That One Song- A SwaSan FanFic (Chapter 2)

31st July 16
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Chapter 1


RECAP: New characters and Swara weeping after singing a song.

Today’s chapter: Who will end up in apologising to whom? And why? Read ahead to know more. Happy reading!?
Chapter 2
—The Apology—

Sara’s P.O.V.

Aarav looked at me, and I looked at him. Both of us were equally bewildered. Whatever was this all happening? Swara was weeping? Oh, why in the world? And just then reality struck our heads and we spoke out in unison.
“Not again Swara,” Aarav spoke.
“When will this habit of yours say Tata Bye Bye to you?” I finished.
She chuckled at that. Phew! Finally she stopped weeping and drained her tears away. This girl would never change. Out of the millions of what she called as ‘bad’ habits, she possessed, this is the worst, I swear!

Aarav’s P.O.V.

She just scared me out of my skin! Gratitude to the Heavens for reminding me of this habit of hers. A very ‘bad’ habit of hers, is that, whenever she sings a happy song she’ll start jumping, and whenever she sings a sad song, she’ll start weeping! Crazy, huh? I agree. I had almost forgotten about this habit of hers. I hugged her tightly.
“Aarav, if I die out of suffocation, I toh will be very happy, coz I will fly away from this world. But, just for once do think about urself. U know what I mean? A full lifetime in prison!”
She wanted me to release the hug. She could have said that straightaway. Why the hell did she always have to speak of death? I released the hug and looked towards the other side, with fury and rage burning inside me. Previously, I was so contented that she spoke of dying for me. But dying because of me is something unacceptable!
“Now what happened to you?” she asked.
I didn’t reply.
“Aaruu…mera pyara pyara Aaruu…”
Again that silly name given by her…Aaruu! I mean does a boy ever have a girlish nickname? I hate it when she calls me by this name. And she knows that whenever she utters something I detest, I always lose my calm and shout out. Huh, smart girl! Even if I shout at her, it won’t matter to her, coz all she wants is that I should speak to her. Even I m Aarav Mehra, I won’t melt so easily my Angel!

Sara’s P.O.V.

Again this chhachhundar started his drama. Oh! How I wish he would have been an actor. Well, that’s something next to impossible, unless there’s a role for a mouse or a chipmunk! Well, I definitely won’t bear girls drooling over him! Um…I…mean…first boys should fall for me then girls should…eh! Well, for the first time in life, he is doing something sensible! I mean what is the need for Swara to speak of death each time? Ya I know Aarav was hugging her too tight, I mean so very tight, but she could have expressed it in an other way also, rgt? Now toh even I am also not talking to her! Let her bear the brunt!

Swara’s P.O.V.

Shit Swara! I mean I haven’t met a person as foolish as u before! How can sum1 be so foolish? Swara Swara Swara…grow up! U r going to be an adult soon…there are jus few months for ur 18th b’day! I mean he jus told u not to utter even a word about death! Stupid me! Dumbo me! Idiot me! Oh and for sure Zany me! Ok Aarav Mehra, if u r a sher, then m a sawa sher! If u know urself very well, I know u even better! U jus wait and watch!
“*sob* Aarav! *sob*”
No response! Oh how in the world do I forget that if I know him better than he knows himself, then he also knows me better than I know myself! And he definitely isn’t left to know that these are my fake tears! Otherwise he is the first one to wipe them away and hug me tightly. I find real solace in his arms…and I so long to hug him, and he even on knowing that won’t let me hug him! Ok, I agree to have done wrong, but he can’t punish me like this! Main bhi Swara Bose hu Mr. Aarav Mehra, u jus wait n watch!

Aarav’s P.O.V.

Sannata? Silence? Why am I feeling again and again that this is the same silence which is present jus before a tsunami strikes? What is Swara planning to do? She walked across the room and took out a piece of paper. Note business, huh? Not bad Miss Swara, this is something which I didn’t expect. Coz my Swara, I mean the Swara I know would sing a song for me…what happened today? Let’s see what my chhupi rustam does. After what seemed like long hours of scribbling, she came over and handed me the note and went out of the house! Where did she go? Sara ran after her but she showed her a hand indicating that she did not need anyone. I unfolded the piece of paper and started reading the note, and even Sara joined in.

“Remember when we both started following that dosti ka usul? When by mistake u had hit me and were continuously apologising to me and I spoke the ever famous dialogue. I guess I’ll have to break the rule today. M really sorry Aarav. I shouldn’t have spoken of death you know. I was just trying to use one of my lame jokes to lighten up the atmosphere. U know yesterday again Mom and Dad again asked me that question. I wanted to hug u so tight, but we didn’t have band practice yesterday. Even today also, I wanted to hug u. When u ruffle my hair, it feels so relieving. I promise that even if I find the love of my life, I’ll always love u more than him, always. Coz u have loved me more than Mom n Dad, u have loved me more than Ragini di, u have loved me more than Sara, and I know that u will always love me more than the love of my life ever will. U will always be my Knight in Shining Armour. M really sorry that I hurt u. I know that u despise the word ‘death’. See, today I have broken the rules also. Plzz don’t leave my hand, I beg of u, coz someone once told me,
‘Hold my hand and feel the transpire, coz it’s my heart which again wants to conspire.’

Sara’s P.O.V.

By the end of it, Aarav was in tears. Tears were gushing down his cheeks, I could sense his pain. We both know that Swara is a very sensitive and a very sentimental girl, we both were the ones more at fault, Swara wasn’t. I don’t know why but I felt a sting in my heart on seeing Aarav in that condition. We all had started at such a happy note, and see here, we were ending at such a sad one. I and kept a hand on his shoulder. He turned around and hugged me tightly. This was the first time he was hugging me. He was in real pain.
“”he fumbled.
“Sshhh!” I hushed him.
He kept on weeping away on my shoulder. I was wearing a sleeveless top, so I could sense my shoulder getting wet. I consoled him. I couldn’t help but burst out in tears. We broke apart. I wiped my tears and he wiped his and we together headed towards where Swara could be. Ah, we know where she could be, the Howrah Bridge! Yes! Where else could she be? And afterall, it was just half a kilometre from Aarav’s house. We rushed towards our destination, on a new mission, Mission Swara!
We sooned reached the bridge. Ah, there she was! Only we both know what a relief we went through on seeing her there. Aarav ran towards her and caught her by the shoulder and shook her hard. I was watching everything from far.
“What the hell do you think of yourself haan?”
“I asked u something dammit!”
*nose snapping*
A bit softer Aarav asked, “Don’t you know me? Have I ever gone cross over you? Why did you go out without telling me?”
“U didn’t stop me either.”
And with that, he pulled her in for a hug. I could feel those water droplets making way down my cheeks, the tears of happiness. After a long time of them hugging each other, I approached them.
“Forgot ur bestestest friend or what my princess?”
“Sara…m sorry yaar!”
“No need to be yaar.”
And we shared a sisterly hug. The smile on Aarav’s face was a million dollar one, I swear.
“Girls, how much longer will you both hug?”
“Ya ya, as if u hugged Swara for only a nanosecond, right Mr. Mehra?”
“Uffo! Again u both started ur Miya-Biwi fights!”
“We are not Miya-Biwi!” we spoke out in unison.
Aarav didn’t look pleased at all, but only the Good Heavens know why my cheeks felt warm!
“Aarav, u have forgiven me, no?”
“No. I haven’t.”
“U haven’t..?”
“Why did u speak of leaving ur hand? I can never imagine of leaving ur hand. U r the only one I have on Earth, Swara. After Mom Dad left me, it was u who held my hand, I didn’t.”
“And when I faced the millions of struggles, who held my hand?”
“I guess jus like ‘love birds’, there should be a term called ‘senti birds’ also. What say?” I said, lightening up the atmosphere.
“Sara ki bachhi!”
And one has truly said,
Life is always perfect when u have such best friends!



Say Hello to this bekar writer who is always there to bore everybody with her bakwaas FF! M speaking of myseldf!
Β I faced a dropdown in the number of comments u see. The prologue received 33 comments, while chap 1 received jus 26. Also, I lost some readers. Anu di didn’t comment, Sree di didn’t, and neither did Fatarajo. I was quite disappointed seeing that. But know what? Writing is my passion, and I write not for comments, but for pleasing u all. Once again, silent readers, I request u all to comment. Mind u, no forcing! Comment if u wish to.
And ya, please keep checking the cover pics of my FF, I take a lot of pain for making them. And for today’s chap’s cover pic, credit goes to Shamz di! Love u Shamz di….and thankuu sooo much for making it for me!?
Coming to today’s chap. How was it? Was it good? It was emotional, no? I was constantly weeping while writing it. The next chap will also be emotional. Another thing, this for the bashers, if u find this emotional part as crap, please DO NOT comment. As emotions and sentiments are never a crap till u are a human being. And I tried making it longer as compared to the prev one, as I upload on only Sundays. Arshu di, I added precap also, ab achhe se hans do chlo.?
Ok, so friendship day is jus a week from today, and I know not if I’ll be able to write anything for that, so I themed today’s chap for the friendship day. A very Happy Friendship Day in advance to all of you. Excited for the next chap or no? It has the song…the song which changed Swara’s life…or say…will change Swara’s life.
In today’s chap, the beginning part, ya the part which included the reason for her weeping, I know it was nonsense. Only that it is the same with me. I have the same habits as Swara u know. Weeping on singing a sad song and jumping on singing a happy song. Ah, I know I was born with some screws loose!
Anyways, stay tuned to TOS, keep loving, keep commenting and I love u all!?

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  1. Zuha Fatima

    Laddoooooo ki bachi ???? What is your problem? What do you think of yourself? Dil toh chah raha hai zor se maroon but what can I do I am your sweet little cute friend ?? I know extra self tareef?? But seriously yaar how can you say that this was not good, and how can you state it bakwas and moreover you stated yourself bakwas! Very bad! I am not talking to you!
    But I am not that bad I will not stop until I praise you and your stupendous chappy! This FF is written beautifully? and don’t be sad on decreasing comments, you write very well! And yeah my passion is also writing πŸ™‚ Keep going like this!
    Well I am back with the blast of my AsYa FF” AsYa and Huyaan : A delicate relation” but the name Is changing to, “Broken Relation Are Delicate (AsYa FF : Time to go back!)” I hope you will read it!
    Keep writing…Keep smiling….Stay blessed…Take care!
    Loads of Love sweetoo ???

    1. OMG….Zuha bhadak gayi….
      Achha ok sorry sorry…no one is bekar no one is bakwaas…m a very good writer….happy? Oh M G! Stupendous? Ah that’s a word I wanted to hear since long….thanks a ton for using it for me! And as for ur ff…I saw it in the recent comments and I was like…SHE’S BACK WITH A BLAST! Keep loving like this, stay happy, stay blessed, love u loads???

  2. Ashu

    First of all!! Hw r u??? I missed my lil doll!!

    Cmg to the chappy, I was like????????????????? all emotions at once!!! I loved it!!!

    I don’t sing much, but when I listen the songs, I get carried away with them too!!!!
    And ur writing skills…ufff!!! I just don’t have words!! You r the best!!??? Mujhe bhi sikha do na *puppy dog face* now don’t say tht I’m better than u as u always say!!! U r so so good at this!!!

    I love their friendship so much!!!??? senti birds????? I loved it!!

    Kiddo don’t worry abt the comments! Everyone won’t be able to!! U just carry on writing!!
    And I’m so so so excited for nxt part!! And more excited fr my jaan’s entry, u know who????

    Love u sweetie???
    Keep writing!!

    1. Ashu

      And let me tell u, I was waiting for ur ff the whole day, and finally a goodnight treat fr me???

    2. I mean everyone should learn praising from u??…
      I missed u too my pyari pyari di?
      And m NOT the best….U R BETTER THAN ME….as i always say…
      The Senti Birds is what my best friend calls me and my another best friend…so I just?
      Next part will be song revelation…so u have to be excited!

      And as for my or ur or perfect hai SWARA’S hero’s entry, 4th chapter!
      So m definitely gonna keep writing!
      Love u loads di??

  3. Shubhangi

    yes aa hi gaya waiting for the song & next Sunday

    1. Yupp! Next Sunday!

  4. Awesome…!! And you are not a bekar writer dude..!! It’s really nice..!! And happy friendship day in advance from my side too..!! waiting for next part…!!

    1. Thanku so much…and thanku for supporting me….it’s a matter of gr8 pleasure..?

  5. Khushi

    Laddoo ja katti main nhi baat karungi tujhse …..huh Kya kaha tune bakwas writer beta itna jhooth bologe toh maar khaoge mujhse isse bakwas kehte hai???
    Pagal hai Tu this is pure class never read such a beautiful description of friendship and don’t u dare say this is bakwas coz this is my fav ff and I don’t like people calling my choice bakwas ok??
    U better listen to me ….varna…..

    Now enough of my dhamki coming to the episode this was soo good I loved it yr superb the way to showed the bond between the three was amazing I hope that I will get friends like Sara and arav superb yr I don’t have words I have to go to school but can’t control myself from commenting so if I get late then u r the reason……just joking dear love u yr try to post ASAP … love love u

    And Han take my dhamki seriously

    1. Arey katti na ho mese…arey main jhuth nhi bol rhi…main bakwaas hu………achha ok ok NHI hu….HAPPY? Ur fav FF? Really? Wowww! Aaj mere yaar ki shadi hai….aaj mere yaar ki shadi hai…and no one is bakwaas…this ff is not bakwas….ab toh khush ho jao maate….and as for friends like Sara and Aarav….I already have friends like Sara and Aarav….and I feel really blessed to have them in my life…..and ya….I HAVE TAKEN UR DHAMKI VERY SERIOUSLY….MY FF IS NOT BAKWAAS….I AM NOT A BEKAR WRITER…AND I LOVE YOU TOO??

      P.S. When will u post ur ff?

      1. Khushi

        Yup that’s like my pyari ishu very good ……and yr I m writing it but u know the school got opened so very less time but I will try to upload tomm and it will be a kaha episode so that I could make up for the delay …love u dear

    2. Maha episode? Wowww….di I love u sooo much…take ur tym di…I know abt school…that’s the sole reason why even I m not able to post regularly….anyways…too glad to hear this….love u…?

  6. SidMin

    Ladddoo loved it
    Waiting for the next one
    Love you πŸ™‚

    1. Thanku so much Mili di…I mean I am not saying thanku to u….m saying love u to you….so ignore the thanku?….and love u?

  7. What you think of yourself Di..You call yourself as a bakwass writer…Then I think you need to go a psychiatrist to get the treatment because I think you have gone mad…Yous hould also consult a neurologist to get treatment of your nerves…Really you are mad…
    About Chappy…I will not say anything…Whole day I was searching for your ff…Finally in the morning I have got it…HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY TO U.In Advance.
    Ok Bye and love u loads.

    1. Prakriti….my sweetheart….my darling….u registered urself? That’s so very great! And as for psychiatrist….uhh my Mami is a psychiatrist….so I’ll definitely try to visit her?…..and neurologist… Mama is a neurosurgeon….so I’ll consult him also….happy? And for the chapter….sorry sweetie….the cover pic took a bit of time…so I posted at six in the evening….but this TU…it posted it at 12 in the night?….I was damn angry….and I love you too….bass ab don’t be gussa gussa…be happy happy….I don’t like my sisters being angry on me, ok? Bye bye…love u???

  8. Ameera

    hey laddoo, awesome chap. was waiting for it. and who told u are a bekar writer huh? tell ke i ak ready to punch that person right in the mouth. u are a fantastic writer. and the episode was fabulous. please post next soon. the cover pic is also awesome just like u. please post next soon. love ya.
    and a very very happy friendship day in advance from me.
    and yeah always keep smiling πŸ™‚

    1. Amu…ok ok no one told me I m a bekar writer….I myself thought so….please don’t punch me?….and thanku for calling me a fantastic writer….will try to post next asap….and u too keep smiling….love u!??

      1. Ameera

        oh no, no puches for u only hugs and kisses and loads of love. πŸ˜‰

  9. Saby

    ishu ki bachi…..
    samajti kya hai apne aapko?
    huh…. pagli kahiki…
    pehle toh itna acha likha…
    itna zyada likha…..
    and rulaya bhi…
    and at the last saying that uh r a bakwass writer……
    like seriously tere screw dhille hai…..
    itna achi writer hone k bawajud agar khudko bakwass bolegi toh mein or kya samju huh…..

    pakka maar khayegi is uh utter a word against my ichuuuu…. ka ff
    the epi was too good, emotions were expressed so well… i cn only say i cried reading it and i wanna tell uh the bond between aarav and swara is the best bond… it makes me remembr of my besty…. a person like aarav….
    oh god… wat uh did see… come and wipe my tears now… i need a strong hug now…..
    budhhu ishuuu…… keep smiling…. love uh lots…….

    1. OMG….OMG….OMG…SABU DI!!!

      Aapke comments humesha itte achhe kaise hote hai? Humesha mko pinky pinky blush karwate hai…uff…didi puchhti hai ki kaun se ladke ne propose kiya hai? Aur pagli…..wo to main already hu?…awwww….maine apni Sabu di ko rulaya? Sholly….dekh Ishani….tune apni pyari wali di ko rula diya…sharam kar….aur mere screw dheele hai ye toh maine author’s note mein hi likh diya tha?….abb main achhi writer hu ya nhi hu mko koi idea nhi hai….bass likhti rehti hu…

      And as for maar….mko maar khane ka koi shauk nhi hai….plshhh….thik hai main Ichu ke ff ke baare mein kuch nhi kahungi aur na hi ichu ke baare mein….khush? And as for Aarav, even I hv someone in life equivalent to Aarav, my best friend and I really love that person a looot…don’t worry maine jiske baare mein bataya tha uski baat nhi kr rhi hu….main kisi aur ki baat kr rhi hu….and as for tears….mera rumaal aaj gum gaya?….toh ungliyan kab kaam aayegi? Lo pochh diya abb jaldi se hanso…chlo jldi jldi….smile…ya ye hui na baat…aur ekk pyari si jaadoo ki jhappi….big hug….aur mera smile chhodo u keep smiling….and I love u too???

      P.S. I guess mko Shats di ki aadat lag gyi hai…main bhi heart use krne lag gayi hu?

      1. Saby

        That’s like my ichu….
        Dekh akhir ki na tune meri ichuu wali baat….
        Dekh mere face pe badi wali smiley aagayi…..??
        Tere reply pe…..?
        Sun akhir uh gonna reveal ur song in next epi… Means sanskar ki entry kya????
        Excitements ki height…..
        Jaldi jaldi post karna….
        Humara dil bekarar hai aapke next epi k liye????

    2. Meri Sabu di has rhi hai aur kya chahiye? Thank God has rhi hai…phew! Next epi song revelation and the one after that will show Hero’s entry??….aur humara dil bekarar hai sabke pyare oyare comments ke liye?….chlo tata bye bye hum chlte hai…homeowrk bohot krna hai….aur aise hi haste rehna aap…no gussa….love u??

  10. Hey dear its rlly awesome part…u r an amazing could u say dat u r a bad writter..rlly i flt angry..dnt say dat..u wrote so well nd i loved it…waitng fr nxt part..pls post soon…

    1. Aww…thankuu so much….thnx a ton dearie…ok I won’t say so again, happy? I will post asap…??

  11. Sayeeda

    Oyyeeee meri Icchuu agar apne aapko bakwass writer bola na toh tikh nai hoga …janti hai na tere ghar ke bagal main rehti hoon ..dhawa boldungi …smjhi ….

    U r soooooooo amazing infact best writer ….u write so well in such a small age is a big achievement in its own self ….nd I’m proud to have a sis like u ….
    Yrrrr ur episode was full on entertainment package …I really loved it ….amazing …awesome …

    U were saying to touch my feet’s …feet’s toh mujhe touch krne chahiye tumhare coz u write so well……
    Love u soooooo much my Ishu… my Icchu ….my Laddoo …

    1. Ok ok….dhawaa mat bolo….meri jaan mko kafi pyari hai….who is bakwaas? I don’t know anyone called bakwaas….I didn’t call anyone bakwaas…m very innocent….I didn’t call anyone bakwaas….trust me??

      Main kya hu? Best writer? Mazaak ki bhi hadd hoti hai….seriously!…and achievement for me is that I receive so much love from u all…nd I’m even more proud to have a sisso like YOU??
      And as for entertainment package….ekk baat maanni padegi….main hu TATA SKY….aur mera FF hai Entertainment pack….aur mere saare readers ne subscribe kr rkha hai….

      And di??…ye feet touching wala kya tha? U are 8 yrs older to me….aisa phir se mat kehna aap….I’ll kill u….for sure…??
      And if I write well, jus keep loving me….that’s all…
      And as for me, I love u more and always the most….tata bye bye?????

  12. Affaa

    Chorry I’m late…
    Bak Bak what was this haa…mind blowing….It was just chakass bindass bandooo class….hai how your doing this…I’m feeling proved such a amazing write readers my ff…ohh it’s not less than a movie level writer…
    Each and everything it’s wonderful…how your doing this…In your talk going to say you’re very talented…Masha Allah….

    Bak Bak I’m really speechless…you know what I read your episode two times…I felt bad when it finished…Please please post next part ASAP….
    Once again episode was outstanding…
    And haa don’t dare to say you’re boring…your just marvellous…

    Love you lots ….
    Thank you for your update…

    1. Fida di…what is this? Sorry? Sorry? I mean sorry? Uffo….kaha hai na no need to be sorry…read whenever u have time….no forcing no jaldbaazi…
      And di what is this…movie level writer????? Big joke! Aur kya…writers like me read ur ff? Arey m glad that writers like u read my ff…
      And m talented or not I dnt kno….bass the Almighty knows and he gives…
      U read my episode two times? Aww…that’s sho shweet….
      I will try posting next oart by the Wed-Thurs, but homework! Everyday I wake till 12 30 in the night only to finish my homework…m not able to write only…
      Ok ok I won’t say boring….pinky plomish….already everybody is angry coz I called myself bekar…
      And no thanku for my update…coz it’s my duty…
      And once again…I love u more…

  13. Dharani

    awesome but sorry for the late dear

    1. U don’t need to be sorry di…and thanku for liking it!

  14. Shatakshi

    Mark my words that u r the vest writer…
    Loved it to the core
    Aur please comments ko leke tension mat le????

    I know how it feels

    Tu aur likhte jaa

    Aur mai padhte jaungi….
    I always go out of this world….no no universe reading ur ff

    Sacchi me tune mera dil chura liya h

    So song of the day

    Ittni so baat h….
    Mujhe tujhse aur tere ff se pyaar h????

    Love u soooooo much❀❀

    1. Oh My God….itta pyara comment! Aww….I love u sho much Shats di….I really love u….u r one of the best sisers of the world….muaahh?

      Coming to me being the best writer….sorry di but I guess m not….no offence…but there are writers far better than me….ya another point is that they are 9-10 yrs elder to me…
      And main humesha likhti jaungi…
      Aap humesha padhte jaana…
      Aapka dil already mere paas hai….aur aap jee rhe ho kyuki mera dil aapke ppaas hai…
      And aap world ya universe se kya….mumbai se bhi bahaar na jao….aap mumbai mei hi better ho?
      And song for me….aww….sho shweet….thanku so much di…
      Love u till infinity?????❀

  15. Ria

    I know you’re angry for me not commenting on your prologue as well as chapter 1. I told na I’m really not getting time in my hectic schedule. Please believe me.
    Okay, back to the episode I didn’t like it. You know na! Girls throw so many tantrums. I seriously didn’t like as I expected it to be better but, but, this was the best. Oh my! My! I just loved it. I just felt like living the story. I’ll be eagerly waiting for the next update.
    Love you loads.???
    Your Ria di

    1. Ria di….why do u always scare me this much? I was scared out of my skin as to why u didn’t like it. OMG! Sucha sweeet comment….thankuu so much….eessh….I take back my thanku…
      As long as m ur sister, no thanku, I remember. Bass keep reading and I love u

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