the one week of my life kaira ff by sanaya (Chapter 6)

Hey guys your one and only Sanaya is back with the next chapter hope you like ithappy reading!!!
The scene starts with Kartik looking at naira and says
K – hmm itni aasani se toh main kabhi haarta nahi hoon I will take my revenge or I should say a sweet revenge
Kartik goes in washroom
After sometime naira is seen sleeping on couch suddenly she hears some weird sound and wakes up
N who is there Kartik is that you ??
Naira stands up and checks near the window and goes to check Kartik
N if Kartik is sleeping here than who was that ( guys Kartik has kept pillows on the bed and a bedsheets on it so that naira couldn’t doubt him)
N naira don’t over think nobody is there let’s go and sleep
Naira goes and sleep on the couch but she again hears the same sound and gets scared
N ab toh pakka yahan koi hai Kartik pls wake up I need you ( suddenly someone keeps hand on her shoulders she turns and screams seeing a man with a dangerous mask
N aaaaaaaaaaaa ( she goes and hides beside the bed)
Kartik takes out the mask and laughs continuously
K hey just see your face ( laughs)
N Kartik you scared me wait I will not spare you ( she runs behind him)
K hey stop
They both runs in the whole room still naira is not able to catch him suddenly naira falls and her hand gets a cut it starts starts bleeding
N ouch Kartik!!
Kartik rushes to her
K what happened are you ok oh my god your hand is bleeding wait
Kartik goes and gets the first aid box
K I told you na that don’t run see now what happened
Kartik is bandaging her hand
K dard ho Raha hain na main hi pagal hoon naa main tumhe daarata or naa hi tumhe chot lagti
N its ok why you are taking so much tension
K I am taking tension because I ….he stops they have an eyelock song plays bg

Chaahe de yaara khushiyan
Ho jaaye ab “main” se “hum”
Dil mein tu jagah de
Yeh faaslon ko karde tu kam

Maangi maangi duaa maangi hai
Bas yehi duaa maangi hai
Main din-ba-din tujhme rahun
Ho… uff tak na yaara karun
Tera hoke rahoon… haan rahoon
Tera hoke rahoon o…
Tera hoke rahoon… haan rahoon ( he mistakenly presses on her wound)
N ouch ( by breaking the eyelock )
K oh soory I am really sorry
N its ok kartik you go and sleep now you must be tired na
K but tell me first are you ok now ???
N yaa I am ok
Kartik smiles She also smiles and they both go to sleep
K good night
N good night
In morning
Kartik wakes up and searches naira
K naira where r you ( suddenly he sees naira standing in the balcony and goes to her)
K hey naira tum badi jaldi uth gayi
N yaa I am use to wake up early
K that’s nice acha so what’s the plan for today
N kartik I thing we should go on shopping today
K great idea ! So let’s go ( his phone rings)
K hello ishaan yaa say
I bhai how are you
K I am fine but why are you asking such question are you ok
I bhai I am your brother don’t say like that ok I wanted to tell you something very important
K yaa say what happened ??
I bhai woh actually I am coming …
K ishaan I will talk to you later my phone has low battery bye
I bhai but listen to me
Kartik cuts the call
N what happened ??
K nothing you just go and get ready
N ok

Naira goes her bracelet falls
K hey naira listen
Naira goes in washroom and didn’t listen him
K fine I will give her later
After sometime
Naira comes outside the washroom kartik sees her and gets mesmerized ( naira is wearing a blue colour jeans and pink colour top with a warm jacket and her hairs are curled up)
K wow you are looking awsm
N really I don’t think so
K I am telling you na so can we go now
N yaa
They leaves from there
At ishaan ‘s side he is on airport
I hmmm finally I am here in Switzerland wow I am feeling very happy here see how many beautiful girls are there oh god pls help me else I will not able to control myself
He walks and collides with a beautiful girl
G hey can’t you see properly idiot
I wow I mean sorry
G what sorry ??
I I told you na sorry now can you pls tell me your name
G hey are you mad just get lost
I fine if you don’t want to tell me than its fine with me bye
G hmm idiot( she goes)
Suddenly her friend calls her saying the name shreya
I ohh its means she is shreya wow( he blushes)
At kaira side kaira are in the shopping mall
K naira you may buy anything you want so just go ahead
N you know what kartik my choice is very bad can you pls me in that
K but my choice is best as I have chosen u
N what
K I mean I will surely help you let’s go ( in mind) kya bolta raheta hoon main mujhe hi nahi pata rehta
Naira goes and tries many dresses but she doesn’t likes anyone of them
K wait let me choose a dress for you
Kartik chooses a pink western dress
K see it will look awsm on you
N wow its nice do you think that I will look good in this
K yaa I am really very sure now you go in the trial room And try it
N yaa
Naira goes inside the trial room
K hmmm till then I choose something for myself
Kartik goes from there
At naira side
N oh I forget the dress outside
Naira tries to open the door but she is unable to she tries very much
N Kartik are you there pls me I am stucked here pls somebody help me hello is anybody is there?? Kartik
At Kartik side he is choosing clothes for him he gets ishaan call
K hello ! Yaa ishaan say
I bhai Kaise ho
K dekh ishaan yeh baar baat Kaise ho Kaise ho mat puch mujhe heart attack aa jayega
I bhai don’t worry main itni aashani se aapko heart attack nahi aane doonga
K ok and tell me ghar par Sab Kaise hai
I mujhe Kaise pata hoga
K what do you mean you are not at home
I bhai tell me one thing if I will come there then how you will react
K noo pls don’t even think of that ishaan It will be better than that If I will do suicide
I oh no nahi aisa nahi Kar sakte aap bhai agar aisa hai toh aap samaj jao ki aapko suicide karna padega
K tu kya keh raha hai
I you will get to know everything but just turns once
Kartik turns and sees ishaan
I bhai how was the surprise
K tu what are you doing here??
I I am standing here can’t you see
K ishaan I am telling u I will kill you
I are aisa kya Kar diya Maine
K ishaan u ….suddenly he hears some people talking that the trial room no.627 is autolocked and somebody is inside it
Kartik gets shocked hearing this and runs
I bhai what happened ?? ( he follows him)
At naira side naira is still shouting she becomes tired and faints there due to suffocation
Kartik comes
K excuse me pls get a side let me go there ( says to the crowd of people)
He knocks the door
K naira are you ok pls tell me what the hell is this where is the manager pls somebody bring the keys of this room
Manager: but sir we don’t have the keys sorry
K what ( he is very much scared and have so many concern about her his face is sweating his eyes are red filled with tears only one thing is running in his mind that if something wrong would happen then …. )
I ( asking from a person ) who is inside??
Man there is one girl inside
I ok ( in mind ) aaj tak Maine bhai ko kisi ke liye iss tarah se concern hote huai nahi dekha akhir kaun hai yeh ladki joh bhai aise behave kar rahe hai
K: now I have only one option ( saying this he breaks the door and sees naira lying there unconscious
K naira wake up what happened pls somebody give me water( he says putting her head on his lap)
Kartik sprinkles water on her face she wakes up
K hmm thank god naira are you ok drink some water ( he makes her drink water )
Naira sees him and hugs him tightly as her whole life depends on him again her super hero saved her he must be a reel hero for everyone but he is her real hero she knew that kartik will come and help her again
N thank you kartik I was so scared again you saved my life ( she cries)
K ( his eyes are filled with tears) no its all my mistake
N no its mine
K okfine now let’s go stand up( he makes her hand )
They come outside ishaan sees her
I wow maanna padega bhai ki pasand ko kya baat hai ( and goes to them)
I bhai ( folds his hands) bhai agar aapne mujhe aapni puri life main ek baar bhi bhai maana hai naa so pls tell me who is she
K hmm she is naira and we met …( he tells him everything how naira and he met and about naira’s dream
I hey naira you are so beautiful
Naira gives him a look and smiles
Kartik takes him to a corner and says
K see ishaan badi hai tujhse aur yahan tera koi chance nahi hai ok apni Riya ko sambhal jaake
I woh toh main tabhi samajh gaya tha jab aap unhe bacha rahe the
K shut up ok ! Naira comes there
N what happened is everything alright ??
K yaa
I hey naira di I am ishaan
Kartik smiles seeing him ( as he said di to her)
N hi ishaan but when you came here??
K woh actually he has a bad habit of giving me surprises
I its not a bad habit its a good habit
N yaa kartik pls don’t tease him like this see he is so cute I wish that I could also have a brother like him
Ishaan smirks seeing kartik
K ( in mind ) aaj take mere liye toh aisa nahi kaha aur iss bandar ke liye itna bada compliment
I bhai stop thinking bad about Meeeeee
K Oh so can we go now
N yaa let’s go from here
I but where???
K what about dinner today
I ( whispers in his ears) bhai its not dinner it is called date
Kartik gives him a scary look
N kya hua ????
K nahi kuch nahi let’s go
The trio goes from there
In car
I bhai What we will eat their
Kartik and naira ( in unison)Chinese
They both look at each other and laughs
I mujhse koi nahi puchega ki main kya khaunga ( acts like a child)
N awww ishaan ok tell me what will you like to eat??
Kartik stares him
I di if you will eat Chinese than I will also eat Chinese only
N awww so sweet of you
I aapko pata hai di aaj pehli baar mujhe aisa lag raha hai jaise iss pathar ki bhi koi kadar karta hain
N you are not a stone you are a diamond
I oh really bhai I am resigning from your brother’s post and joining my di
K noo way I can’t give my brother to someone like this you are only my brother
N kya baat gain tum dono bhaiyo main to bada pyaar hain main to kehti noon ki iss duniya main saare bhai tumhare jaise ho
I bhai aapne dawai li hain naa aaj are you ok
N dawai????
I actually sometime he is not in his senses he says anything
K oh hello you mean I am mad
I no bhai no ways I am your brother only ( back hugs him)
They reach the restaurant they goes inside
K so Chinese ( looks at ishaan)
I bhai I am not Chinese why are you saying like that
N ishaan ( laughs ) listen he is not calling you Chinese he tpis asking about the food
I oh
Kartik orders Chinese food,they eat the food And leaves for the hotel they do losts of masti in their way and kartik is only getting jealous of ishaan as naira is enjoying with him not with her
After sometime they reach the hotel and goes to their room
I bhai pls give me my room keys
N ishaan u can also live in this room
I also??
N kartik also lives in this room only
I but why
K actually all rooms in this hotel are booked and we are left with this room
I so I will sleep on the floor bhai you can sleep on the couch and di you can sleep on bed
N but…
I no but sut I have the habit to sleep on the floor pls don’t force me to sleep anywhere else and ishaan’ order is order
K ok devta sleep where ever you want
They goes to sleep
After sometimes ishaan wakes up kartik also wakes up and then naira also wakes up
I aap dono ko bhi Neend nahi aa rahi
K haa nahi rahi hai
N I thing Hume koi movie dekhni chahiye
I great idea
K par kaunsi
I tu bhoot toh main bhootni
N what
K yeh kaunsi movie hain
I are vahi horror movie bhai which have seen a month ago
K xcuseme it was not at all horror ok it was really very funny
N see don’t fight now
I mujhe toh horror movie hi dekhni hain hai
N but I am scared of that
K let’s go na naira its not that much horror let’s watch it
Ishaan starts movie they all sit on the bed kartik is sitting in the middle and ishaan and naira are sitting on his side
Ishaan watches the movie holding kartik’s hand
K ishaan if you are afraid of it than why are you watching it
I Who told you that I am afraid of It you just concentrate on the movie
Some horror scene comes and naira gets scared she holds kartik’s hand tightly
Kartik smiles seeing her ishaan smirks seeing him
I ( whisphers in his ears) when I holded your hand you scolded me and now what happened
K sssssss just concentrate on the movie
After sometime ishaan and naira sleeps kartik is still awake
Naira puts her head on his shoulders and hugs him tightly ( she is in deep slumber )
Kartik looks at her and blushes
K ( in Mind) why I feel like I am in love with her yess kartik you are in love with her I love you naira I really love you today is the best day of my life I realised my feelings about you I wish the day come soon when I will tell you my feelings you know what when I had seen u for the first time na I fell for you I loved your eyes I really love you
He holds her and sleeps
In morning
Naira is sleeping on Kartik’s lap kartik is still holding her he wakes up and sees naira sleeping
K( in mind) I wish that every morning I see your face and yesterday I realised my feeling for you from now nobody can stop me from loving you I love you naira
Kartik whispers in her ears good morning naira
Naira turns her face and they were really very close to each other they were looking into each others eyes he was so desperate to tell her his feeling for her but could not they were not in their senses their lips were about to meet but they got disturbed by ishaans voice
I good morning Di and bhai
Kartik releases naira and sits in shock naira says good morning to ishaan and runs in washroom she was not wanting to face kartik ishaan goes in the balcony
At naira side naira closes the door and says to her
N what I was doing how can I be so careless how can I forget what happened with me in the last 6 months naira you will have to control yourself you will have to hide your love for Kartik you are not made for him
At kartik’s side he is sitting on the bed still in shock he also says to himself
K oh kya soch rahi hogi voh mere bare main kartik I know you started having feeling for her but please try to control for sometime I will have to control my feelings
Naira comes outside of the washroom kartik and naira hesitate in seeing each other
I from when you both have become shy
K shy who is shy actually ,..
I ok forget it tell me so today is the third day of the week and we are left with 4 more days so whats the plan for today
Hearing ishaan both Kartik and naira becomes sad
I are kya hua kuch bologe
N ( in mind ) be cool naira
N I thing we should go back to India as I have heared that its monsoon there I want to enjoy the rain
K yaa that’s great ok than fine we are going to India tomorrow only I will book our tickets
I thats for tomorrow but what about today
K there is a club also in this club we will be going there today ……to be continued

Precap: the trio goes to club kartik trying to say his feelings to naira but could not at the end naira and kartik gets drunked and ishaan is trying to handle them

Authors note
Sorry guys for always getting late actually I remain busy with my work I would like to thanks to you all especially fenil ,hifza,disha,shyra,Vinni and all others who commented on my previous chapter and I wanted to inform you that I am introducing shreya from this chapter shreya will be opposite ishaan I will tell you in the next chapter that who will play the role of shreya in my ff and if you can also suggest me about that and guys I am also working on an os ” balcony love ” it will be updated soon do read it
Don’t forget to comment
Love you all

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