Hello I hope u all remember me i’m sindhu.k
I’m giving os on raglak even i’m a swasan fan I giving os on raglak becoz whoever commenting my ff most of them r raglak fans so this is for.them guys imagine that ragini wearing chasma as u saw in photo okay
As it is a os i’m not giving any introduction I’m giving direct names
Laksh is driving car with a full speed wr can say that he was chasing some

On other side

A girl is laughing no shouting
Girl: cut the cake fast riya
Rita is cuts cake everyone is having cake but that girl looks outside with teary eyes becoz she saw a two little kids begging so she took a a big piece
She walked to them but before she give I second a car came with full of speed towards her seeing this she.dropped down cake she cursing that car driver .she stood there staring kids in mean time that car came back a.handsome person came out he give a big wala chocolate box to her
Person: sry for spoiling ur cake actually some one stolen my phone so I chased him (yes he was laksh) did u hurt
Girl nodes no
Laksh:okay bye saying this he left

Girl smiles.she gave chocolate box to kid
Riya:RAGINI come fast or else that warden will.punish u (yup girl was RAGINI)
ragini: ya coming
Ragini and all went to hostel
Outside hostel
Ragini: riya u go I’ll to shop
Riya:okay but come soon
Ragini nodes and goes to shop she buys some.stuff while returning some goons teasing her she got afraid and ran from.there but that goons hold her hand some other holds goons hand all turn to him

Goon: who r u
Person: oh u want introduction now okay mu name is LAKSH MAKESHWARI
sating this he.punches hom ragini enjoying fight(hehe even I love fightings)
One goon came from back and hits laksh head
Ragini shouts: laksh
Laksh: ahhhhhhh he winches in pain and felt unconscious goons took raglak far from city like forest area and take them to a one dark room and tied them to chain all this time ragini ia shouting and laksh is in unconscious state.
Goon: if u both try yo escape we will kill u both saying this all leaves ragini cries.After sometime she falls asleep on Laksh shoulder after few hr
Laksh get conscious he.feels some wait on.his shoulder he lookd ragini he remember fighting and all.and thinks we kidnapped
Laksh:huh!! They beate and this girl without bothering sleeping on my shoulder laksh shouts
Laksh:ahhhhh.ragini wake with jerk and she also shouts looking at laksh
Laksh: chup.ragini closes her mouth
Laksh:(whisper) kidnapped
Ragini: (whispered) ya
Laksh:no chalo escape.he struggle to untie rope finally he succeed
He untie rags also(now plz don’t think how he untie its a os if it is ff I would give how he untie).

Laksh: chalo lets go from here
Ragini: no without permission
Laksh: okay then go and ask permission
Ragini: okay saying this she starts to move but laksh stops her r u nuts come lets go he drags her.Some how they came out and start running.but stops in middle
Ragini: wt happen
Laksh:chat shut up.ragini keep pout
Laksh:I think we r from city I think we are in forest
Ragini(excited)wt we r out of cits I don’t know our city completely now we r out of city wow
Laksh: oh hello we r not came here for picnic we r kidnapped come asap we have reach home

Ragini: r u scared don’t fear when ragini is here
Laksh:really he shouts sap sap snake
Ragini get scared and hugs laksh tightly.currently passes through his body but he ignored and breaks the hug wt u said don’t fear when ragini is here hahahaha now come with me they walked for some time. Abt 4 hrs both were really tied.its abt night 7 in all the way ragini irritate Laksh starting he scolds here but after some time he too enjo ys her talks after some time they saw a small shop there raglak faces lighten up.Laksh holds ragini hand and runs to shop ragini feels so happy that Laksh holds her hand
Laksh to shop keeper(sk): can I make call
Sk:ya sure .Laksh makes a call but no one lifing call Laksh got frustrated and shouts pick up damit.ragini sat on cot.
Laksh: hw much time it takes to reach KOLKATA
Sk; abt 1 and half day
Laksh:wt he got more frustrated and sat beside ragini.suddenly ragini watch alaram starts ringing.ragini stops that and pata Laksh shoulder
Laksh: wt

Ragini: i’m hungry
Laksh: oh that’s y u alarm rang
Ragini: no alarm rang that’s why I feeling hungry
Laksh: wt ur impossible saying this he goes to sk asks for food
Sk:no time only chai biscut available
Laksh: okay give me.btw how can we go to Kolkata
Sk:no at this time no transport available
Laksh: at least hotel room
Sk: ni
Laksh takes chai biscuit to ragini and starts having
Ragini: she dipped biscuit in chai when sHe abt to eat but it slipped
Laksh:don’t u know how to eat he dipped biscuit in chai and put in her mouth.ragini smiles
Ragini(sad):are we.leaving now
Laksh angrily:no
Ragini(happily): really r we r not going today wow
Laksh:y ur so happy
Ragini:I’ll tell later
In a mean time sk.came there

Sk: as no hotel here u can sleep my room I’ll manage here.I giving you my room becoz u r with ur wife that’s y I’m giving okay go now he shows the room
Raglak starts to room
Laksh(in mind): I felt so happy when he said wife I was si happy then wt abt she did she fell same as me or no OH GOD I’M REALLY FALLEN FOR HER he smiles
They reached was so small single cot bed is there
Laksh:u sleep on bed I’ll sleep floor
Ragini: no need u also sleep bed
Laksh: no

Ragini: plz
Laksh: okay.ragini layed on bed
Laksh: move little.aur little Laksh also layd beside her alarm again rings
Laksh: u r a unique piece I think u feel hungry after alarm rings. Ragini smiles
Laksh: can I ask one question
Ragini : haa
Laksh: y u felt happy at that time.Laksh closes his eyes raglak back facing eo
Ragini: u know i’m an ORPHAN Laksh open his eyes
Ragini continues
My parents died when I’m kid my relatives didn’t accept me becoz i’m a girl they joined me in orphan home. From then I also hostel school that’s it and abt alarm. My warden is strict if we went late food will finished in mess she will canned us u know canned many times.a tears escape from his eyes
Ragini: in this big world there is no one to say hii .how are you? But now u know I laugh today from morning which I laugh in my life till now that’s y I’m so happy becoz god gave some more time to spend with you.A tears escape from her eyes
Ragini: Laksh

Laksh: hmmmm
Ragini: can…i….be with you forever she half turns to his side.laksh came upon her they had an eyelock.Laksh bend to.her lips she closes her eyes in acceptance he smiles and kissed on her forehead
He goes to his.side and slept
Ragini:I’m a.kid she.touches her forehead blushes and covered herself
With blaket like a kid



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