one step closer shivika epi 6


sorry guys for not written for a long time….Im really busy with dance practise for my reunion party of school friendzz so frogive me …….back to ff

new day in obroi mansion shivay star his day with making breakfasat and doing his work……..

om and ruday came their : shivay what are you going to do now

shi : Im ready …..Im going to tell her that ….

rudy : but how bhaii

shi : I have a plan ………

om : what ???

shivay smile and tell the plan to them….

om : no shvay no…. you cant do this she will be tensed and mad because of your act

shi : relax om nothing will happen i just want a little excuse to bring her to me

rudy : bhai are you sure u want to do this

shi ; ya….

shivay om rudy leave the house suddenly anika got a call from rudy ….rudy was cring badly

rudy : didi plzz come to hospital

ani : kya huwa rudy

rudy : didi …bhaii shivay bahaii….

anika : kya huwa billy ji ko
rudy tell me Im getting tensed

rudy : didi bhai met with an accident we are in city hospita come fast

anika was speehless and cring badlyshe rushed to hospital outside the room she meet om and rudy with dull faces

she say shivay insaide the room with bandages and oxygen mask she went inside took shivays hand and cry teribly

anika ; how can you leave me like this come back this is my order plz dont do this with me I cant live without you you are my life and I LOVE YOU …..

shivay who is acting like sick suddenly got up with a big sime and asked her to repeat the last sentense

confused anika hit him and sayed that you are such a big liar ….shivay I hate you I hae y

ahivay : hate me or love me

anika looked in to his eye to search for an answer

thanx every one for the great support and comments Im samee (thats my pet name I thought to talk to you as i havent introduce my self im from SRI LANKA and big fan of ishqbaaz im turning 19 this dec .6 I love indian dramas a lot………..thank for accepting me

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  1. Rithik

    Its beautifull but too short

  2. Nice but i think u should make it long

  3. Nansshivika

    Samee its lovely but short u cut shivika scene in middle how can I sleep now but its awesome dear

  4. Vincy

    This one was short one no problem nxt time lengthier one…. N nice episode… Excited for next episode

  5. Priyanka_22

    amazin samieee
    waitin for next part
    update soon

  6. Nithu

    Lil long pls…its really too gud dear

  7. awesome but it is very short one

  8. Ishqkum

    Nice dr

  9. Hi, Samee. I’m also so from SRI LANKA. See wear we met. Lovely episode. Waiting for the next.

  10. Good going samee but it is very short

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