One story but a rectangle – love story (Promo 1)


My dear frnzz I am rewriting my previous ff,Naa seekha main ne jeena tere bina,with a new name and new faces…..Coz of my another ff I dropped it in the fourth episode…
I know somany of you have read that… m avoiding some unwanted characters and scenes in the new version.I tried my best to correcting my errors that I did in the previous version like Maanik’s name,about Swaragini’s parents…. It is not a ff providing the love story of a girl and 3 guyz or a guy and 3 girls but consisting of 4 love stories which are bonded to each other.My dear frnzz please pardon me that l m making it Malayalam touch,I did it coz of I will b comfortable in writing and I swear I will not write stupidities like my first ff

Krishna, Aswathy and Sanskar are childhood friends.They are sharing a best bonding together.


3 of them are sitting in the beach.
Sanky: Kichu,I will be back, my mobile is in the room.

Sanskar left

Aswathy is staring at the see.A fresh air blows.Her curly hairs are playing with the wind.Krishna smiled and holds her hand which was on sand.She also looked at him and smiles.
Kichu: I ❤️ u Achu….
She tightly held his hand and rested her head on his shoulder….
Achu: I know Kichu I ❤️ u too…..
They are staring at the sea unite.Sanskar is wiping his tears from a little far away…….


3 of them are gathering in Sanskar’s home.
Sanskar’s mom: Sanskar we checked ur and Achu’s horoscopes it is a perfect match. Are you loving ?her……

Sanskar with blushing:???? yeah off course mom I am madly loving my Achu….
Mom: I knew it Kanna…
Sanky’s mom kissed on his forehead with joy

When Aswathy is dare to talk about her unacceptence Krishna stops her with nodding his head to not to do that….Aswathy is stunningly looking at Krishna……

So frnzzz

1) Is it Sanskar a villain here

2) Will Sanky marry Achu

3) or Achu and Kichu will b 2gether

4) is it a Swasan ff or Ragsan ff…

Wait and watch

One story but a rectangle◽️ love❤️♥️ story?

Coming soon……

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