That One Song- A SwaSan FanFic (Chapter 1)


24th July 16
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Chapter 1
—-Stepping In—-

Swara’s P.O.V.

Dearest Tuffy,
How’s everything? I know this should be your question….but today I’m asking you….oops!!! How will you tell me? Hehe….you know what? Mom Dad again asked that question. Uh! M just so fed up! I’ve told them that it is my prsnl wish then also they keep on asking! Ragu di brought KitKat Senses for me….yum! Ab you toh know na how much I love KitKat! M still licking my fingers! Anyways, if Mom n Dad again  ask me that question, I’ll leave the house! Arey obviously I’ll take u along! Acha now I hv to say bye bye!
Love u,

I closed my diary. Yeah, my diary’s name is Tuffy. I kept the name. And yes…don’t you dare laugh on it!
Uh…my Mom again. I gotcha go.

Ragini’s P.O.V.

Phew! Finally she stopped crying! Swara…I’m talking of her! Uff…how much can she weep? Her tear tank is never empty! And coz of her I had to waste my money on that silly chocolate! Oh! I better keep mum…if Shona hears this na…then toh baj gayi meri band! Chocolates are the third love of her life! As for her second love, that’s music. I better not describe about that craze of hers. And her first love…hehe…no first love! She’s still searching! I mean people have to search for first love when they already have their second and third love? Such people also exist in this world? Really?  And the reason why she was crying…uh that question! They again asked her that question! God knows and Goodness knows why they ask her that each n every morning. I mean…leave it…I got to go meet Laksh.

Swara’s P.O.V.

“Good Morning Sweetheart!” I said to myself as I stood in front of the mirror. This was part of my daily routine. Waking up, going till the washroom with my eyes closed, and opening them in front of the mirror. Now now, don’t you think that I’m narcissistic. Like always, today also I saw my face and greeted myself a very sweet morning. I must say I look the most adorable ever in that state. Ruffled hair, eyes half closed with my hands rubbing them, my lips forming a cutie cutie pout and my prominent cheek bones rising up for a sweetuu smile. I freshened up. Wardrobe time! I messed it up again! I just look around the room to see my dresses all scattered; some on the bed while some on the floor. Ahhhh! Now I have to clean it up…or else Ragu di will kill me. But, but, perfection is a compulsion. I chose a red sleeveless balloon top with a black shrug and black denims. Which girl would wear such clothes for going to a friend’s house? As I said, perfection! I hopped down the stairs just like a butterfly fluttering over a bunch of flowers.

***New Characters***
Aarav- Swara’s best friend.(Assume Parth Samthaan to be Aarav.)
Sara- Swara’s bestestest friend.(Assume Niti Taylor to be Sara.)

Aarav’s P.O.V.

Ding Dong! I heard the bell ring. Must be Swara. I know her so well. I can actually feel her footsteps. Shall I tell you a secret? I love her! Yes…I do love her…but I dare not tell her this. She is such a peculiar girl ki what should I say. She doesn’t believe in falling in love with her best friends. She thinks it destroys the friendship! Know what? Her music has made me fall in love with her. Even m a singer but she sings so very mindfreakin’blowing that I just get lost in her voice. See…it has been five minutes that the bell is ringing and I haven’t opened the door! Oh stupidity does see it’s heights when it gets into my mind. I slowly opened the door and shut my eyes tightly thinking about how she will scold me and make me feel ashamed…but to my utmost surprise…she let out an enchanting laugh and pulled my cheeks.
“Aww…you look so cute in this expression. I was so angry that u made me wait but this expression of yours na…I’ll die for it some day!”
I put my hand on to her mouth. She gave me a questioning look.
“Never even utter a word about dying. I won’t talk to u ever.”
I said these words but li’l did she know how happy I was that she said that she would die for my expression. I always imagine girls dying for me, and here, the love of my life said about dying for me! Ahan! Not bad! If Swara wouldn’t have been here na, I would have definitely thrown my fists into the air and done a li’l dance. And then came another voice.
“Ole le le le le…mela Aalav chenti ho gaya?”
Oh no! Sara…Swara’s bestestest friend. I mean why the hell does it have to be bestestest….m only best….she is bestestest? Hadd hoti hai! I want to push her out of the house for disturbing our moment….but meri jaan mujhe badi pyari hai….Swara will kill me if I do so. And afterall who will play the guitar if I do so? Ohh forgot to mention, we have a band of three members. Me nd Swara at the vocals and Sara at the guitar. I dnt kno why Sara detests my presence. Gosh! She is such a nuisance!

Sara’s P.O.V.

Chhachhundar kahin ka! I hate this man! But this Swara…she always wants band practices in his house. He always tries to get closer to Swara. And Swara considers him to be her best friend. I know m her bestestest friend but this just isn’t done. Such a guy doesn’t deserve Swara. I mean he said those cheesy senti words just like a typical boyfriend would tell his girlfriend! Even when he knows ki Swara doesn’t believe in love with her best friends. One day if I murder him by my hands na, I won’t really be the guilty one, I swear!
“When are u both planning to let me go inside?”
Swara said these words and I realised that it had been minutes past I said those words to Aarav and we both were standing looking on the other side. Both of us went in. I must say Swara is looking just like a doll. We started our practice.


Samandar se zyada meri aankhon mein aansu
Jaane ye Khuda bhi hai aisa kyun
Samandar se zyada meri aankhon mein aansu
Jaane ye Khuda bhi hai aisa kyun

Tujhko hi aaye na khayaal mera
Patta patta jaanta hai
Ikk tu hi na jaane haal mera
Patta patta jaanta hai
Ikk tu hi na jaane haal mera

Nit-din nit-din roiyyaan main
Saunh Rabb di na soiyyaan main
Ikk tere pichhe mahi
Saavan diya ruttaan khoiyyan main

Nit-din nit-din roiyyaan main
Saunh Rabb di na soiyyaan main
Ikk tere pichhe mahi
Saavan diya ruttaan khoiyyan main

Dil ne dhadkano ko hi tod diya
Toota hua seene mein chhod diya
Dil ne dhadkano ko hi tod diya
Toota hua seene mein chhod diya

Khushiyan le gaya
Dard kitne de gaya
Ye pyar tera
Patta patta jaanta hai
Ikk tu hi na jaane haal mera
Patta patta jaanta hai
Ikk tu hi na jaane haal mera

Mere hisse aayi teri parchhaaiyaan
Likhi thi laqeeron mein tanhaaiyyaan
Mere hisse aayi teri parchhaaiyaan
Likhi thi lakeeron mein tanhaaiyyaan

Haan karun tujhe yaad main
Hai tere baad intezaar tera
Patta patta jaanta hai
Ikk tu hi na jaane haal mera
Patta patta jaanta hai
Ikk tu hi na jaane haal mera

Haal mera..
Haal mera…

Aarav’s P.O.V.

An angel. An angel jus descended from heaven. She is my angel. That same voice. It’s like a magnet. It attracts me so towards her. God has gifted her the best. And she is a girl I kno, who makes use of every good she gets. Well, today Sara made a li’l mistake while playing her guitar. I better not tell her about that. U know what? After every song that Swara sings, I wanna hug her tightly and stroke her hair telling her how well she sings. But, haan, one pluspoint is there, she is a broadminded girl, and she freely hugs her male best friends. And she always hugs me when she cries, n not Sara! Haha…and when the jealousy strikes Sara na, she looks so cute! Wait, did I say cute? Uh…that chhipkali can’t be cute. NEVER! Hey, wait…wait…where are those sobs coming from? Who was that weeping? I shot a glance towards Swara. It was her! Swara was weeping. And before I knew it, she hugged me tightly…weeping away, her tears soaking my shirt. No Swara…don’t cry…don’t…!
What can be the question that Swara’s parents ask her daily? Why did Swara start weeping? What is the song that will change Swara’s life? Who will be her first love? When will she meet him? If Aarav loves her, will he create troubles in her love life? When will all the mysteries unfold? Stay tuned to TOS( That One Song) to know more. ————————————————
Hii guys! See, as promised m here! But TellyUpdates na…I dnt kno why it is happening…sometimes error 404, sometimes server down, sometimes website offline. Anyways, tell me how r u all? All my exams went so very good. All credits go to all of your good luck wishes. And…how many of u guessed the name of the song? Keep writing ur guesses in the comments. The comments I received for the prologue were so very welcoming and overwhelming. Thanking all of you for the immense support. The first chapter of my FF! Really…m jus so excited. Do tell me if the length was okay or if I need to lengthen it more. THE SONG USED HERE IS ‘NOT’ THE SONG WHICH THE FF IS BASED ON. Another thing, I think I won’t be able to post except on Sundays. School’s schedule is really hectic. Plzz try to understand. And this FF will not be more than 10-15 shots. Will surely come up with more and more one shots and will write my second FF in December. Will try to reply personally to all of your comments. See you all on the 31st. Bye Bye! And I love u all!??

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  1. Ashu

    I just don’t have words to say abt this!!! Ur writing is so awesome!!!!
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    I’ll be free on weekends only, so doesn’t matter if u update on weekends???

    And when is my sanky’s entry??? I’m dying to see him!!!
    Shona is really cute!! Aww!! Bestestest? Seriously???? wht abt Aarav? Okay I’ll get confused so much!! Its better I’ll wait for ur update!!??

    Love u kiddo???

    1. Sanky’s entry…umm…4th-5th episode…not before…
      And di…this is sucha gr8 day coz u r the first one to comment! Wohooo….three cheers!….and even I was laughing on that bestestest thing!!! Thanku soooooo much di for liking it…and remember….I always love u more?????

      1. Ashu

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        I remember u asked me to comment first on ur prologue, but I couldn’t! But I’m the first one here!!! Yipppieeee!!???

        I forgot to ask u, hw were ur exans topper??? ?? I’m sure u will top them nw as well!!!

    2. I love u most! No words against it now! And u r the first one to comment….m the happiest! My exams were toooo good….and I have to top now….if I wnt top then how will it work?

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    Ya Allah our dramebaazz is such a wonderful writer…bak bak seriously I felt sad when it finished yaa episode…I nothing to judge You…hats off to you I don’t know how to describe you ff…my words may be less for you…my appreciation will be less for….you write sooo well…I think I should study something from you…only you do this yaar…
    Mind blowing
    Masha Allah
    Keep rocking like this love you….

    1. Itni saari tareef? Haye….main to behosh ho hi jaungi….di see…m not at all pleased with ur comment. Ek toh wo sad wali baat. U kno na I dnt like it when I see someone sad. It makes me feel guilty. And who said u r no one to judge me? U r my elder sister…u hv full rights to judge me. And neither ur words nor ur appreciation….nothing is less for me….it always means a loooot for me….and u dnt need to learn anything frm me di….coz 7 Chumzz is far more appreciated that my writing!?? Bas one last thing-
      Take care
      See you soon
      Bye bye
      U also keep rocking with ur ff
      And i always love u more

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    1. Thanku so much. Sanskaar’s entry 4th-5th epi and the song most probably 3rd epi.

  8. Meeta

    Aye aye.
    Wat was that?
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    (Mind it m hindi m tab hi comment karti hu wen I like the FF so much n is is the first time.
    I just loved it.
    I still can’t believe you’re to be 13.
    To b honest, it was fabulous.

    1. Wohooooo! First tym? Yesss! Finally I made it to someone’s heart! And hindi comment when u like it so much? Aww….thnku! Thanx a lot??

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    Million Times Soory Di for not commenting on your previous os and Prolouge of Your Fanfic…
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    1. OOops Sorry Awesome likhna bhool gayi

    2. Ya I hv heard the name of Basti. U r 11 yrs old? Yess! Yess! Yesssss! Yes yes yes yes yes! Don’t think m mad! Actually hua hai ki all of them over here are elder to me…so i hv to call everybody as di….and I was longing for someone who will call me di….thankuuu sooooooooo muchhh for calling me di…I dnt have a younger sister also na…but when someone calls u di…the feeling is too spcl and too good to be described. Thanks a pile. And as far as I know sisters are frnds before being sisters…means we r frnds…and as far as I remember, no thanku no sorry in frndship….u need not be sorry dea….I have so many silent readers…and m so very happy that they read my work atleast. Commenting is dunn when it makes one extra happy. Like I do, m always a silent reader until it makes me extra happy! And u shdnt be sorry even once…leave behind millions! And u praised me so much? Was it really this good? Aww…thanku! Oops…I said thanku thrice in this reply comment. Ignkre them haan. Don’t read those thankus. And plz keep on reading, comments aren’t as imp to me as my readers are. Anything u feel wrong, feel free to tell me. Till then bye bye and love u too??!

      1. Thank you so much Di for being my sister…Same problem is also with me..All are elder than me…No one is younger than me…I will not be a silent reader Di..You are so sweet Di…I also love sisters…But my fate I don’t have sister or brother…So Sometimes I feel lonely…Telly Updates is my Fourth love Di… Because it has given me so much sisters…And I am very glad as I have got a new sister…
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    Laddoo baby it was too good ,Loved it have no words to describe it and you know the best part was that your ff was the one that I was waiting for a long time
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    superb loved it.. continue soon and I loved your signature quote.. it is heart touching. .

    1. Thanku so much Jwala di….thankuu so very much. Keep reading and keep enjoying!

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    Hey Laddoo
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    1. Swara and Anjani no difference???…but Swara dusnt have a brother???….why not guts…there’s nothing like that….to be true even I didn’t have the guts at first then afterwards I just posted it….and 4 continuous classes! Must have been very hectic na? Koi na…every Sunday like this u will feel refreshed??. Anyways, thanku so much for liking it????

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    Once again SORRY??

    1. Zuha…..not fair….ek to dost bulao upar se sorry bolo? Not dunn haa….and update was what? Epic?????? OMG!!! I was longing to hear this comment since looooong! And what tuition are u talking of? When have u seen one writer taking tuitions from another? If m a good writer, u r more than me, not less. U r equally talented a girl. So don’t speak of all these tuitions and all. Will surely keep writing. U too stay blessed! U too take care! Love u too???

  17. Dear its rlly superb..loved it…u wrote so welll….continue soon

    1. Aww….thankuu so much!??

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  19. Arshdeep

    Oh it ended so fast??? You need to make it a bit longer next time if you are gonna post it only on weekends. Okay na?

    Anyways coming to episode
    Beautiful starting? Loved it❤
    Your way of writing makes me crazy..?
    I actually smiled a bit when read “tuffy is my Diary’s name” and then laughed when she said dont dare to laugh??
    Could visualise the entire scenes.. Swara’s cute face with a sweetuu smile??
    Aarav seems to be nice guy. Hope he remains good till the end. Fingers crossed. Xx
    Sara is lovely too and funny??

    No precap??
    Emmm guessing what question her parents asks.. is it when she is going to marry????

    1. ?????????????????????????????????????
      This is my reaction after reading ur comment. Abb Swara ke baare mein ekk baat bolna bhool gayi…she’s jus 18. So no marriage rgt now. I actually had no idea what else to put in into the epi…nd I couldn’t have revealed everything in the first episode. Next tym pkka it will be longer. Pinky plomish…and abt Aarav…he may not be negative but u never know my mind….it can create miracles and chng a person cmpltly??. And of Sara, oh I love her character. She’s my fav character in d whole story, oh and Aarav also for sure. And precap…the reason why I dnt add precap is that I dnt kno what I’ll write in the next epi. I come home on Saturday, write whatever that strikes my mind and then post it the next day. If possible, I’ll surely add precap now onwards. Love u di…take care???!

      1. Arshdeep

        Opss a very very wrong guess then????

        Yayy i could make you laugh by my comment??? I need to stand beside you and stop the things striking your mind by my mind..then i will also write sooo beautifully???? hahaha?? Stupid me. Ignore?

        Love you too Angel??????

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    1. Oh my God….itta sweet comment bhi ho skta hai! Mere saare dost mere comments padhkr kehte hai ki itti chashni bhi koi daal skta hai comments mein. I mean mujhe diabetes ho jayega…tuffy mere teddy ka name hai so…diary teddy ek jaise hote hai….mere liye at least?. Haan song wale ke liye….sshhhh! Parth Samthaan, another of my crushes?…u already know…even m waiting for ur jaan aka my jaan aka Swara ki jaan…5th epi tak wait krte rho aap…epi sahi mein acha tha na? Arey hona hi tha…afterall maine jo likha hai??…??…jokes apart…Swara ke rone ka reason padhke aapko…hasi…aayegi…pkka…??…super she upar?? Wohooo!!! Three cheers for Ishani!!!??…And the wait will end soon….love u toooooooo???????

      1. Saby

        Tuffy mere bhi teddy ka name hai ishuuu….. Oops ladooo… ?
        Same wali pinch…
        And ya ab dekha to pata chala…
        Baaprey kitna bada comment de diya… Thoda or likhti toh episode ban jata….heheh…. ???

    2. Main bhi pinch krungi….kitti zor se mko pinch kiya hai ki mko itta dard ho rha hai….aur maine to pehle hi kaha tha….long comments always wlcm…aur mko Ishu bulao Laddoo bulao no prbs….love u??

  21. Khushi

    Oh my holy lord ishu what was this …
    First of all m soo soo sorry for being so late really very sorry for that …
    Anyways this was fab just amazing u have such stupendous ideas down in ur mind u r just a pitara full of uniqueness amazing dear I just loved it superb….and yes m waiting for the next keep it up sissie love u??

    1. Oh di…kitti bar batau u dnt need to be sorry? Next episode coming tomorrow only…32st July! So u will get to see it soon…tab tak ke liye bye bye and love u?

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