That One Song- A SwaSan FanFic (Chapter 3)


7th August 2016
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RECAP: The Apologising Trilogy.
Today’s Chapter: Flashing Back.
—–Chapter 3—–
Happy Friendship Day

Swara’s P.O.V.

And there we stood on the Howrah Bridge, watching the Sun go down. That was a sight to be captured. We never realised that the day ended so quickly. Life can either be a boon, or a curse. And it all depends on the way one looks at it. Nothing in this world is horrible till u look at it with your own eyes, and not with the eys of others’ words. And for me, life could have been a real curse, if I wouldn’t have met Aarav and Sara. Surely they were the two Angels in my life. The two of the only three angels in my life. They have changed my point of view, they are the ones coz of whom I’m alive and they have made my life a boon. My life could have been a serious curse, my life would have doomed. From the corner of my eyes, I could see both Aarav and Sara, deep in thoughts, same like me. We together headed towards the small tea stall, which stood in the corner of the road, after crossing the bridge. We bought one cup of tea, for each of us. And this reminded me of the fact that whenever I used to call it a cup of tea, Aarav Babaji would correct me, saying “Balike, ise kullhad kehte hai, cup of tea nahi.”

{Child, this is called ‘kullhad'(a piece from the potter’s craft), not ‘cup of tea’}
And I just used to laugh at the mere fact of that.
I could sense that all three of us were in a flashback, flashing back into different points of time in our past, though. And that was when even I decided to fly back into my past.

Sara and I, we both were childhood besties. We were together, in the same section, since when we were in kindergarten. We were, perhaps, the most popular duo in the whole school. And adding to all of this, was that our names, more or less, seemed like names given to twin sisters. And, trust me, we, even looked like identical twins. Almost the same height, same length of hair, same complexion, same weight….BUT! But, yes, that’s where the question arises….but! Our choices, they were completely the opposite of the other. We always used to argue at small, petty li’l issues. Every li’l thing ended up in conducting a debate between the two of us. But, she was still my princess. In fact, she is my princess. She is my princess, my sunshine! She always supported me in whatever right I did, and always scolded me like a Dadi Amma(grandmother), whenever I used to do anything wrong. We always used to spend our lunch break together. We never used to have our own tiffin, instead we used to exchange our tiffins. And one thing that enrages me like anything, was whenever others used to call her my ‘chamchi’. Well, I despised this word, and I always used to defend her. She never used to express any emotions, but I knew how much hurt she felt. It was always the two of us, until one day.

Grade 7, brought a turning point in my life. The class we had in grade 7, was declared as the best section. We had a lot of unity. We had a group of eight, four boys ‘n’ four girls. I knew all the other six, other than me, but not the last boy. He was a taaaallll boy. Well, even if I stood on my toes, I couldn’t reach his height. After the summer vacations, his seat was placed in front of mine. The name of the boy being, Aarav, Aarav Mehra. I remember how I used to call him Aarav Mehta, and he used to give a pissed off look to me.

That year, Sara wasn’t there with me. Her section had been changed, and I felt like the loneliest girl on the Earth. Aarav n me were never friends, truly, never. We didn’t speak to each other much. We both were singers in school, I had left the school choir while he was still in. I always used to provide him with the work he had missed out on, I didn’t know why. Slowly slowly our relation developed into a beautiful one, we became good friends. He started teaching me basketball. Games period turned out to be the best period in the whole week for me, the basketball practices used to be supa dupa good. I loved his company. I always found people instigating me against him, but I never paid heed to any of those instigations. The session end was nearing, and I realised how special he was for me.

My best friend. The years which followed, landed him in some other section always. I used to meet him in the lunch break always. The three of us, always used to spend our lunch break together. Sara never envied Aarav in this matter, but I know not why she started disliking him all of a sudden. These 5 years have brought us closer. We just passed out from school, the entrance tests are gonna start in a short span. In these five years, one thing I’ve understood is that me n Aarav share the purest bond on Earth. And about Sara, we don’t share any bond, coz we both are a single soul.

Aarav’s P.O.V.

Swara. She entered my life like an unnoticable change, but she brought about the biggest change in my life. I was always a shy and introvert type of a person. Throughout grade 7, we were good friends, but she soon made me her best friend. I always used to think why she made me her best friend. She has always been with me through thick n thin. When I lost my parents, she was the one who consoled me, she was the one who explained me what life is. She used to bring food for me, she used to counsel me. Why did she ever step into my life? My life is full of hardships. She never needed to know what hardships ever mean. She is a very delicate person. She’s the softest petal of the first flower that blooms each morning. And not only this, she’s courageous enough. She’s like that one raindrop which has the courage to bring a rainbow, which has the courage to pass through the Sun’s heat. We sing together always. One of the most popular bands in school. The SAS. That’s what we kept our band’s name. So u see, m stuck between the two S’s. Swara is the most beautiful soul the Almighty ever created.

I am blessed to have her in my life. And I pray for her safety, I pray for her well being, and I pray for her success each night, not praying about myself. And I know that she does the same. She’s a selfless girl. She has faced so many deceptions in life. But, still she has been strong, her heart is soft enough to forgive deceivers. Today she just scared me out of my skin. If she feels hurt when I hurt her, I feel more hurt than her. Once she even told me that she wants to suicide. And I was like WTF! I hate it when she speaks of death. My khullhad is empty. It has been long I’ve been thinking of her.

Sara’s P.O.V.

The less I speak of Swara, the better it is. My princess, my angel, my everything. Can u imagine? 13 years of friendship. 13 years of sisterhood. Thirteen-Years. I love her. When it comes to her, I never have words to speak. Right now also, while drinking tea, I’m thinking of her, but I know not what to think. Her nature, her habits, her emotions, her everything. I really love her. All three of us are in deep thoughts right now. It is seven. Seven in the evening. From eleven in the morning till seven in the evening, I know nothing of time when m with her. When Aarav entered her life, I felt she has forgotten me, and I knew that she had sensed my insecurity. So, she started spending more time with us. I love her from the bottom of my heart, and so does she. May we both always be bound in this friendship, in this love.

Swara’s P.O.V.

“Ahem ahem!” I coughed.
“U both may come out of ur flashback’s as I have done.” I continued.
“Don’t tell me that even u were in a flashback.” Aarav said.
“Well, I was!” I confessed.
“I wasn’t.” Sara lied.
I narrowed my eyes at this and we burst out in laughter.
“Oh crap!” I shrieked.

“Now what new problem?” Sara asked.
“Today is friendship day u idiot!” I said.
We three had completely forgotten about it. We headed towards McDonald’s, as it was near to the Howrah Bridge, and had our party time. Li’l did I know that my life was soon going to take a drastic change.




Sorry na. Achha sorry. Sholly. Sholly sholly sholly.
The chapter would get too long if I revealed the song in today’s chapter. M really sorry regarding that. On top of that, I received just 17 comments for my prev chapter. 33 to 26, then 26 to 17. I feel that my FF is not worth it. Today’s chapter was very boring, I know. I didn’t like it at all. I hope in the next chapter I will have a bunch of comments as it will have two two surprises. One toh will be the song’s revelation, for sure. And what about the other? Keep guessing, keep guessing.

A very Happy Friendship Day to all of you. To every single person on TU. I really love u all and thanks a pile to my cosistent supporters. Still angry? How many tyms should I say sorry? Acha listen, I wrote this chapter in a hurry, so it ain’t that good. Next chapter will really be a dhamaka, I swear. Till then, TaTa Bye Bye and I love all of u?!

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  1. SidMin

    Laddoo Loved it even though you did not reveal the song in the episode I found it to be cute talking of friendship and childhood friends Just love them coz they are the ones with whom you make a bond without an conditions or hidden motive Loved the episode
    Love you Happy friendships day 😉

    1. Thankuu sooooo much Mili di…
      Honestly, I felt that today’s episode was boring but u fekt that it was good. Thankuu so much for that. Even I feel that childhood friendship is the best. Love u di and Happy Friendship day to u too.

  2. Ria

    I don’t know whether I’m commenting the first or not but, as for now I don’t see any comments. Well, I told you to send me the link but, I was continuously visiting TU to check whether your ff was posted or not. So, as soon as it was posted I started reading.
    I won’t scare you at all today I mean in this chapter. Not today cuz I already scared you in the afternoon. Okay, so the episode was just splendid! You dare tell that it was bad. I legit loved it.
    Loads of love.???
    Your Ria di.

    1. Oh my God Ria di, u r sucha sweetheart. One’s definitely gotcha believe that u r a real darling. U r were checking TU for my FF? That’s something that no one’s ever done. It’s really sweet of u to have done that, and yah, thankuu for not scaring me?
      Okay…m not saying that it was bad, happy? U lived it and I loved the fact that u loved it.
      Love u tons,?
      Your Bak Bak

  3. Its Amazing My laddoo Di…No need to do Uthak Baithak…Really Di It was superb…My eyes are filled with tears by seeing their friendship…You are an amazing writer Di…Don’t feel bad due to comments…Di I am already saying Don’t take the name of ending your ff…Otherwise situation will be worse for you…I hope you get it…
    Acchha Bye and Take care…
    Love u loads my laddoo Diiii….

    1. Happy Friendship Day Di….

      1. And Happy Friendship Day to u too…love u…

    2. Haye…
      Meri Prakriti mujhe dhamkee de rhi hai!!! Aaj kal ke bachhe kitti jaldi bade ho jaate hai???
      Jokes apart, m not doing any uthak baithak, happy? And I made u cry or what? Aww…ur laddoo di is sorry for that. I’ll not feel bad due to comments sweetie, okay? And haa, m not ending the ff, take a chill oill. I don’t want any worse situations in my life?
      Take care darlo,
      Love u piles,
      Ur Laddoo Di.

  4. Saby

    Ichuuu meli jaan….
    Seriously that was not a boring one…
    In fact it was so expressive…
    The feelings the emotions of frnds…
    Uh portrayed so well… As uh always do
    Epic yaar….
    This was seriously a frndshp wala episode…
    Loved it… ?
    Love uh too….
    And happy wala frndshp day

      Saby di, dyu have any idea how happy I m today? I always wanted this word ‘epic’ in my comments. Di, ye sachhi mein happy wala friendship day hai. Thankuuu sho much di….I love u shooooooo muchhhhh….muaahhh muaaah muaahhh???

    1. Thanx!

  5. Arshdeep

    That was Beautiful?? Such a lovely bond? And reading those flashbacks reminded me of my school friends❤ I loved the episode..the flashback..their childhood memories?

    Once again Happy Friendship Day Laddoo?
    God bless you?

    And about Double Dhamaka i am feeling one is obvio the song revelation and another one “Sanskar’s entry” Am i right????

    1. My Arshu di is sucha genius!!!
      U r correct meri pyari pyari diiiii!
      The Hero’s finally gonna step into this ff of mine!
      And these flashbacks, well, shall I tell u a secret? These are cut-copy-pasted from my school days?
      These are all my school memories!
      And Happy Friendship Day to you too.
      Stay happy di, stay blessed, and I hope college life ain’t very hectic for u.
      Love u till infinity…?

  6. Ashu

    Its friendship day today!!! And a bada friendship episode!!!!! I’m impressed!!!???
    But haan!! I was excited for the song *pout*!!! But its okay!! Kabhi kabhi hota hain!!!! Ab ye sorry vorry chod na!!!

    The episode was all abt friendship, and its amazing!!! I mean it!! The strongest bond on earth!!!!???

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    1. Ashu

      And wait!!! I just realised there’s a third angel in Swara’s life!!! Who is that?

      1. Ashu di….uff! Next epi mei pakka two dhamakas…and u know which two, no? The song and….ahem ahem! Ke main hoon Hero tera….?
        And song guess kro till next Sunday. Next chappy’s definitely gonna be a superb one! I promise! And as for the third angel, di, have u forgotten that Swara has a sister as well? Ragini bhi hai na uski life mei….so it’s Ragu. And thankuuu shooo much…
        Love u a looot di…??
        Hope u rnt very busy…u had said u won’t comment on following chaps, am I hamoering ur schedule in any way? If I m, I’m sorry for that. Once again love u?

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        Haan…wo toh hain hero mera!!*blush*

        Ab tu na mere haatho mar khayegi, if u say sorry!! Apni behen ko koi sorry bolta hain kya?? And don’t worry I won’t be able to comment in ur nxt chappy!! Even if I try!! As soon as I saw ur ff I read it commented!!!

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    1. Sayu di….aap Sayu di hi ho na? OMG! Koi mko pinch kro! Yeh kya comment hai! Main itti chashni ke maare marr na jau! And me beating the best novelist of today’s era? Seriously di? Aisa bhi ho skta hai? I don’t think so….but my Sayu di is always right, u see????
      After 20 yrs….ummm….means 7th August 2036, I’ll be a renowned novelist? That’s a long tym to go! But one thing I know, I may be a novelist, I may be not, but I’ll definitely be renowned, and known by all! After all, I’ve gotta show some ppl in my life, that even I can do! Anyways, thanks a ton for sucha lovely comment! I love u shooooooo much…
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      Yaar teri language mujhe sahi mei bohoot pasand aayi…
      Gazab and jhakkas are actually my type of words??
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      Yaar u rock!
      Same haalat mera hota hai…ghar pe baithe baithe bilkul achha nii lagta…mann krta hai school bhaag jau…
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    1. Ameera

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      love u loads,
      hugs to u.
      and always remember to keep smiling ok?

      1. Aww…Amu I love u yaar…
        So many praises! Haye…I’ll die out of diabetes soon. I will reveal the song in the next chap, with another surprise as yet. And a very happy friendship day to u with lots of hugs….big big jhappis…will surely keep smiling always. Love u tons…????

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    As usual awesome dear.. Loved it .. You r younger to me.. I’m 21 so you r like my chottu sis… I’m a regular reader of your ff and plzz pardon me for not commenting.. The main reason is I don’t know to give badawala comment which u always get from other readers, so usually eventhough i thought to commrt later i withdraw that idea.. Last not but the least HFD

    1. Anu di….u don’t need to be sorry…
      U comment that’s already a lot to me….u r elder to me still u love my writing, it’s a matter of gr8 pleasure. And u write just a letter, just a word, or a full page, a comment is a comment, and all that matters to me is the priceless love bestowed upon me. I really like the fact that u commented long today, despite not knowing how to do so. Once again thanks a lot for reading, and love u.

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    1. Fida di???
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