thanks for response on both of my ff’s and hope you even enjoyed my one shot .
so due to the majority was on swasan’s side this story is gonna take a new turn but the end will be same like i mentioned in it’s beginning


in laksh’s home

laksh dialled swara’s no

swara : good morning my dear bf

laksh : see na swara even sun is burning in jealousy because of your beauty

swara[in her mind “such a cheesy line”] : oh such a romantic mood what’s cooking in your mind

laksh : a lunch date .i will pick you up from your flat at 12

swara :no dear actually i have meet some relatives today so sorry

laksh : who

swara : someone really very close

laksh :even more then me

swara[in her mind ‘yes’]: bye baby

laksh :bye and love you

in maheshwari mention

sanskar was sleeping like a child and ragini was observing him standing near his bed with tears in her eyes suddenly someone patted her shoulder and it was adharsh

adharsh :he looks cute while sleeping na

she nodded

adharsh :do you remember last year he was infatuated with a guitar of a famous guitarist

ragini : yeah i remembered he mad about it .when he bought he did not even allowed you to touch it .he was so possessive about it that when one of it’s string broke

adharsh :he did not ate food till it was not repaired completely

ragini :god that guitar was his mad obsession

adharash :now that guitar is lying in store room in dust with many such things which once made him mad

ragini[lil confused] : means .i mean i did not get your words

adharsh : sanky get’s infatuated with many things [stressing on word things] and once he get’s bored he forgets them but the people he really care never change

ragini :what you wanna say

adharsh :swara is also such kind of thing when he’ll get bored he will even leave her and will come back to you

ragini : don’t give me false hops

adharsh : just think in these years he changed girlfriends like seasons but you were his first and last best friend

ragini :will he realise this

adharsh : yes he will when his wish will be fulfilled

ragini : nothing can change 2 things first that what is destined and second that which ragini gadodia was committed

adharsh in his mind : now you’ll be completely faithful .stupid girl
let’s go to vow another dumb and he went to harshi

harshi :i have decided to go to sanky;s campus tomorrow onwards and start interviews

adharsh [caring tone ] :you are so much worried about my sanky .i am really thankful to you for showering soo much love on my bro
[what a flimy line -in his mind ]

harshi – everything related to you is also related to my life .afterall we are each other’s better half’s na

adharsh : once sanky settle’s in his life i will also start a new life .my life i mean our life
[now you are gone -in his mind ]

harshi :hugged him i am always waiting for you

adharsh ‘s phone rang and he mentally thanked the caller for saving him from all that drama and he left giving a swile to harshi and letting her build hollow castle’s of her dreams

around 11 a clock swara got ready in blue jeans and white to grabbed her scooty and was driving when suddenly scooty got dis balanced she fell on the hard concrete

suddenly someone lifted her scooty then picked her up

swara[holding sanskar ] :why the hell you are always behind me sankar maheshwari

sanky :see i was not behind you i was just passing from here

swara [still standing because of his support and shouting at him ] : wow biggest trouble of my life will help you

sanky : oh philosopher’s said right that love is life’s biggest trouble

swara : yeah i am in love with you in your dreams that’s why you are helping me

sanky : yes btw helping my would be wife is my duty

swara : your imagination is superb

sanky ;need lift

swara : never i can go by my scooty

sanky[in humorous tone ] : ok but first stand by yourself na

swara ;i can and you stay away from me

and she left without even glancing at him back

swara stopped near a royal restaurant and went inside then towards a old lady dressed in formal’s sitting in one of the table’s

swara ; good afternoon renuka maam

renuka [stern tone ] : how dare you slapped my son

swara[attitude in her tone ] ;it was necessary to make him believe that i am with someone else. mam you clearly know that he never values what he get’s easily .let him carve

renuka : do you really think your plan is going on right path what if you really fell for laksh

swara ; maam do you think that i’ll leave your golden opportunity for a middle class boy

renuka : from year’s i am craving for my children so i just wanna warn you that i hate to repent after appointing a failure

swara ;maam i guarantee you that i will get your both the sons to you but you should also be concerned about my future

renuka : don’t worry once you make sanky fell for me then adi will himself come and after which i will fulfil your every dream

swara : hope so as now your son is completely in my hands

renuka : let’s see who is the real winner at the end

swara :just wait and watch

precap : the game begins

Credit to: KUSHAGRA

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