one step closer shivika epi 5


new morning in obroi mansin shivay om rudy are in the kitchen making breakfast

om : so shivay… what are u going do now

shi : I … dont know om …

rudy : bhai i think you should say that to anika didi

shi : but how …. I just cant face her after insulting too much and she will never accept me

om : how can u be so sure shivay ….infact we all know that anika also love u

shi : what about tia…

rudy : bhaii chooes one thing between anika and tia’s business deals say it bhai

shivay : ANIKA …..

om : so fine ….finally you did something for your happines

shi : but om its not easy now its out of my hand anika is marring Rohan and you know hat rohan is my best friend

rudy : bhaii this has become a love triangle now

omshi :shut up rudra……..

(at the same time anika enter to obroi mansion as she is doing shivays wedding planing shivay feel her presence in tha house and smile and said….

shi ; anika is here

rudy : how do you know

shi : I feel here

anika came to kitchen rudy and om leave from there to give them some space

anika : I came to take some water

shi ; ya … ok…..woo anika…

anika ; ji…

shi : kuch nahi….

anika went to take water but suddenly she slip and shivay hold her

oh jana… plays from background they share a eye lock and there eye loke was broken by tia

tia : shivay baby….where are u

shivay walk towards tia and tia hug him

tis ao anika and said…

tia ; ohooo anika congratzz I hered that you are marring Rohan trivedi wowww im so….happy for you

anika ; thanx tia

tia : shivay baby isnt it a great news anika also found her soul mate so sweet just like us

shi: ya … I have some work i ll be back

tia : ok baby

shi vay in his room oho god this tia will not leaave me alone with anika i want to talk to anika some how

whole day shivay tried to talked to anika but anika keep ignoring him for the whole day anika was sitting in pool side and writting something in her diary suddenly shivay came up and close it

shi : anika I want to talk to you

anika : there is nothing left to tail billu ji

shi : Is rohan is your choice or not

ani : I dont want to talk about him

shi : but i want to

ani : leve me alone billuji Im not in a mood to fight with u

shi : do you love him

this qustion supried anika coz shivay never belive in love and for him love does not exsist

anika : you know what shivay ask that question from your sel do you love tia and leave me alone for god sake

shivay was shoked to hear her anika leave from ther with tearfull eyes

in the hall ………………….

anika : dadi Ill go now so …Ill come in tommorow mornig

dadi : its dark outside beta you cant go alone

Om….. plz drop anika @ home

om : ok dadi

shivay : dadi Ill drop her

om ; ha dadi shivay will drop anika home

suddenly some one came there

rohan : no one need to worry as Im here to take my princess

shivay was in much pain seen rohan there rohan came and hold anika

rohan : shll we go now

anika nod yes and they went anika stop to see shiyay and oh jana sad version is plaing from back ground

shiyan in his mind how dare he is to touch my anika haa she is mine and only mine snd shivay sing obroi never share anything with anione ANIKA is not for sure…..)

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  1. Priyali

    ?? Bagad billa jealous…. awesome.

  2. Nansshivika

    Awesome waiting for next

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    Wow so emotional last scene I loved it

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  7. Nithu

    Shivaay is a big tadibaaz…nice epi dear

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  10. Priyanka.N

    Sharing Anika….is for not sure….
    Kya dialogue hai yaar…i love ur ff
    Waiting for next prt

  11. Vincy

    Awesome.. Where is Mr. SSO ego n attitude?? Feeling jealous ??

  12. Priyanka_22

    fabulous 🙂
    update next part soon
    loving jealosy track

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