one step closer shivika epi 2

next day morning rohan went to pick thar girl yea you are right she is anika………. Mrs trivedi met anika at obroi function and thought that she would be a perfect match for his handsom one and only future owner of trivedi group of industries ……. so mrs trivedi met ankikas buwa and disscus about the marriage anika thinking about her and sahils future agree for that but she is unable to forget shivay because she love him

Rohan : hi anika Im rohan nice to meet you

anika : hi Im anika

rohan : so… we are getting married soon we shoul try to understand each other well so shall we go some were and spend some time ….only if you like

anika nod and say yes she went to a near by coffe shop and talked with rohan

Rohan was so happy to have such a great partner but Rohan dont know that anika works in obroi mansion ……

Rohan : anika thank you so much for comming in to my life than thank to for comming for this coffe date with me come I ll drop you home … I want to meet my friend too he is getting married in next week……

rohan drop anika home saftly and return back

mom : rohan beta how is your date

rohan : mom she is so pretty and she is indeed good i think I like her

shnu : ohooo bahaii I think I like her ??? Its sounds boring say that I thing I love her ok

rohan just hit on shanus head and say ” shnu my princess you are too much these days ”

Anika in her home was feeling shattered and helpless she got some flash backs of shivay and her romantic movements

in trivedi mansion ….

rohan ; mom I think shoud go and meet shivay om and rudy its been long time naa

mom : haa in fact shivay is gettting married so you should go and wish him


Obroi mansion

dadi : where is anika pinky plz check where is anika beta

pinky :mamiji anika called me and say that she is sick so she will come tommorow


  1. Nansshivika


    |Registered Member

    Its superb waiting for next. Anika infornt of rohan and shivay wow how would it be !! Now shivay will realise his love….post next asap but plzzz make it lengthier both episodes are too short
    Quite interesting track so want a lengthier one plzz..😊😊

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