That One Song- A SwaSan FanFic (Chapter 5)


21st August 2016
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RECAP: Song revelation and hero’s entry!
Today’s Chapter: Nok Jhok to Hatred!
——-Chapter 5——-
If not love then what?

Swara’s P.O.V.

“So u both know each other?” Lucky bhai asked.
“Nah…I had bumped into him just a while ago, that’s all. Now, now, plzz don’t tell me that he is the same Sanky.”
I shut my eyes tightly and started murmuring some prayers. Gosh! What was this!

“Unfortunately meri saali saahiba, I have to tell you that this is the same Sanky.”
“Bhai! Stop it for heaven’s sake!”
The same voice! Ugh…only if he stopped speaking. I was going weak on my knees on listening to his voice.
“So, Sanky means crazy, right? My real name is Sanskaar. Now tell me its meaning.”
“M s-so-sorry Sanky…oops…I mean Sanskaar. I didn’t know it was you. Uh…can I be granted forgiveness?”
“Only if u tell me the meaning of my name.”
“Jiju, u told me ur brother is a topper, rgt?” I asked, getting annoyed. His voice was, oh, so mesmerising! But who knew that he could be so irritating!
“And he doesn’t even know the meaning of his own name.” I finished.
“Sho…I mean Miss Swara. Even you are a topper, you should know the meaning, looks like you don’t. Tch tch tch tch…what kind of toppers exist in today’s world?”

Sanskaar’s P.O.V.
(Finally my Sanky is gonna share his P.O.V.
Love uh…my heartbeat!?)

“What kind of toppers exist in today’s world?” I asked, teasing her.
Well, this is kind of a test! I love testing people whom I meet, I get to know more about them. See, if she complains to this, matlab beta she is very short tempered. Let’s see what happens!
“Exactly my dear! What kind of toppers exist in today’s world! Toppers like you!”
She took it as a sport…phew! The other girls at school, they were so irritating! And unluckily, all of them, the irritating ones, they drooled over me! Ah, heat is in the air!

“So, Sanskaar means manners, something which you don’t possess. Happy to know the meaning of your own name? Well well, please may I have the honour to get to know how a great topper like you knows my name?”
“Bhai told me. He often keeps on telling me about you and Bhabhi, I have met Bhabhi, but I never saw you, but when I saw you addressing him as Jiju, I knew at once that you were the girl! And dare not to say that I don’t possess manners without knowing me.”
“That is okay, Sanky! But, why did you scream out in shock on seeing her?” Bhai and Bhabhi asked, almost at the same time.

Shit! They asked this question! Why? Oh why why why? What should I answer them now? Because I never thought that my Bhabhi’s sister would be the same girl I dashed into? That same girl who almost stole my heart, only that I snatched it back! Uh, I don’t like falling in love, I have no belief in love and all, and I guess I am not of that age to be in relationships and all! Well, I think I’m taking it too far, lemme return to my normal mastikhor mood!
“Well Bhabhi, after seeing such a diva like you, I never thought that your sister would be so, you know na, ahh…’mean so you know, I can’t find the word…yess! So like a dracula!”

Swara’s P.O.V.

He said…dracula…
My eyes welled up at that. Since birth, the scar on my left cheek, just a small one, below my left ear, has led me to getting called as a vamp, sometimes a dracula. I could see my eyes brimming with tears. Damn! Why always me? Whenever someone would say like this, Aarav would always protect me, but today…where are you Aarav? I need you! I quietly wiped my wet eyes somehow. I didn’t want to show my weakness to everyone.

“Scars always show bravery. If I look like a dracula…then…”
I couldn’t continue more. Ragu di understood the complete situation.
“Lucky, explain your bhai not to say anything against my sister.” Ragu di told Lucky bhai with pleading eyes.
Even Lucky bhai understood the situation. He took Sanky away to some corner. I started crying like a newly born baby does when it’s hungry. Why are weaknesses always criticised? Gosh! How will I do my paper now? I need either of the three things- music, sweets or Aarav.

Koi nahi tere sivaa mera yahaan
Manzile hai meri….

Aarav! Oh my! That’s why he’s my best friend! How well does he understand me!

Swara’s P.O.V. Ends

*Telephone Conversation*

S: Aarav!
A: You were weeping.
S: No Aarav! Don’t be silly!
A: Stop lying to me!
S: Why are you shouting?
A: I am shouting? Do you even realise that in just half an hour your exam is about to commence? Sara wished you yesterday only. Thank God I called you up now. I knew at the moment you took my name that how desperate you were to speak to me. What do you think of yourself?
S: Aarav! Already I’m so upset and you are scolding me! Do you even know how low I’m feeling?
A: Tumhara kuch nhi hone wala! Okay, okay, won’t scold you now! Now stop crying! STOP CRYING!
S: Stopped baba! Stopped!
A: That’s like my Shona Mona!
S: It’s Shona.
A: See, if you don’t stop being upset, I won’t stop calling you by this name, okay Shona Mona?
S: Do you know why I am upset?
A: Dekh, ekk to ho sakta hai ki someone made fun of your musical talent.
     Agar aisa hai then I’m ready to break the person’s face.
     Aur dusra ho sakta hai ki again someone called you a dracula or a vamp.
     Abb bata, dono mein se kaunsa?
S: The second one.
A: I don’t understand, ekk scar hi toh hai…why do they call you dracula for this? Well, who was that person?
S: Jiju’s brother, Sanskaar.
A: Sanskaar…Sanskaar Kapoor?
S: You know him?
A: Yeah, he follows me on Insta.
S: Hahahaha…why would he follow you on Insta? Gosh Aarav, you can be too funny at times!
A: Shona Mona! I ain’t lying! Nahi toh surname kya wo mere kaano mei batake gaya hai?
S: Ok, Ok. You know I almost fell for him today, but he proved that boys are all just the same.
A: Ahem Ahem!
S: Haan haan, there are exceptions like you. But he…ugh…idiot!
A: Chalo at least you realised that those who tease you are idiots! Remember, you were, are and will always be my princess!
S: Mujhe princess bulaoge toh apni hone wali ko kya bulaoge?
A: Swara muh band! Ya…jiss cheez ke liye phone kiya tha…
BOL my Shona!
S: Aarav…I love this BOL of yours…take care…Buhbye…
A: Don’t cry…and don’t take care, coz I’m always there to take care of you!

Aarav’s P.O.V.

Fallen for whom? That Sanky Monkey? Looks ke naam pe kuda, manners kabaad mein, aur sabse mahaan baat, Swara ki choice badi hi ghatiya hai! Aye phurrr…
Waiiinnn…Swara is only mine! And what? He called her a drac? How dare he! Ahhhh! I will kill him if I get hold of him! Stupid! Idiot! Duffer! Gadha! Ullu! Aiinnn…calling my princess a drac haan!

Sanskaar’s P.O.V.

Shit! I didn’t know of her scar! Damn this silly brain of mine! M gonna hit myself hard for this! Sanskaaar!!! I hate you for this! Excuse toh kya…she looked like a drac! She was crying! I saw that glint in her eyes! Bhai told me how sensitive she is! Curse the devil! Shit shit shit shit shit! Now what am I gonna do? How to apologise to her? She must have set some wrong image of mine in her mind! Shit! Okay…no one has done any shit here! M gonna go give my paper now. But I will definitely apologise to her soon.

Swara’s P.O.V.

Paper’s over! Yayy! And it was too good! All thanks to Aarav! He’s a real sweetheart!
And when he said that he was always there to take care of me, I was seriously aww-ing!
And as for that Sanky, let him go to hell! Well, one did truly say, ‘Never judge a book by its cover and online review!’ Lol! Hey, what do I see over there? Phir se open romance? Arey Ragu di…kabhi to sharam kar liya karo!
I walked upto them.

“Ahem Ahem! Hope you both are done!”
“Saali Maharani, jab aapka boyfriend ban jayega na, tab aapka bhi aisa hi mann hoga…humesha uske sath rehne ka!” Lucky bhai said.
I saw Sanskaar approaching the three of us.
I quickly turned my face to the other side and was about to leave, but Ragu di stopped me. No. I didn’t want to face him. I don’t want to face a person so mean and rude like him! Chhee! A person who can’t respect a girl isn’t worth of any love.
“Shona, you have to face him.”
Then, came a third voice.
That was Sanskaar’s voice!



Hey my sweethearts! How are you all! You all know what? I was so happy that all of you liked my hero’s entry! I received much lesser comments, but that was bc’z many of my readers had their exams, and so, I don’t feel low at all! You all liked it, that was a lot of me!
Amu, Khushi di, Saby di…come back soon…I’m missing your comments!
Acha haan, I’m really sorry for the short update. Actually, my half yearlies are nearing, and I need to prepare myself really well for that. So, please understand my situation.
And ya, many of you were missing Aarav. Dekho, ekk hi chapter mein use nhi laayi aur missing shuru! That’s why I brought him back in today’s chapter.
Now it’s all gonna spice up! On one side, Sanky is slowly falling for Shona, Shona has slowly started hating Sanky, Aarav knows Sanky…and he can’t stand the fact that Swara had almost fallen for him, and on top of that, I hope you all have noticed Sara’s behaviour whenever Aarav gives more attention to Swara…some jealousy! And and and, Kavita bhi entry maarne wali hai bohot jaldi! So love triangle nhi, square nhi, love pentagon hai! Enjoy enjoy!
Well, I told some of you, that you all are not gonna like Sanky’s character for long. Well, that’s solely true. I love you Sanky, but it’s needed for my ff.
And, what do you all feel after reading about Swara’s scar? Well, I wanted to give a social message through this. People should never be judged through their outer beauty. Beauty is something which arises from the soul. And a scar or two never decided, and will never decide how humble a person is, or how successful a person will be.
Acha guess what? That day Anjali di asked for the link of my ff! I was so excited! I was jumping jumping jumping! She’s sucha great writer, and I love her vocab skills!
And Ashu di…you are sucha sweetheart! I love you sooooo much! You just so surprised me!
And ya ya ya…that RagSan fan bashed my ff also!?
And what a reply I gave her?! Without using any abusive words, I gave her the correct reply, and I thank allll of you who you stayed by my side. Thanku sooooo much! Muaah?!
Shalu di…again a surprise seeing you! I got you as a new reader! And I really love you a lot! And remember, I’m always available for you!
Kruti di…I never thought that you would read all four chapters of mine in a single go! That was really so sweet of you! I love you?!
Prakriti…my princess! I really love you re! There’s no one like you!
And yes, those whose names I did not take, they are even more special to me. Coz they are ppl whose names don’t need to be taken, their names are in my heart always❤!
And, I recently faced a split with my best friend, and only I know what happened! I cried for three long hours, and faced a severe headache, a seriously severe one! And all of you stayed by my side! All of you supported me, specially you, my Prakriti!
Now, we are together again…phew!
And yes, for all the TwiNj fans who read my ff. Well, there are numerous people who comment on my ff’s, and you won’t find them commenting on any other SwaSan ff’s. That’s coz they are TwiNj fans, and my ff is most probably the first one they ever read. I am a TwiNj fan, other than being a SwaSan fan, and they all love me so much, that they read my ff!
And and and, I need your suggestions for the upcoming chapters. Though I have something in mind yet I wanna know what you all want to see in the next chapters.

I guess aaj kuch zyada hi bol dala…
Toh Allah Haafis, Namaste, Tata Bye Bye!
Par…………..Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna…??
I love alllllll of uuuuu!??????

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    and han koi bash kare ya tang kare toh m ujhe batana main uski watt lga dungi aise kaise koi meri sis ko tang kar sakta hai voh haq sirf mera hai..haha just kidding dear…

    love u dear plz post the next one soon darling
    love u so so so much

    1. Khushi di…
      I am absolutely fine! Aur aapka comment dekhke toh I am supa dupa good!
      Aur ye kya mafi wafi ka chakkar hai? Aapne padha isn’t that enough? Aur di…u won’t say sorry again…bass promise me!
      And di….m not chhota packet…poori family mein sabse lambi hu…bade dhamake ka pata nhi…shayad bhagwaan ne brain mein thoda kuch extra daal diya hoga?
      Aur maine keh diya hai already ki main kya khati hu?
      Bass aap bhi biscuits aur chocolates kha liya karo?
      Pr nhi……aap mese behter likhte ho…
      Haan baba abb no missing…thank God u r here!
      Haan haan only u have the right to tangofy me?
      I mean aap mko humesha tang kr skte ho…never a prob?
      Love u sooooooo much di?

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