Which One Of These Three Actress Do You Think Would Look Better With Omkaara – Vrushika, Helly Or Shrenu?

‘Ishqbaaz’ is the story of three brothers- Shivaay, Omkaara, and Rudra. It focuses on their life, their struggles, and the way they manage to win those struggles. The show is also focusing on the love story between Shivaay-Anika and Rudra-Soumya and the life of Omkaara.

In the beginning of ‘Ishqbaaz’, Vrushika Mehta of ‘Sat Rangi Sasural’ fame entered ‘Ishqbaaz’ as Omkaara’s love interest Ishana but in the middle, she quit the show. This disappointed the fans of Vrushika. The makers of ‘Ishqbaaz’ then replaced Helly Shah in place of Vrushika as new Ishana who earlier played as Swara in ‘Swaragini’.

She had appeared in the sets of ‘Ishqbaaz’ and started shooting but in the middle, she also left the show. Then the makers of ‘Ishqbaaz’ decided to launch ‘Dil bole Oberoi’, the spin-off story of ‘Ishqbaaz’, which will focus only on the life of Omkaara and Rudra.

They first cast Vrushika again as Omkaara’s love interest but she quit the show, as the makers of ‘Ishqbaaz’ did not like her choice. So they chose Shrenu Parikh as the new female lead in the show who is now playing Omkaara’s love interest as Gauri. Omkaara-Gauri and Rudra-Soumya’s story will be shown in ‘Dil Bole Oberoi’.

Shrenu has earlier acted in the same channel in another serial named ‘Iss Pyaar Ko kya Naam doon? -Ek Bar Phir’ as Astha. Therefore, it is her big comeback in Star Plus. So of these three actors, who do you think would look better with Omkaara Oberoi- Vrushika, Helly, or Shrenu?

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  1. Mica

    well…. i’m a fan of an opposite character couple..
    Ardhika pair (cold, strict character, tall posture vs bubble, witty character, tiny posture),
    same as Ishveer (tall posture vs tiny posture)
    and i bet Helly (if only they make her as bubble, witty , naughty girl) will suit for cold Omkara.. but NO,… they have their own project…

    Vrushika was a first love sight for Ishkara’s fans, the fate made them separated, but.. who can forget their first love ? it’s hard to forget it, their memory filled the brain.

    Shrenu is move on version, it’s hard to accept a change, but please give them time, it’s need an adjustment…..
    i didn’t do a poll, but what i can say is.. ALL THE BEST….

  2. Kavya347

    Well, i think that to make Omkara’s lovestory unoque, there is no other choice except Vrishika’s comeback as Ishana. That story,the concept was really unique. Lovestory of a guy who worships truth and his ladylove a girl whose life is based on lies. The pair of truth and lie…together as lovers..the better half of eachothers. Iy would have been just as intense, unique, beautiful, fascinating as Omkara.
    The new gaurika track…sorry to say but feels so boring and typical. Shrenu is one of my fav actresses but i am seriously not liking her character as Gauri… that talk, accent, story all feels kind of fake.
    Vrunal were the best…i still miss them a lot??

  3. Shrilatha

    I feel vrushika is the best option…but no helly plz ..because she suits for mature and sensible strong character but for om a stupid girl will be good…I am not saying vrushika is stupid .what I want to say is thodi si jhalli type ki ladki with serious om will rock the show as shivika does it

  4. Khushi1707

    I’m a fan of Helly but I think Vrushika is better for the role

  5. Shrenu

  6. Aarti32

    Vrushika was jst d best wid Kunal..I don’t think Helly wud hv suited wid Omkara..Shrenu is also nice, but Vrushika was something very different which no one else can be..D story of Ishkara was so unique..A congirl marrying someone who is d other name of truth..Imagine, Oberois’ daughter in-law, a congirl!!

    1. shrenu’s acting is superb thank god that they removed vrushika she dont know what is acting

  7. My choice is Vrushika

  8. I’ll prefer VRUSHY.She is the best for Kunal.One of my favourite.Srenu is also good.But miss Vrushy.

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