The one week of my life kaira ff by sanaya (Chapter 10)

So as I promised you that I will be posting it today so here is the next chapter of ff and one more thing next update will be on 30 July as it’s my birthday so stay tuned…..
Happy reading…
Naira is seen standing on the cliff and was about to jump but suddenly someone pull her……
N Rohan… (gets shocked)
R haa Mai Jaan Kya Hua!!! Khush nahi hui mujhe dekh Kar!
N na… Hi… Actually
R tumhe Kya laga main tumhe itni aasani se mujhse door jaane dunga!!
Lagta hain Apne husband ko pehchan nahi payi Inn 6 mahinye Main!!!
N rohan dekho Pls mujhe jaane do Pls KY a chahiye tumhe!!! Tumhe Jo chahiye tumhe mil gaya naa
R no darling!! You are the first and last desire of my life I can’t leave you like this
Naira tries to run but he holds hers and twisted her hand
R don’t you dare to run OK else you know what I can do
N no…. It’s paining rohan leave me!!!
R that’s what I want darling
Rohan Draggs her and makes her sit in the car
At kartik side
He is still trying to find Naira
K Ishaan I have tried a lot to find her Pls do something where is she (cries)
I bhai keep calm! She must be fine
K how can I ishaan

Suddenly kartik gets a call he picks the call
K hello!
G I am gayu Naira’s sister are u kartik
K haa it’s me kartik is naira is with u
G no she is not with me I called you to ask that only kartik she is in a huge problem even I am not able to help are only u can help her now
K but which problem Pls let me know
G can we meet?
K Yaa (kartik tells her the address)
G OK meet you soon
Kartik cuts the call and they both rush to meet gayu

At naira side
Rohan comes outside from the car and ask naira to come outside
N Rohan Pls leave me naa
R shut up and let’s go with me
N but Rohan
R to tum aise nahi maanogi
Rohan pulls her from the car and takes her to his room throws her inside and goes
Naira’s head get hitted by the table and its starts bleeding she sees the blood and cries
N kartik! Where are u Pls help me
She cries all the night remembering her hero

In morning
Rohan comes in her room and sees her sleeping he goes near her and whispers in her ears
R Jaan wake up!!!
Naira wakes up with a jerk
R Kya Hua yeh Sar par ohhh
N wo..
R wait let me get the first aid box
He gets the box and applies dettol on her wound
N Rohan Pls let me go
He presses her wound
N oouch

R Kya Hua dard Hua naa mujhe bhi hota hain jab tum mujhse door jaane ki baat karti ho to ab chip chap yaha bethi Rao and don’t dare to go outside got it
Naira’s remember ‘s the days with kartik
He starts going but Comes back again
R actually I forgot to close the curtains Kya pata Kab tumhara kaunsa naya Aashiq ban jaate so Byee darling take care
He goes and closes the door
Naira cries
At Kartik and ishaan side they are waiting for gayu
Kartik is sitting sad ishaan tries to console him
I bhai Pls gayu di is coming naa then why are you taking tension
K ishaan Naira mil to jayegi naa agar both nahi mili na to main mar jaaunga
I bhai..
They sees a girl coming
K gayu?
G Yaa I am gayu
K sit
G actually I want to tell you everything about Naira
K Pls fast
G actually… be continued

Precap: gayu telling everything to kartik he gets shocked

Author’s note
Sorry guys for this short update actually I don’t know what wrong happened with tu I have tried manier times to post it yesterday but it got faxed that’s why I tried to posted it in the morning sorry for the delay
And about my ff many of u may not like about Naira is married but I wanted to spice up the story but don’t worry guys Kaira will be soon together
And don’t forget to come on 30 July it’s a double blast for me as it’s my birthday and second I will be posting a long ff so stay tuned!!

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