One sight of you is not enough (KKB) Two shots!


Hi Maya again with another random Two Shot and not OS This one is very random! Read it at your own risk! I will thank u all in advance for taking the risk to read this.

Someone walks towards library not to read but to see someone. He is Abhi! Abhi who is a rockstar going to library! Hmm sounds weird! Let’s see what he does….

Abhi sat on the chair after picking up a random book just for the sake to pretend that he is reading.

Pragya, Oh god! He is here again! He is not at all reading and just looking at me! I can’t go and ask him why he is doing that too! I am just a librarian here but he is a rockstar!

Abhi, How calm she looks when she writes on the log book and the quiteness in this library is just enhanced by her quiteness too! How I wish I can tell her that I am always here to see her!

Pragya, Whenever i look at him he just winks at me and I am as if affected by that end up turns away!

Just then someone came to Pragya and talked to her for so long blocking Abhi’s view of looking at her.

Abhi, Who the hell is he?? Blocking my view! And why is he talking to her for so long! I can’t even talk to her for few minutes properly and he is talking to her for so long! Enough! I can’t wait any longer! I need to check who is that now!

Abhi walked towards him and patted his back. He turned behind and got shocked. Purab ” Abhi! You are here? At library??” Abhi ” You are here??” Purab ” I was just here to meet Pragya di! And what makes u come here?” Abhi ” Just the calmness around here makes me come here…..” He looked at Pragya with a smile for a while and looked at Purab again. Purab ” Oh i see!” Abhi ” Nothing to see it’s just to get some peace of my mind!” Pragya ” You are not here to see?” Abhi was taken aback as it was her first time asking him a question apart from the short conversations while he signed up the logbook. Purab ” She is asking a question!” Abhi ” Haan what do I have to see here?” Pragya ” I mean see the books and all….” Abhi, Is she expecting me to say that I am here to see her? How can i even tell her that when Purab is around! Abhi ” Oh ya of course i am here to see that too!” Pragya was little bit disappointed which could be seen in her face. Abhi, Oh dear she is feeling sad….what do I do now? Purab, What is going on between this two? Both are looking at each other like lovers! Let me find out!

Abhi ” Hey Purab! Let’s go and we can’t talk too much here! Its library!” Purab ” Oh ya! Ok!” Abhi and Purab left out and Pragya was looking at the direction of Abhi leaving.

Purab ” How long have u been coming here?” Abhi ” Just 2 months!” Purab ” What just 2 months! No wonder u are missing at this timing!” Abhi ” Ya what’s the big deal? I just need some time for myself too!” Purab ” What some time and that too in library? And wait why are u here at such a old library?” Abhi ” Old is gold yaar… Actually…I spent time here to look at….” Purab ” Look at….?” Abhi ” Look at Pragya!” Purab ” I knew it! I knew that u are here to look at her only!” Abhi ” Don’t tell her that if not she will misunderstand me!” Purab ” Why do u think like that? U love her right? And how long are u going to love her by just looking at her?” Abhi ” No Purab! I don’t know what she feels about me! I love her and I don’t know from when also but her presence always made me feel that I have to love her only!” Purab with a mocking tone ” Oh really? Then u are going to spend her presence just in this library?” Abhi ” Arrey stop kidding me! I need some time!” He walked off from there as fast he could to his car to escape from Purab’s taunts!

Purab, I know what to do next to make u two closer!

Pragya, It’s the first time i asked him something and for that he answered so casually….Maybe because Purab was here and he might felt it weird to talk to me.

Pragya flipping some pages of a book in the library and is shocked seeing blood stains on the pages!

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  1. Super……… Waiting for next one….

    1. Maya

      Thank u Maha!? Coming soon for the nxt one!

  2. RiyaDcruz

    Donno hw u r getting diff thoughts tht 2 in a short time u r jst amazing yaar Epi was Sooopeeerrrrbbbb……….. Eagerly waiting fr nxt Epi…………

    1. Maya

      I also don’t know where i get this thought???! The next part Should be out by tonight or tmrw! Thanks for ur wait??

  3. Superb

    1. Maya

      Thank u Gobiavi ??

  4. That’s so Sweet of U to update another Random Thought of Yours !??? Extremely Superb One !?? The Plot is Sooo Different and Ofcourse its once again Randomly Random !?? Waiting for the next shot !?? Thanq for Updating !??? Again U Made My Mood and Me Happy !???? And One Sight Not enough is AN Awesome Title !? AweRansomeNess It Is !????? Love U Yaar !????
    U being My MTMP will Never Ever Change …. So I got used to your SS – Silly Starting Lines !???? And I just ignored the first two lines???? and Started to Travel In My MTMP ‘S Random World and Enjoyed it !??? SS_Silly Suga Rockzz !??? Take Care ! LOVE U Sweetie !??

    1. And and The Precap …. It’s making me desperate …. Blood Strains ?? Hoping for The Unexpected Ending !??

      1. Maya

        Lol u ignored my starting line???! Its ok! Its a sensible choice of yours??Btw I am glad that u are happy by reading this???

  5. Reshma_Pradeep


    1. Maya

      Thank u Reshma??

  6. Lovely awesome cute two shots ?this two shots made me more crazy?? is this related to memory loss or new one?????abhi cmng to library to see pragya aswm and cute❤❤❤??????wat will be purab’s plan to unite them????excited for next shot ??u r just awsm ??keep rocking ??love u sissy??❤

    1. Maya

      Just a random OS not related to anything in kkb’s track??U are also awesome in ur comment Mokshi???

  7. Interesting………..waiting for next update

    1. Maya

      Thank u Nannu!???

  8. Adhya

    Wow…IT’S AMAZING …UR SO CREATIVE MY DEAR…Waiting for next part….

    1. Maya

      Thank u Adhya! I am unable to comment on ur ff but i am reading it whenever i get time keep rocking???

  9. Superb! Loving this randomness of urs?? waiting for the next part!

    1. Maya

      Thank u Aliza!????

  10. Trisha

    Amazinggg randomness as always….looking forward to the next part!???

    1. Maya

      Nxt part coming soon! Hopefully its soon???

  11. Saranya24

    As usual rockng akka love u loads waiting fr nxt part??????

    1. Maya

      Thank u Saranya sis!???

  12. Mukundraj

    nice wating for next

    1. Maya

      Thank u Mukund raj!?

  13. Prathi

    Awesome randomness Maya!! Maya ki Maya as usual!! Where is the second shot??

    1. Maya

      Thank u Prathi!? Haha maya ki maya??! Second shot coming soon!?

  14. Maahi

    y do u hv do diz with me the evry time ur making me gi crazyyy within uuu More nd more and trust me dizz random thought of urs has become my fav although ur evry random magic us amazinghhhh i am reading it 12th time nd commenting bcoz librarian is smthng crazyyyyy in my life haha as i wish to be a librarian lol vry weird wish haha nd the title damnnnn u killlled it toralllly now wats the precap!!!!plzz don’t say those r of my SH i just cant handle thn anazingly amazing dr Ur a STAR!!

    1. Hi everyone I am Anu. Today I wanna confess something. I am a silent reader of ffs. But truly day by day I am becoming like a mad fan of all the writers. Recently I completed by B. Tech so I spend most of the time now a days by reading all n some Ur previous ffs.
      Maya sis Ur ff u r n always be my life is awesome.
      Haritha sis Ur nafrath ki love story n how can I forgot u when I am still alive r awesome.
      Aditiroy sis ki ye hai aashiqui, Saranya 24 sis ki you r my love n destiny, some other ffs like tu Mera hero, love kkb, love is beautiful,you r my destiny all r amazing.
      U all r too good.
      Specially Somiya sis and maahi sis ki one shots r just amazing, awesome,fantastic
      Sorry if I said any wrong in Ur names or any of Ur ffs. But I wanna convey my love towards all Ur ffs.
      Sorry if I forgot some ffs of some writers like aswitha sis even lot more
      Thank u once again for making my life happy more n more through Ur ffs. May God bless you all with your needs .
      Bye take care all

      1. Maahi

        Anu thts so sweeeeeeet of uuuu dr nd thnq uuuuu fr reading it loads of love

      2. Maya

        Anu! Its great to know that the ffs here make ur day and I am also glad that find my ff awesome despite the irregular updates! Thanks for reading and keep supporting all of us???

      3. Maya

        Anu! Its great to know that the ffs here make ur day and I am also glad that u find my ff awesome despite the irregular updates! Thanks for reading and keep supporting all of us???

    2. Maya

      Maahi as usual u also gave a magical comment and made me lost in ur craziness????????

  15. Nice one…

    1. Maya

      Thank u Durga??

  16. High level craziness Continues….
    Pagli:No she can’t don’t this??How can she do this?? She comes library just for me …No ..No mai janti hu IB bohat bohat achi hai but meray leye yha pr itna waqt bethna its quite difficult….But i know IB!! U r such a IB…U luv me this much…Oh GOD ??????????????????????????????
    That’s so sweet of u IB!! That’s why i called u IB ….????? And secondly…How day u to say thanks in advance and we can read it at our own risk…Yr see baqi sub ke leye smjh ata hai but how can u say it for me??
    IB: Oh yr…u r taking wrong ..My intensions was not that?? Actually …i wants to confess …My randomness through this TS …..And baqi tum suga se poch lo..she knows it verywell…
    Pagli:Ab tu suga hi ye mystery solve krskti hai aur IB aur pagli ki final innings complete krwa skti hai

    1. Maya

      Aytac! Such a long story and i need some time to answer to ur story???

      1. I wany it suga…pagli and IB is waiting for u too solve the mystery

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