K are suno toh sahi
Naira turns
N boliye Mr.kat
K I am sorry pls mujhse waapis dosti Kar lo main Kaise jiyun ga tumhari dosti ke bina
N ok friends
K friends ( saying this kartik kisses her on her cheeks)
N hey what are you doing
K I am doing friendship with you and its a way of friendship
N really is it true
K yaa its really true
N then I should also kiss you
K yaa why not
Naira also kisses on his cheeks
Now kartik was not able to control
K naira I want to tell you something
N haa kahon naa main sun rahi hoon
K naira actually I….
N you…..
K I…
N hello you are copying me you copy cat I am going to sleep you continue with your I..
Naira starts going kartik says instantly
K listen naira
Naira stops hearing him
N what!!!
K tum stupid ho itna bhi nahi samjhati jaao yaa se
N acha main stupid hoon tumhe toh main abhi batati noon
Naira starts throwing things on him
K oouch kya kar rahi ho pagal ho gayi ho
N no I am stupid naa
K nairaaaaaaa
N kartikkkkkkkkk
K suno toh sahiiiiii
N sunaoo toh sahiii
K we are friends now na
N haa toh kya main tumhe chod dungi
K acha sorry baba ( he does sit ups)
Naira comes to him
N awwwww pls don’t do this
K why what happened now
N I can’t see you like this
K why
N because…
K bolo
N kyunki tum yeh karte huai aur bhi gande lagte ho
K what tumhe to main
Kartik runs behind him to catch her they both looses their balance and falls on the bed
They have an eyelock
K toh tum nahi batogi
N no
K toh phir mujhe hi bolna padega
N toh bolo naa I am waiting
K I love you
Naira looks at him and smiles
N finally ( saying this she just hugs him and sleeps hugging him he also sleeps)

At ishaan side
I where are bhai and di I told them to sit here
Manager: sir what happened may I help you
I have you seen a boy and girl with a pink dress they we’re sittingg here
M yes sir they both got drunk and went to their room
I what!
He runs and goes to their room
Ishaan sees them sleeping
I wow what a moment I would never like to spoil it let’s go ishaan
He starts going suddenly he hears kartik
K ishaan come here !!! I want to tell you something
I lo ab toh mai gaya ab bhagwan bachye mujhe
Ishaan goes to them
I bhai are you ok
K sssshhh naira is sleeping don’t disturb her
I ok ok bhai you also go and sleep
K no I want to tell you something
I yaa
K I told her that I love her
I kya fyaada kal tak toh woh Sab bhool jayegi
K what!!
I nothing
K I did it ishaan
I congrats bhai toh chalo ab sojao
K no I will not sleep
Naira wakes up
N kya hua Kaun hai
I lo ek aur museebat
K ishaan is there
N ishaannnn ishaaan !kaun ishaan ??
I di you have forgotten me
N shut up
K kya hua tum bhool gayi stupid ishaan Kaun are ishaan meri Behan hai
I kya !!!! Bhai pls don’t change my gender
N chup bikul chup kartik ki Behan jab kartik keh Raha hai toh samajh nahi aaraha
I but!!
K let’s go naira
N Haa chalo
I where are you both going
K yaa naira where are we going
N I don’t know
K lets go to the club and dance again
I bhai listen to me
Ishaan runs and closes the door
I no you can’t go anywhere
K ishaan let us go hat yahan se
I nahi bhai
N kartik ki behan hatto
I ab toh mujhe innhe samahalna padega
Ishaan takes naira and makes her sleep on the bed and kartik on the couch
K naira !! Kaha ho tum
N kartik kya tum mujhe sun sakte ho mai yahan hoon
K naira yahan aa jao
N nahi tum yahan aao
K can’t you see there is so much water I don’t know how to swim
N oh shit I also don’t know how to swim
I water where is water
K naira come na
I koi kahi nahi jaa raha
K I want to sleep on the bed
N yaaa come here
I no ways
K let me go
N tum do dosto ko alag karna chahate ho jealous
I ok jaao subha bataonga sab
Kartik goes and sleeps on bed
Ishaan gets tired and sleeps on the couch
In morning
Ishaan throws water on kartik and naira face
K oouch what the hell is this ishaan
N oouch
I get up
K kya hai
N kya hua ishaan
Kartik and naira sees each other sleeping on the bed and gets up
N kartik!!!
K naira!!!!
I ji haa ( ishaan tells them everything)
N oh god I am really sorry ishaan
K me too
I bhai aap toh kuch mat bolo aapne mujhe kal apni Behan tak bana liya tha
K what how can I
Naira goes to the washroom
K ishaan tell me in detail what I have done last night
I you did a very brave work
K what!!
I you told her that you love her
K kya ??
I don’t worry unnhe kuch yaad nahi hai you are safe
K thank god ishaan you saved me
I now go and get ready we need to go to the airport
K yaa
After sometime the trio gets ready and leaves for the airport
In car
I waise di you were so rude yesterday
N what
I you behaved like a Hitler I was really very scared
N I am so sorry
K I am sorry naira
N why are you saying sorry
K I would have checked the drinks
N its ok
I ok forget everything now and let’s go to India ……( to be continued)

Precap- the trio reaches india and the first rain of Kartik and naira

So guys pls do tell me how was it will post next chapter soon

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