i know their is no apology enough for such a delay
but it’s just sorry all what i can say

really sorry for leaving this story incomplete before but you people plz forgive me and give me and this story a another chance .even criticism is welcomed

this stories one main character and his nature [in each part if i continued the story i will write something about nature of one of the character ]

adharsh ][ character played excessively handsome dashing param singh lead of sadda haq ] he is the most prominent character .he is arrogant ,cruel and cunning .he can do anything for his brother sanskar whom he loves more than anything .his relation with his brother is only true or matters for him .all other relation are just for mean motives for him .he is extremely vain because he have achieved a lot my his own self ..thinks himself to be smartest of all .loves to play with emotions .he is neither have heart nor he is heartless he is barbaric as he have lot of love for his brother but not even bit of sympathy for others

let’s began

in the collage campus it was announced that leading channel has came to interview all students and will select only one student who will to work live in their special time slot

this was a golden opportunity for all the students to get selected in such a reputed channel

but both selectors and the desired candidate great the laksh gadodia knew that this interview was well planed trap but for whom .both the parties have different assumptions

the famous journalist harshita maheshwari [role played by harishta gaur lead of sadda haq ] herself was taking interviews so it was really a tough challenge for all after rejecting no of students .miss ragini herself called laksh and accompanied him till interiew room .in the middle ragini slipped and laksh held her in such a way that his hands touched her waist and shivers ran in her body while her one hand was on his shoulder and another hand clutched his hair

ragini : oh god you save me at the right time

laksh : but it was me who held you then why are you thanking him

ragini ; thanks for saving me

laksh ; my pleasure

ragini in mind ; you are such a idiot i fixed a tracker in your hair and you are having pleasure oh god you seem to be very easy target to destroy but i can’t let that adharsh maheshwari win so easily i have to do something

laksh went inside

laksh : may i come in mam

harshita : you are already inside

laksh : so may i leave

harshi : aren’t you talking too bluntly with your selector

laksh : i want to get selected as a reporter not as your sycophant

harshi : impressive let’s see how much talented you are

interview finished soon and laksh was selected

precap ; rags cards and swara’s ploys

sorry for chotu update but from next time it will be huge .this one is just check whether people want this story or not .those who all want this story plz comment

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