One sight of you is not enough (KKB) Two shots! Part 2


This OS is not related to any tracks in real kkb! its just a random TS!

Abhi never realised that he left his phone on the table in the library. He had just placed it carelessly and walked in front to check who was talking to Pragya (It’s in the previous part of this Two shot). Pragya continued to check the log book and sometimes looking around the readers there, just to make sure everything was fine. And as usual, most of the time reading her favourite novel, Sense and Sensibility. Someone came to her and passed the cell phone before leaving.
Pragya, This is his phone! How careless is he?? He just left his belonging like this! Now how do I return him? Tomorrow is public holiday and the library will be closed! I can’t meet him tomorrow too! I think I shall just wait for him and return his phone! He will surely know by now that he left his phone as he always use phone secretly instead of reading books. Pragya was keep on looking at the entrance for his arrival. Time passed but he was still not there and Pragya looked at the place he usually sit. Pragya, He is just too irresponsible! Never even returned the book that he picked up! She walked towards the table and took the book to return it to the shelf. Pragya, How weird? He picked up my favourite novel too! While walking to the shelf she randomly flipped the pages and was shocked to see blood stains on some pages! Pragya, Oh no! Did he had bleeding in his hand or fingers? Where is he? Until now he still not here! She was keep on looking worried and Abhi was back by then but couldn’t find Pragya on her desk as she was standing in between the shelves. Abhi asked some of the readers there and one of them said they saw her near the bookshelves. He walked towards there…….

Abhi, Why is she standing like this and looking at the pages like she never seen them before!! I know she is a bookworm but not to this level that she gets lost in them!

Abhi “ Hey Pragya!” Pragya was still worried and had no response! Abhi came near her and called “ Chasmish!” Pragya now came back to her senses. Pragya looked at him. Abhi “ Are u here or lost in books?” Pragya “Huh?” Abhi “ Omg! U can’t hear me? I thought that u can’t see properly but u have hearing problem too!” Pragya “ Nothing like that! Here is your book!” Abhi “ What? I am not here to get book! I am here to ask did u saw my phone?” Pragya “ Oh your phone! Yes I kept it safely in the drawer!” Abhi “ Thank you! Can u pass me that soon as I need to rush to my studio!” Pragya “ Ok sure no problem!” She walked in front still holding onto the book as for Abhi followed behind her. Pragya opened the drawer and took the phone while Abhi was keep on watching her actions. He was keep on admiring her. As for Pragya she was keep on trying to look at his hands and was trying to see whether if she can see any cuts or injuries. Abhi, Why is she keep on looking towards my hands?? Shall I ask her? What’s the big deal? It’s just a simple question and after all she is looking at my hand!!
Abhi witty smile “ What are u trying to find in my hands? Jadoo?” Pragya “Jadoo?” Abhi “ Haan I know I have the jadoo in my hands where my fans always want to shake hands with me if not they want to kiss my hands!” He winked after saying that. Pragya “ No I was just wondering……” Abhi “ Wondering whether my jadoo affects u?” Pragya “No!” Abhi “ Then what?” Pragya “ Did u got hurt?” Abhi “ Hurt? What are u telling?” Pragya took the book and showed the blood stains. Abhi “

Oh no! What have u done to the book??” Pragya shrieked “ I never do anything!” The readers around were already disturbed with their conversation and Abhi realised that. Abhi whispered softly “ Pragya! I think we better go out and talk!” Pragya nodded her head in response and followed him in front. Pragya “ I never do anything! It’s the same book that you had it earlier! I thought your hand was hurt and that’s why there were blood stains!” Abhi “ So that’s why u were lost just now and was standing there by keep on looking at the book!” Pragya “ Not really….” Abhi showed his two hands to her. Abhi “ Look for yourself! Do u see any cuts?” Pragya “ No….” Abhi “ I saw that blood stains when I picked up the book from the shelf itself! I didn’t know you will be worried this much for that!” Pragya “ No…I was not worried!” Abhi “ Ok not worried then it’s concern!” Pragya “ No worries or concern!” Abhi “Really?” Pragya “ Yes really nothing like u think!”. By saying that she just walked back in to the library and didn’t look back at Abhi.
Abhi, So she care for me and love me too! It’s good that Purab came and if not I would not have known that she have feelings for me too! What do I do now? I am so excited man! Ok let me cancel all my appointments for today! I want to tell Purab also about this!!! He went a bit far from the library so that Pragya couldn’t see him.
Pragya, why I couldn’t say to him that I was worried about him? What is it wrong in admitting that I do care for him? But is this fair? I mean like just by looking at him for 2 months and now I care for him like as if he is mine? No! This is not fair! This is totally wrong!
Abhi informed Purab about Pragya’s concern and love for him. Purab said a plan to him which made Abhi even more excited! Abhi “ You are so good at planning man! No wonder u are having the side business of event planning!” Purab “ ABHI! Time is running out! U faster go now and do what I tell!” Abhi “ Ok boss!”

Abhi secretly entered the back of the library through the big sized window. He hid in between one of the bookshelves. Pragya continued some of her works and realised the time was 6 pm and it was time for the library to be closed. Slowly all the people present there also had left and she went to switch off the lights and that’s when she heard the sound of books dropping! Pragya, How can books drop now when I am leaving now? It’s always like this, people read books but never place them properly in the shelf! Don’t even know how to take care books carefully when those books give so much knowledge to them!

By mentally thinking all that she walked in the direction where she heard the sound. She was stunned to see Abhi lying on the floor surrounded by the books! Abhi once again winked at her and she turned away. Abhi “ Oh Chasmish! You always turn away when I wink at you!” Pragya “ Why are u still here? I thought u left!” Abhi “I was actually sleeping here as I was tired and then all these books dropped around me!” Pragya “ You are lying!” Abhi “ No! I am not!” Pragya “ I am leaving and u just stay here like this!” Abhi “ Arrey u don’t care about your pyaari books?” Pragya “ First you stand up!” Abhi “ First give me your hand to lift me!” Pragya “ No way!” Abhi “ My jadoo won’t affect you if u help me!” Pragya “There is no such thing like jadoo and all!” Abhi “Then help me!” Pragya gave her hand reluctantly to let him hold and he too with a wide smile grabbed her hand. (Allah Waaryian plays as he stands up while holding her hand) Abhi “Thank you!” Pragya “ Leave my hand!” Abhi “Hey wait! Do u hear something?” Pragya “ What?” Abhi “ Wait!” He once again hold her hands and again he heard Allah Waariyan song playing. Pragya “ Leave my hand!” She managed to remove her hand from his grip. Abhi “ I stopped hearing that!” Pragya “ What’s that?” Abhi “ You hold my hand now!” Pragya “ Excuse me!” Abhi told in a stern voice “ I am not dying to hold your hand! Just do as I said!” Pragya was taken aback by his loud voice and just followed his instruction. Again the song played…..

Abhi kept on looking at Pragya and was just admiring her again. Pragya too was lost in the sight of him. Abhi “You never hear anything?” Pragya “ I….” Abhi “You…..” Pragya “ I…actually hear something whenever u see me….” Abhi “ Really?” Pragya “ Ya it’s my favourite song….Allah Waariyan that I hear every time when the sight of yours falls upon on me….It sounds weird but it’s the truth!” Abhi “ You know what? I heard that whenever I touched your hand and that’s why I asked you to grab my hand just now!” Pragya realised that she was standing very closely with him and stepped back. Abhi “ Why are u moving back? You don’t like me being close to u?” Pragya “ Not like that….but…” Abhi “ Your favourite book is Sense and Sensibility right?” Pragya “ How do u know that?” Abhi “ How can I not know that when u are always reading that only! That’s why I also pick that book every time to pretend to read but u never realised that at all!” Pragya “ I did noticed that too!” Abhi “ Then why u never like me when all your favourites are becoming like mine?” Pragya “ I never said I never like u….I just thought that one sight of you is not enough to believe that I am in love with u….” Abhi “ How many sights of me will make u feel that I am in love with u?” Pragya “ I have already seen many sights of you, your kindness sight when u helped by making donations to this library, your comical sight when you joke around with the security uncle, your musical sight when u played mouth organ outside the library and many more sights!” Abhi was surprised that she noticed so many things about him. Abhi “ But u missed one special sight of mine! Do you want to see that?” Pragya “ What is that?” Abhi “ Romantic sight of mine!” Pragya blushed and said “ Maybe that sight does not belongs to me….” Abhi “ Oh it’s ok then….Then I shall see someone to show that!” Pragya “Do you think I will let that happen?” Abhi “ Tell me that u want to see my romantic sight! I can see that clearly in your eyes that u want that!” Pragya “ I don’t want that now! And definitely not here!” Abhi “ Acha…So not in this location ah?” Pragya with a wide smile nodded her head in response. Abhi “ I don’t know that one sight of you is not enough or not….I only know that one sight of you is not enough to live! I want every sight of yours on me forever all my life!” Pragya hugged him hearing that and said “ Shall we pick up the books on the floor and arrange it back together?” Abhi “ Yes sure dear as I dropped them!” Pragya “ Very bad!” Abhi “ Ya very bad! I am sorry that I hurt your friends in this way! But they helped me to be with u now!” Pragya laughed at what he said and both arranged the piles of books onto the shelf with love for each other….Abhi and Pragya never said I love you to each other after that as their sights of each other had clearly expressed that they both love each other……..


Hope u all enjoyed it if not I am S_ _ _ _!

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    Wow mayaji… what a story yaar… really so sweet.. I like all your randomness because that is more good than usual one

    1. Maya

      Thank u Harithaji! I am glad that u liked my randomness????

  2. Reshma_Pradeep

    Wowww!!!!!!! AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!Loved it!!!!

    1. Maya

      Thanks Reshma!???

  3. Mukundraj

    nice one

    1. Maya

      Thank u Mukund raj!

  4. Wow maya sissy?? superb two shots ??aswsm title “ONE SIGHT OF YOU IS NOT ENOUGH”????full of cute sweet lovely shot❤❤thank you soooo much for updating in ur busy schedule sissy?????i think i have to take some spcl treatment bcz i become more crazier for ur fantabulous writing ???I can’t spend a day without ur update??when i get bored in my class hours i think of all ur updates ????it sounds funny right but wat to do u r unstoppable from my mind and heart❤❤???? i love all other’s writing too keep rocking sissy eagerly waiting for ur nxt rocking update ??

    1. Maya

      Not funny as I am also a bit like that with other ffs here and now I am under control with my addiction?? Thank u for such a lovely comment Mokshi??????

  5. RiyaDcruz


    1. Maya

      Thank u Riya!?

  6. Princesskrisha

    Superb di loved sorry for not commenting you’re my fav di love you hats off di sight can also express love n not only words.

    1. Maya

      No worries Princess Krisha sis! Don’t feel sorry its more than enough if u are reading it?

  7. Spectacularly Awesomazingg !!????? Wowww That was too Cuteee !???? Their Convo ??????
    I will tell U something that My Mind wants to convey : One Sight Of My MTMP aka Sweetie is More than Enough for Me !??
    But My Heart is Telling : One Sight Of U is Not Enough !??? And then once I see U No One Can Save U from Me ! He..he it’s like a Villan’s Dialogue? But No It’s My True Heart’s Voice …. As I won’t Be Without U Frm The Moment I see U !??? I am waiting >>>>> To Land at Singapore !???
    Now I wanted To tell …… S_ _ _ _ ! Becoz Yesterday I skipped My Silly’s Starting Lines na … That’s Y !???
    On The Whole : One Sight Of You Is …… Is As Lovely …. As Sweet …. As Cute …. As Possible ! Toooooo Awesome !
    I hav something for U ….


    Anata o aishitemasu

    मैं यू प्यार?
    main yoo pyaar

    U would hav by now found what it is ! But Still In My Way I would finish Your Cutie’s Comments LUFE Sweetie ! ??????????
    Thanq Sooooo Much for This Lovely Os !??? I Loved Itttt As Usual !???
    P.S : This was really An Unexpected Ending ….. But I want to share What I expected after seeing the precap…..
    Pls Do Read it AT YOUR OWN RISK Mayaaaaa Diiiii !?
    I thought Abhi would hav spilled Tomato Ketchup while eating sandwich ! And it was spilled in the book Which He was Pretending to read !?????
    I Am Now Seriously Sorry For Stupid Thought of Mine !?????
    Take Care and Love U ????

    1. On The Whole : One Sight Of You Is * Not Enough ….. Is As Lovely ….???
      Didi Don’t think That I am Flirting with U !??????? Sorry for the Mistake !?

      1. Maya

        Haha Actually urs is also a nice idea for the ketchup?? As usual u made me overwhelmed with ur long comment and I am also for words to reply again???

    2. Kya Yaar ?? U did not tell me the meaning for those Lines ? I know I did not ask but still No Need to reply my comment but just tell me if u got to know what does those three lines mean ?

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  9. Awesome ending! Loved it a lot??

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  10. Saranya24

    ??good tat u dnt complete ur sorry?awesome stry akka lovdd it love u akka????????

  11. Maahi

    Ahhhhhhhh….now i m realllllyyy lost in dizzz sight of ur magic i reallyyyy want to tell uuu how ur magic has made me hell crazyy but dr i cant asy eyes r swollen due to fever nd seriously dizzzz one gv me such relief naaaa i am realllllyyyyy out of stresss now Ur simply astounding nd the title nd the last part cant tell uu how much i love it ur amazinggggg

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