one step closer shivika epi 3

all the members of obroi family are in the hall shivay was worring for anika om and rudy can see this clearly

shivay excuse him self ans went to his room he tried to call anika but is not reciving his call

anika was sleeping deeply afrer crying for whole day

Shivay return to hall with a dull face om and rudy asked him why ….he say nothing om… im Ok

suddenly some one came to obroi mansion

Rohan : hay every one remember me

shivay : hay rohan how are u man after a long time rohan went and take blessings fron dadi pinky janvi shakthi and tej

and then he wen to shi om and rudy and hug them

rudy : bhaii after a long time how are u

Rohan Im perfectly fine rudy…. so shivay I heard that you are getting married by next week so i came to wish you and whole family

shivay : ha thanxx

pinky : rohan beta good that you too came you should come to shivays wedding

rohan : ha aunty but I ll not come alone actually aunty Im back from londan to my marriage

pinky : what …. such a good news beta congratzz

shi om rudy and whole family congratzz him

rohan so aunty I ll come with my would be wife is that ok

shi : ha…. for sure……….

rudy : bhai plz tell us how does she look is she pretty ???

Rohan : haa bohoth pretty …..and she is so good you know dadi …If u meet her you will like her a lot she is so king and good at heart …. pinku ….you will make her your best friend she is so sweet rudy you both are matching well she is also mad as you but shivay………….. I must say one thing you Will hate her for sure ……

rudy : why Rohan bahii if she is that good why bahai will hate her

rohan : your bahai is looking for blood line and linage which she does not have and even i dont belive in them I only belive in humanity

om : you are right rohan but some people will never understand that fact (looking at shivay )

shivay was lost in anikas thoughts the way he insult her about her family

rudy : bhai kya huwa

shivay : nothing

dadi Rohan plzz bring her home we all want to meet her after listing ti yo you …..

janvi : yes rohan I think we shoul meet her and we could have lunch togather

pinky : good ideas… Rohan call her

rohan dial her number anika answer the phone

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