Swasan were walking on the road aimlessly after what happened in Baadi.They couldn’t digest the fact that their own sibiling have broken their relationship believing a mere video when they had known them for their whole lives till now.that’s when they heard a loud boom on the road.a car had crashed with a truck.when they went near they car they found that the car was of adarsh’s.the driver of the car was spoy dead but Adarsh was not so hurt as he was sitting on the backside of the car.They and some other men transported them to the hospital.
Sanskar couldn’t believe that his brother had an accident.he came out of his trance when the doctor came out.
Sanskar-Doctor how are they?
Doctor-I’m sorry to say Mr.Sanskar but Mr.Maheshwari’s driver is dead and Mr.Maheshwari needs immediate blood transfusion or else I’m sorry to say.And his blood group is O-ve.
Sanskar-Doctor I have the same blood group.I’ll donate blood.
Doctor-Please come this way.
Swara held his arm but said nothing.He put his hand over hers and looked at her assuringly.
After donating blood they wanted to leave the hospital but the Doctor insisted them to meet Adarsh and then leave.They waited for him to get concious .

Adarsh’s ward:
Doctor was examining Adarsh .
Doctor-You are more than fine Mr.Maheshwari.Its a medical miracle,you had a serious accident but you are so fine that you can be discharged today itself.All thanks to the kind person who had donated blood to you at the correct time.Else you would have not been alive now.
Adarsh-Doctor,can I meet that person now?
Then he went out to call Swasan.As soon as Adarsh saw them he was baffled.He had done so much wrong with them still his heart was so kind that he saved him from dying.Nobody spoke a word.Adarsh got up from the bed but couldn’t walk properly.when he was about to fall,Sanskar haeld him.
Sanskar-Doctor please get the discharge papers ready.I will drop him at home.
Adarsh didn’t know what to say.He just stared at Sanskar lovingly with moist yes.He regretted doing what he did with them.

Swasan supported Adarsh on either sides n bought him inside the mansion.Just then Annapoorna saw Adarsh in such condition and got worried and at the same time gots angry seeing Swasan.Thy make hin sit on the sofa and turn to leave but Adarsh stops them.Annapoorna gets angry.
Annapoorna:Adarsh beta why are you syopping them.Maybe they are the cause for your this condition.Let them go.
Swasan get hurt and humiliated hearing those words.But compose themselves.
Adarsh-Yeah ma.i’m in this condition because of them .I’m not dead but alive because of them.
Annapoorna-I didn’t get you beta.Say clearly.
Adarsh-I will tell ma but first call everyone down.Call Shekhar Uncle and Dadi also.Swara call Sharmishta aunty,Chachi ji and chacha ji also.
Few minutes later everyone assembles in the hall of the mansion while Annapoorna gets impatient.
Annapoorna-Adarsh beta will you tell us why you call everyone and these betrayers here?
Adarsh-Fine ma.You wanted to listen right so listen.(To Parineeta) Pari do you know why I called everyone here?It is to confess our crime to everyone.You know to whom we did so bad now savd my life,saved you from becoming a widow ,saved a n unborn child from becoming fatherless.(everyone looked at him with horror)Pari got treatment and is now three months pregnant(Parineeta’s eyes get moist).Doctor confirmed it yesterday night.
And then he confessess all his crimes.He says hoe he planned everything with Dadi as his partner.Suddenly everyone get shocked as Annapoorna slaps Adarsh despite knowing about his condition.They get another shock as a hand had slapped Dadi.They all turn to see Dada fuming red with anger.He just drags her from her mansion.Annapoorna falls down crying.
Annapoorna-Why?why did you do this Adarsh?You made me do a sin by making me mistrust an innocent,by making me speak all those cheap words to them.No .Its not you’re your fault.It’s my fault to believe that video when I knew all about Sanskar and Swara.
Sujata(bursting out with tears)-Jiji how could you?How could you mistrust my son and daughter when you knew about them?
Annapoorna now felt more guilty.Everyone started blaming and scolding Parineeta and Adarsh.after everyone completed blaming and scolding them Annapoorna held Sanskar’s arm asking forgiveness.But Sujata removed her hand a bit harshly and turned to Uttara.
Sujata-Uttara,pack all your bags.We I mean you,me,your,papa,bhaiya and bahbhi are leaving from here this moment.
Annapoorna again held Sanskar’s hand and asked him to stop Sujata.But to her surprise he removed her hand from his.
Sanskar-What do I have to say Mrs.M<aheshwari,that my mom is right in whatever she is doing is right or you are wrong.
Annapoorna was now remided about her words to Sanskar when he had come to the mansion to prove his innocence and now went to Swara and pleaded her to stop Sanskar but as expected she to denied saying:
Swara-I’m sorry Mrs.Maheshwari but I’can’t stay in place where my husband was humiliated.
Annapoorna was now hearbroken and lost her hope of stopping them.She regretted infact everyone regretted for not trusting Swasan.Everyone started pleading them when Ram Prasad shouted.
Ram Prasad-Enough.I’ve heard enough.Bhaisa for the first and last time I’m asking you something.If you ever considered my son as a part of our…..sorry your family then give my son his company Karma back.He solely worked hard for bring it upto a reputed position.
Durga Prasad fet bad but composed himself and granted Ram Prasad his wish.He told Laksh to bring the Karma company will and their family lawyer.Laksh did not move from his place.When Durga Prasad shouted he went from there.

Lawyer finished all the formalities and declared that from that moment the Karma company would be Sanskar’s.Swasan and their family turned to leave when they found their so-called sibilings holding them and pleading them not to leave them.
Swara removed their hand and said a bit harshly ,hurting them:
Swara-Ragini and Laksh…..sorry Mr. and Mrs.Laksh Maheshwari.We are nothing to you then for what reason should we live here?Did you forget what did you do yesterday?If so then let me remind you.You both performed the shradh of our relation.
Then Shekhar went to Sharmishta and asked forgiveness from her and asked her to return back to home when an angry Swara interrupted.
Swara-Mr.GADODIA,she will not go anywhere.She will come with us.As a daughter I’m taking her with me.Right from the beginning you’ve made my ma’s life a joke.You break your relation with her.When I was born,you called your own blood as NAJAIS.Which father does that uh?Where were you when the society taunted my ma?Where were you when my ma cried for you?Where were you when I yearned for a father’s love?You come a few years later ask forgiveness from my ma,marry my ma and again break your relationship with her trusing your obedient daughter(Ragini and Shkhar have tears in their eyes).Again after knowing the truth,you ask forgiveness and accept her.Again just for money you are ready to divorce her.Again after knowing the truth,you are asking for dorgiveness and expect her to accept you again.Why?Why should she again and again accept you?So that you could brak her trust,her hope?Again and again you commit the same mistake.Did you ever think about her feelings?Even once did you ever think how my ma must have felt?I was the only one who saw her suffering so badly.I’ve decided even if she wants to live with you,I won’t let her live with you.Iwon’t let her suffer any more.And about Ayush(goes near Sharmishta and takes the baby from her)I and Sanskar will take enough care of him and wouldn’t let him know about you.You are nothing to him as you are divorced to my mom.Do you hear?You are nothing to us.And you know what,you are the most greedy man I’ve ever seen who breaks others’ heart for his own wishes.Today I’m ashamed to call you my dad.I HATE YOU MR.SHEKHAR GADODIA TO THE CORE OF MY HEART.
Saying this she storms out of the mansion holding the baby and sharmishta followed by others.Shekhar does n’t stop her because he knows what she said was word by word absolutely right.He couldn’t do anything but collapse on the ground,see the most important members of his family leave and regret over his deeds.

A man in a blue tux handling a meeting.The people who came for the meeting were looking at him with moist eyes but he was unaffcted by it.Obviously it is Sanskar and the Mahshwari family.The meeting was finalised.Sanskar was the same except he had put spectacles now.
The Maheshwari family knoced his cabin.hearing his permission they went inside and looked at him emoionally.
Laksh-Sanskar bhai….
Sanskar-Sorry but Mr.Maheshwari we don’t have any relationship between us except for professional relationship.We…..Excuse me.
He was interrupted by a phone call.Seeing the caller ID he smiles lovingly.
He coldn’t even say hello when the person at the other side startd yelling.
OS-HO WDARE YOU Mr.Sanskar Ram Prasad Maheshwari ignore your pregnant wife like the?
All the Maheshwaris presnt there were happy listening to Swara’s voice and that she was pregnant.
Sanskar finished his call and excused himself and went home.

Swara heard a knock and went to open the door but Sujata stopped her and said that she would open the door.
As soon as Sujata opened the door she got shocked to see the whole Maheshwari family there.
Swara-Mom who is th……
As soon she saw the Maheshwari family she got angry.
Swara-Mom why did they come here?
Just then Ragini came inside and started to ask forgiveness from Swara.Swara couldn’t control her anger and burst out.As she was in her last month,she couln’t tolerate so much stress and started having her labour pain.Seeing it Sujata call Ayush and Swasan(swasan’s first child) and told them to call Ram Prasad and Sanskarand tell that Swara got labor pain.They were in tears seeing Swara in pain.
After few hours,Sanskar came out holding his baby daughter.Maheshwari family too were there and were more than happy seeing Sanskar so happy.Sanskar’s smile fades when he sees the Maheshwari family.He gives the baby to Sujata and goes towarsds them.
Sanskar-Till date our life without you had been,please I don’t want to main any other relationship with you except for a professional relationship.The exit is that side(points towards the exit).Now you may all leave.
The maheshwaris were helpless seeing his hatred towards them.They took one last look at Swasan’s family and left the hospital with their heart fill with remorse and regret of not trusting them.


A/N:Hey guys this is swetha presenting you all withh this o/s as I was not happy with the current track ofSR.Please drop in your valuable comments in the comment box.Thank you for reading.

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