That One Song- A SwaSan FanFic (Chapter 4)


14th August 2016
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RECAP: Flashback of childhood.
Today’s Chapter: Dhak-Dhak Dhak-Dhak…
The heart-throb is finally here?
One month leap.
Song revelation.
——-Chapter 4——-
The Kapoor Brothers

***One Month Leap***

Pehle kabhi na tune mujhe gham diya
Phir mujhe kyun tanha kar diya
Guzaare the jo lamhe pyar ke
Humesha tujhe apna maan ke
To phir tune badli kyun adaa
Yeh kyun kiya
Kabhi jo baadal barse
Main dekhu tumhe aankhein bharke
Tu lage mujhe pehli baarish ki duaa
Tere pehlu mein reh loon
Main khud ko paagal keh loon
Tu gham de ya khushiyan seh loon

Swara’s P.O.V.

Music. My world. My life. These three are synonyms. Music is my everything, I know that you already know that. Mom and Dad never forbade me from pursuing music as a career, but I know how much they want me to become an established, successful doctor. This one song, I’ve been humming since the past one month. Not humming actually, but singing. People say that this song is perfect. They further say that this song is the best for any breakup situation. I don’t feel so. Don’t know why, though. It’s said that music is nothing widout the feel. I solely agree. I have felt the pain, the emotions, the love, the happiness, in every song I’ve heard, but this song is so different. I just can’t feel anything in this song. No wonder it is sung by my favourite singer cum idol, Shreya Ghoshal. This song, whenever I listen to it, I feel no emotions, I just sit dumb and listen carefully to it, trying to find something. And that something is far from my reach. I’ve felt pain in almost every breakup song, then why only this one doesn’t work? I shared it with Ragini di. To my bad luck, Aarav is at his grandmother’s place, while Sara is on a family vacation. I had no one other than Ragu di to share this with.

“Sweeto, you’ve not fallen in love as yet. When Laksh broke up with me, I understood how perfect the song is, though we’re together again.”
“If that is the lone reason, then why does it not happen with any other song?”
“This song is special. Leave it and sleep now. Don’t forget that tomorrow is your entrance test.”
“Okay. G’night. ‘Dreams.”
Maybe she was right. I lied down on the bed, trying to gather some sleep. It just wasn’t possible. Sleep and my eyes were the same as like poles, they would never meet, always repel. I lied down, dreaming with my eyes open and I had to doze off, my exams are too crucial for me, more crucial than any 75% OFF sale for a shopaholic even!

Ragini’s P.O.V.

This girl, Swara, true that she’s my sister, but she’s two worlds apart from me.
She is a girl drenched in the world of music. She is really skilled at it, I must say. She hasn’t received any training, though. She can identify any song from the first chord that is struck. She experiences the feel in every song she hears. I myself can’t understand what game is this song playing with her. She asked me this question. I myself am incapable of answering her question. I know how much she wants to pursue music as a career. I chose my ambition over my parents’ wishes, so she is fulfilling their wishes. This song is gonna change her life. I can bet on it. She hasn’t slept, I know. She never gathers sleep without listening to her favourite lullaby. She’s a grown up and she listens to lullaby, that’s what you are thinking, aren’t you? Well, that’s what my Shona is like. We both share a bonding, such that people should rather call us the soul sisters. Well, that’s what we are. She’s the best sister, the best daughter, the best, oh the best of everything she is. It’s time for me to sleep. It’s her entrance test tomorrow, and I’m the one who is more worried for it, coz I know, she’s never tensed for her exams! My weirdo Sista…!

Swara’s P.O.V.

Wishing a very good morning to the sleepyhead! Phew! Finally I woke up! It’s already 7 30! Ahhhh! I’ve gotta reach the centre by 9! I have to brush my teeth, take a bath, select a proper dress, make a proper hairdo, collect the necessary stuff, take Ma-Baba’s blessings, argghhh!!! This is hectic!

Before I knew, I was ready! Well, Swara Bose getting ready in half an hour, is something next to impossible! Cmonn, everyone knows I dnt take less than an hour to complete my getup. Nevertheless, sometimes changes are necessary. I climbed down the stairs, faster than ever before, and greeted Ma-Baba. I could easily sense a glint of tears in their eyes.
“Ma, Baba, it’s not my bidaai! U both are weeping, aren’t u? Why in the world Ma?”
“No Shona, nothing like that. It’s just that we were…”
Mom couldn’t speak more so Baba continued.
“Shona, u sure u wanna do this? We know beta how much u want to pursue music as a career…”
I frowned at that. This question was asked to me each morning. I mean just yesterday they asked me this question! Every single day this question was asked to me, and I never imagined that they would ask this question on the day of my exam! And they say of pursuing a career in music as if it is very easy, and that all directors would run after me, believing that I was Lata Mangeshkar! I was just fed up of all this now.
“If you both don’t stop asking this question, I’ll break all ties with music!”

Well, only I knew how I could utter these words. Breaking all ties with music is no less than a sin for me, a crime for me. I could very well understand how shocked they were at my sudden words, the words which I couldn’t utter even in my wildest dreams. Never  had they ever thought that I would say something like this. There was shun silence for a while until Raguu entered the scene.
“Why is this silence here? Don’t tell me you both again aksed her that question!”
She said these lines, understanding the situation. Ah, whose sister is she? Mine, ovio! That’s why she’s so intelligent! But, but, wait! What if Ma Baba tell her about my reply? Noooooo! I dnt want to die so quick! Shit! Swara…..!
“We did, but her reply was unexpected. Sorry Shona, we won’t ask this again.”
I realised that they were really sorry. I shouldn’t have said all those lines. Uhh, my weakness that is; blurting out whatever comes into my mind and then repenting. I seriously needed some soft and slow music to pacify me.
“Sweeto, come have this sweetened curd. I know u need some music at the moment. But, don’t forget that for u sweets and music are the same.”

She was right. I love anything sweet in taste and anyone having a sweet nature. The curd really pacified me. That’s why I love Ragu di! I went up to my parents and hugged them tightly, apologising to them. Baba stroked me hair and wished me goodluck, kissing me on my forehead. This third eye kiss always awakened the passion and energy inside me. And that’s why I love Baba the most! And I may have a Prince Charming soon, but Baba will always be my King! Love you Baba!

Ragini’s P.O.V.

Whatever Shona said wasn’t right. I had heard it from the kitchen. I just didn’t want to let her know of this. She’s a topper and I want her to succeed in this examination as well. I accomapnied her till the examination centre. I could sense her nervousness easily.
“Come on Shona! U r a topper! Stop being nervous!”
“I-I’m n-not.”
Her voice cracked. She avoided eye contact with me. Stupid girl! Hiding things from her sista!
“You can lie to almost everyone but me, meri jaan.”
She pulled my cheeks. And why did she do so? Oh, this girl can be so damn confusing sometimes!
“I know that! Afterall, aap meri mahaan behen jo hai! Waise…Lucky bhai will be there, no? Whey….his brother is also giving the entrance test, isn’t he? I don’t even know his name, neither have I ever seen him, introvert types he is, right?”
“Shonaa…u r getting naughtier day by day! Well, Lucky’s bro’s real name even I don’t know. I have met him once, but we never had a proper intro! Hehe….Lucky calls him Sanky…”
“Sanky…? Weirdo! What if he is really a sanky? Imagine di, ur devar ji in a mental asylum! Won’t that be cool?”
“Cool? My foot! Ms. Bak-Bak, if u can turn ur attention frm ur blabbering for a sec u’ll find that we’ve reached.”
“Uh-oh! Let’s make a move!”

Swara’s P.O.V.

What is this place? A dungeon? Shit! The fact that I’m coming to this place is all crap. Oops…sry sry…sry Saraswati Ma…I’ll not say so again! I looked up, only to see Ragu di hugging Lucky bhai as if she hadn’t seen him for yrs. I scoffed as usual. I never understood what love is, and open romance…uhh!
“They call it love!”

I heard a sweet angelic voice singing these words into my ears. I turned around to see the person. Oh, forgot to mention, it was a manly voice. I turned around but he was so close that I actually bumped into him. He held my elbow and made me stand straight. I looked up to see the face of this man. Forget face, his eyes were enough for me. I got lost in them, simply lost, really ya, one wouldn’t find me even in this universe until they shook me really hard.

Koi nahi tere sivaa mera yahaan
Manzile hai meri to sab yahaan

Why did this song start playing all of a sudden? What connection did this song have with this mystery man? Wait wait…that was my phone ringing! Hehe…it’s not the same kismat connection always. We composed ourselves. I excused myself from him n went to pick up the call. Unfortunately, it was the Airtel services disturbing the first eyelock of my life…not any normal one, but the deepest and the most intense one can ever share. I stood there cursing them under my breath. I saw Ragu di approaching me.
“Whom is my sister cursing? ”
“THE GREAT Airtel Services!”
She chuckled at that. I saw Lucky bhai approaching the two of us.
“Heeelllloooo jiiijuuuu…”
I said, pulling his cheeks. Ragu di scolded me playfully while Lucky bhai chuckled.
“So my sali maharani is here for her exam? Wait…even Sanky is here. Beware haa…even he is a topper! U never know when the tables turn!”
“Lucky…” Di gave him an angry stare, while Lucky bhai gulped in fear.
“Jiju, is ur bhai really Sanky? Why don’t u send him to a mental asylum?”
I laughed out loud…but stopped as soon as I heard a voice from behind, just the same as the voice I had heard before, of the mystery man.
“If my nickname makes u feel m a real sanky, then what will my real name make u feel?”
I turned around and the same thing took place. Just imagine! The same thing, oh with a li’l change for sure. I turned around and just dashed into him, as he was even closer to me this time. He held me by my waist. Those same dark eyes, the same intense smile, the same longing gaze, my vision was blurring when reality struck me and I screamed out.
We both spoke out in shock.



Hello sweethearts! My darlos! How are you all? Main to supa dupa good hoon!
Hwz the chap? I wrote longer than ever.
How was the song? Did u all like my song selection? Now, keep wondering that how this song will change Swara’s life!
And coming to my hero, Swara’s hero, in fact, every1’s hero, how did u all like his entry? U all liked it, or no?
See, I worked very hard for this chapter, and I expect many comments in today’s chapter, though I know that I won’t get more than 20 comments.
Achha haan…yaad aaya…DO NOT forget to have a look at the complete look of today’s chap’s cover pic on my page…I have really worked very hard for the cover pic…plzz do have a look at it here…


Acha ek aur baat, some RagSan fan is continuously bashing us SwaSan writers. So, I request all writers, not to pay heed to them, and to continue with their ff’s.
And yes, another new thing has started nowadays, of accusing people that they copy work.So, before only, I clarify this, that this is my original piece of work, as m not on WattPad or IndiaForums, and I hate people who lie, copy or cheat. So, dare someone blame me for that.
And why I chose this song, I’ll tell later, okay?
Anyways, keep reading, keep supporting, and I love u all!??

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