That One Song- A SwaSan FanFic (By Laddoo) Character Introduction and Prologue


Hey sweetos….u all wanna hear ‘sweeties’ instead of ‘sweetos’? Okay! Hey sweeties then! My my! 83 comments! Really…83!!! I remember one song at the moment-
‘My head’s spinning around
I can see clean no more…
What are you waiting for?’
Read ahead na, what are you waiting for??
In my prev one shot, I said that I’m not as appreciated as other writers are, but, in my comments, I was more appreciated than any writer. One common question was there, if I’m really 13. No, I’m not. Coz there are still 2 months for me to reach 13. September is still to come.(That’s my b’day month.) Some ppl said they became my fan, some said my one shot was the best, one comment even said that I am better than any novelist!!! The comments I received by Arshu di were the most beautiful and overwhelming, 4 of them. Thanku so much Arshu di. She made me feel the most special. Thanku so so so so much??! All the comments were really overwhelming. I really feel I don’t deserve such comments. All of u are elder to me and much more experienced than me. Plzz, I wanna stay as a cute li’l sister for all of u, no need of fans, my home has 5 fans and 3 AC’s as well!? So, this short story is as a token of gratitude for all the love and blessings showered upon me and also as a treat from me for achieving 83 comments. Fida di and Ashu di asked for a treat, and here I present one. I guess this is the longest A/N ever. And once again I tell you all that Nisha di and Stella di have been my inspiration throughout. And I really felt overwhelmed that they liked my story and commented as well.


Swara Bose- A girl drenched in the world of music.
Sanskaar Kapoor- A playboy.
Ragini Bose- Swara’s sister.
Laksh Kapoor- Sanskaar’s brother.
The other characters will be introduced in the story.


That One Song. The title itself says that the story revolves around a song. About how a song changed the life of a girl. Desire, passion, pain, oh and what not! Ragini and Laksh, a pair already in love. The story of how their siblings stumble into love. You see, falling into love ain’t easy, but stumbling into love is even more difficult. Love matters, passion matters more! Rivalry….enmity….revenge….passion….there’s yet a lot to unfold!


Why did this song start playing all of a sudden? What connection did this song have with this mystery man? Wait wait…that was my phone ringing! Hehe…it’s not the same kismat connection always. We composed ourselves. I excused myself from him n went to pick up the call. Unfortunately, it was the Airtel services disturbing the first eyelock of my life…not any normal one, but the deepest and the most intense one can ever share. I stood there cursing them under my breath. I saw Ragu di approaching me.
I turned around and the same thing took place. Just imagine! The same thing, oh with a li’l change for sure. I turned around and just crashed into him. He held me by my waist this time. Those same dark eyes, the same intense smile, the same longing gaze, my vision was blurring when reality struck me and I composed myself.

We both spoke out in shock.
Surprised? Arey u all have to be. I will be uploading first episode on 24th July most probably. Not before. This week has got 6 examinations. Tomorrow is Chemistry….wish me good luck plzz. Till then, keep guessing which song it is.(Hint:It’s a Hindi song.) Achha, how many of u want to know why I always write on only SwaSan? Okay….I’ll tell.

Firstly, SwaSan….the best pair on Earth. I have become their biggest fan. Mind u! Only I’m their biggest fan, no one else!
Secondly, m a Varunholic….no no….Sanskaarholic. M just so in love with him. His eyes, his smile, his talent….uh oh!??
And finally….the name Shona! That has been my nickname since my birth! That’s long before Swaragini started. That’s why, I felt a direct connection with Helly Shah or say Swara.
So wait for me till 24th, and I love u all!?? Tadaa!

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  1. Awsm intro dear…

    1. Thnx a lot yaz!

  2. Jwala

    interesting prologue dear. . continue soon

    1. Ya will post 1st epi on 24th…anyways thnx di!

  3. Sree

    I am still wondering how can u write like this. I mean ur writing skills r awesome. I am speechless??
    Where r u from?? ??
    Well the start of ur story is amazing. ?
    And a same pinch cuz i too loveeee swasan (dont worry am nxt to u in biggest fan list????)
    So i have a request. Shall we be friends???
    I want to learn a lot from u?
    Am Waiting for the first ep eagerly.?
    A very big ALL THE BEST FOR UR EXAMS???

    1. Oh my God….dnt make me blush like this! M from Kanpur, UP. Ya we can surely become friends, why not? And thanku for the good luck. Keep reading….this is my first ff na.

      1. Sree

        I thought that u would be from america or like from abroad. God u r just awesome. Cant control my excitement to read the first ep

  4. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear.. Interesting prologue

    1. Thnx a lot….

  5. Affaa

    Bak Bak what to say haa you’re prologue stolen my heart……and Sree is right….The way you write Masha Allah…..I’m speech less I’m fan of Ragini…but in your ff I love swara sanskar….
    I know my Bak Bak go to rock….All the very best….and haa you always our sweet little sis….but in writing your elder then us really it’s mind blowing….May this ff be the best ff ever….love you baby

    1. Ab main thanku nhi bol skti….to main bolu kya? I mean itta achha comment agar shuruat mein hi mil jaye to aage kya milega? Love u sooooo much di??

    1. Thnx!

  6. Abirsha

    Its nice prologue dr…. Awesome…. Continue….

    1. Thanx a lott

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow interesting prologue and finally u started writing ff is a ff right? I love ur one shots a lot and I m sure this will be gr8 too and the concept is just awesome when I m free in August I m gonna write a one shot on swasan soon (inspired by you and some awesome Swaragini ff writers) , I m not really a Swaragini fan but I like swasan n Ragsan but I love reading some FFs of Swaragini a lot

    1. Thanx a lot….it’s an ff….one shot on swasan? Woww…that’s gr8 ya…insipired by me? Dnt say like that….u write much better than me….anyways….keep supporting and thnku!

  8. Anu_M

    O my god .. Sweetu pie.. You are awesome.. Well I was just uploading the next part of my story and was going to fall on the bed but thought to take a quick glimpse and surf this page a little and there’s what I find yours.. Little sweetu writer .. Keep up your good work.. You are amazing.. I am gonna ask a personal question.. If you don’t mind reply me.. According to what I have seen, I haven’t found the basic education of kanpur very nice.. One of my cousin lives in kanpur and I happen to have long chats with her .. She studies in St. Mary’s in 9th and she has excellent vocabs.. Most of them there have., in which school do you study?? Reply only if you want.. If you don’t wanna share tell me or you can even private message me.. I needed to know it because you have really strong skills.. My cousin is studying at IIT kanpur and she wants her sister to also study in kanpur. their father is in army so they are like shifting their.. . But she is not able to analyse as to what school she should sent her … According to others st. Mary’s is the best school there and my other cousin is also studying there. U tell yours

    1. I study in Dr Virendra Swarup Education Centre, ranks 1st in our city, 5th in the state and 23rd in Asia. Abt other schools I don’t know, but ICSE schools follow a very good vocab and grammatical rules. St. Mary’s was the best school once upon a time, my mother used to study in that school, that’s long back….now it ain’t very good but it’s still a stack of good….as for my vocab….the credit goes more to the books I read rather than the vocab level of my school. That’s right…many schools in knp actually focus on extra curriculum more than education level…anyways…thanku for the lovely comment…good to see someone such good a writer commenting here….

      1. Anu_M

        That’s a very good thing.. Books are best companions.. They enhance our knowledge and mends ours mood.. Also builds a mature constructive personality..
        Hey .. What did u u say. A good writer… Oops … I am inflated like a balloon… Blushing blushing… Don’t know about me but I am sure you will emerge as a wonderful writer here..

  9. Khushi

    Ohh mmm ggg what was this…..yr what do u eat plz plz plz tell me…I think I have alot to learn from u r…..if we r in a race then I m at A and u have already won??
    Dear it’s just awesome the plot is soo difft and unique how do u get such ideas….I just keep on thinking and thinking then I get an idea that too OK OK and yes congratulations for 83 comments dear u really deserve it meri jaan
    Main toh tera hai re jabra hoye re jsbra fan ho gyi… was mind blowing and yes I mean each and every word I said dear….
    Stay blessed and keep giving us such amazing writing material
    It’s my request to u that u should write a book when u grow up and mark my words that will be the bestseller❤❤❤❤❤
    And now about the song I think it is tere sang yaara just a wild guess coz this is my current fav??
    And yes all the best for ur exams u will rock it I know
    P.S I think much zayda lamba ho gaya…anyways u deserve it love u dear

    1. Lambe comments always wlcm??….kya di….aap mere fan? Nhi nhi….chichter hi behter hai….nhi nhi chichter nhi shishter…hehe….di best seller? Mazaak kitna acha tha di….main bade hoke pehle likh lu, pehli copy bik jaye phir na hoga wo best seller…aur what I eat….umm….I eat lots of chocolates coz they’re my fav…at least 5-6 biscuits a day??…aur baki normal khana khati hu….ab alien bhi nhi hu main aur koi jaanwar bhi nhi hu??…aur race kyu lagaye? Shishters ki race mein koi nhi jeetta….aur aapko pata hi hoga ki haar ke jeetne waale ko baazigar kehte hai??…tab tak ke liye alvida and love u??

  10. Ashu

    Kiddo!!! I knw I’m really late to comment!! But wht do I do, this site keeps on crashing!!! And moreover I’m bsy with my clg!!??

    Anyways, the prologue is awesome!! U have some magic in ur hands!! I lv swasan as well!! U knw hw mch!!???

    Thanks u for this treat ishu???
    I loved it!! Keep writing!!!
    Love u deary???

    1. Di…u can read anytym and comment also anytym…I knw how busy u r… sister is also 21 na….nd this site….dnt spk of that….it’s driving me crazy….nd di….if u have forgotten let me remind u no sorry and no thanku in frndship….hope u will remember now onwards…love u dii??

  11. Anu_M

    Also all the best for your exams..just slipped from my mind to wish you

  12. OMG its just awesome dear… Loved it…. ????n ALL THE BEST dear for ur exam….. N I m too madly n deeply on love with swasan n the biggest fan…. Just waiting for ur next update…. Keep writing…. N once again all the very best

    1. Thanx a lot….all these good luck wishes mean a lot to me….do keep reading.

  13. Dharani


    1. Thnku!

  14. Zuha Fatima

    Ladoooooooooo????Oh my GoD! From where such ideas come in your mind! I mean this is something really awesome, so sweeeeeetttttt like you Laddooooo?? Such an amazing concept totally awesome! Or I should say WONDERFUL??No doubt that this is a lovely and beautiful story and TOTALLLLLYYYYY DIFFERENT! Altough I don’t read Swasan FFs but do read Swasan OS coz Swaragini FFs are at INFINITY?? Dhoondna ek azaab! But this one is the best concept … at least for me? U said that u shld learn frm me but I feel opposite u are sooooooo good??Like I love it?? Prologue par yeh haal hai toh episodes par toh…?
    Keep writing with a smile on your face?
    Love u! {And can v be friends?}

    -Zuha Fatima

    1. Offo….mar jaawan main gud khaake…itti tareef? Haye….maar daala….qatilana tareef thi yeh to…?….khair….nhi nhi mujhse na seekho…main bohot badi idiot hu?….ye dimaag mein aata rehta hai….jo mann mein aata hai likh deti hu….aur good luck ke liye tysm!!??

      1. Zuha Fatima

        Nahi nahi marna mat plz??If u will die how will we get such awesome stories??
        Chalo serious wali baat
        U know what I also think the same,for writing u dont need anything except a pen and paper and let the magic of ur imagination spell, after all dimag to hai na?Lolz??
        Well post soon dying to read it!
        Love ya!


  15. Arshdeep

    Hey… Are you a human whose is going to turn 13 or an Angel???

    This time again a chance meeting with your ff.. Mind it.. not in recent posts but in recent comments this time.? And as my eyes glanced on the name “Laddoo”..? I was like yess she is back?? and offcorse i hurried myself over here and hopefully not a late comment this time. And yeah i read it twice..especially the part where you were thanking me??

    Aww thank you so much i never expected this gratitude.?? Surprises are always wonderful..? I am still asking myself..”Paka wo meri hi baat kar rhi h na..??” Hehe..??

    And today i felt reading the prologue i wasnt wrong earlier too. You are genius.? Amazing intro..?? And i am really excited for the story and Thanks a lot you are gonna post the first episode on 24th July as i am having my final exam that day and then i will be freeee..?? Great gift to me by you han..? Thank youu???

    Some more clues for the song pleasee????

    And and and as i said i am not a swaragini follower but i believe reading your story will make me fall in love with “Swasan” too❤

    God bless you laddoo???
    Looking forward for the episodes?? Seems very interesting?

    1. Really…each tym u praise me I hv no words of thanking u….u r truly so good….well good is a wrong word though….arey meri ek hi Arshu di hai…hazaar thode hi hai?. I was talking of u only…and clues for the song…ok it was released in the yr 2013…nd m not an angel for sure….m a human being only….ya u can nickname me as an angel for sure?. Bas keep reading, keep supporting, keep loving that’s all I need….till then all the best for ur exams and love u??

      1. Arshdeep

        Is the song from Aashiqui 2 movie? Random guess as the movie released in 2013?
        Aww my cute Angel❤ Love you too? And thank you for the best wishes?

    2. No more hints….but wrong answer??….keep guessing…song name will be revealed in 5th epi…

      1. Arshdeep

        Omg thats so late???

        Just one more hint. Is it a very emotional sad song or what???

  16. Sayeeda

    kya tarref karun main tumhari ….u deserve more than appreciation…
    Amazing… intro.. awesome… loved it..
    U r so talented ….whether in ur stuides whether in ur writing u r doing fab..
    U wanted me to hire u as my PA but dear I wanted u to appoint me as ur PA …though I’m not as good as u but I promise I will never disappoint u ..promise… pinky promise ..
    Love u ..

    1. Hey bhagwaan!!!! Tch tch tch….di aap meri PA kahan se banengi? Mujhe banna hai aapka PA…aap mujhse kai guna behter likhti hai….I mean abhi prologue padhje hi sabki itti expectations badh gayi hai ….aage aage thoda behter likhna hoga….uff itta pyar mujhpr barsaya jaa rha hai….bas khuda ne mujhe ye itta achha tohfa diya hai aur kya chahiye? Bas tab ta, ke liye allah haafis and love u too??

  17. Angel_pari

    Seriously!!!!!!! What should i say nothing is left for me to say as everyone has said everythng already…….

    I,ll jst say tht u r amazinggggggggg superb yar u hv a great future as writer sachi muchi 😀 i love the way u write….., and ur ideas are always unique….. I,m eagerly waiting for ff

    and yeah all the best for exams……..

    And congo for the 83 cmnts itna acha os tha toh hit to jana he tha na sweeto……

    God bless u lots of love 🙂 🙂

    1. Ty soo soo soo soo sooooooo much Pari di….u r always a sweetheart….ur comments are alwyas so welcoming and overwhelming….thanku for this immense support….u all like my ideas that’s all I need….just keep supporting me and keep reading my silly stupid writings??

  18. Ameera

    Hi laddoo, the prologue was just awesome. And u r really an amazing writer. U r really gifted. And Ur age 12+, I seriously can’t believe it. Ur stories and concepts r fantastic. The way u describe ur stories, I don’t know how u do it. u r seriously one of the best youngest writer we have on tu.And I have read Ur os and everything.
    Ur just fantastic. Wish u were my own sis, would have loved to have a sis like u but sadly don’t have one. I could go on like this. And dear seriously u r the best . I wish u to have a great futue ahead and always stay blessed and stay happy. And can we be friends. All the best for Ur exams. Love u. Loads of hugs and keep smiling

    1. Arey…I am ur sis….all my frnds are my sisters na….and OMG….what appreciation ya…such a lovely comment….thanku so much dearie….it means a lot to me…??

  19. SidMin

    Loved it Laddoo you are actually an amazing writer
    All the best for your exams I am sure you will rock them
    Love you chumzz ke sabse choti member
    Me being the next

    1. Mili di…u also commented? OMG…ho kya rha hai…good name di…chumzz ki sabse chhoti member??…and thanku….nhi bol rhi hu….seedhe love u???

  20. Shanayasharma

    Hey ishu… U dont mind me calling u that right??? The prologue was really really good…. U r a great writer…sorry I lost touch with u but I am back…. Waiting for ur next update…. Lots of love..

    1. Arey everyone calls me ishu…y not u di? And I read ur os…sorry I couldn’t comment…thanku so much di…for liking it…lots of love to u too di…

  21. Saby

    Ladooooo Japan
    Inspiring yaar…. Must say a bakbak queen like uh only can express so well….. I m still confused with the song dear….. Not able to guess no hint given by uh not fair…..
    But the concept the prolounge its awesome….. Ur ff will b my first non twinj ff which I will read…. Do post soon and reveal the song yaar… This curiosity is killing me……. Uh know na curiosity kills the cat….
    Do uh want me to be killed??? No na….
    Then do unfold I mean reveal the song sooooooooon………
    Loooooooveeeeeee uhhhhhhh sooooo muchhhhhhh?????

    1. Saby

      Oh spell check problem it made jaan to Japan….. Soo shoo…….
      Ooops no sorry no sryyy…
      Dekh men’s sorry nahi bola ha….?

    2. Firstly…u r not a cat…u r a cutie pie rabbit??….secondly name of song???this is what…understand the rest….thirdly…woww…first non twinj ff….party to banti hai….and finally…..I love u more??

  22. I still believe u r better than novelists as u write so well

    1. Aww…thnku so much di??

  23. Vyshu10

    amazing…. I guess u r naughty in nature and i find it so cute…chotu sis

    1. Naughty??…What made u think so di?….haha….if it is cute then ok…and thanku for liking it…

      1. Vyshu10

        The way u express ur thoughts and feelings in the beginning and at the end made me think that u r a very bubbly,naughty, chirpy girl….its really cute

  24. Shatakshi

    Finally laddoo
    I read ur ff
    Its like….what the hell r u writing… U even know that
    U r just to be 13 n….God I m hell shocked…
    It was too good laddoo
    N yes can u do me a favour…
    After posting the ff can u please pin it on my wall so that I can read it regularly… As I dont visit swaragini page…
    I know we r twins but one thing it differs that I m a great twinj n Sidmin fan….n the biggest Sidhantian…
    But never mind…it was Amazing❤❤❤

    1. Oh my God….finally my sister has read my ff! Wohoo! *does a little dance* U jus scared me di when u said What the hell I was writing….then I read ahead. And I will always pin it on ur wall….pkka….ab di twins mein har baat same thide hi hoti hai…..ek baat alag hui to kya….twins to tab bhi hai??….nd thankuu soooo much di….love u di???

  25. Sunehri

    Wow that’s amazing ladoo 🙂 nice one 🙂

    Love u

    Sunehri mehta ♡ ♡

    1. Thanku Sunehri di….love u too??

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