friends i am hell confuse about the end as two different endings are roaming in my mind about the pairs though end of both will be painful .so plz friends give your suggestions about whether it be swasan or swalak so that i could go with the majority but at the end no love story would be complete

let’s start

in adharsh’s study room

rags : jiju why are you waiting just gunpoint her family and kill her lover and she’ll bow to you [ ragini said it so casually like making tea using teapot ]

ad[short form for adharsh ] : i was also thinking about this but i want to break her ego so that she can’t dare to stand against and her romeo has himself destined his early death by raising his hand on sanky

harshi : wah wah what a ridiculous plan you both have made .what if that stupid girl committed suicide after her lover’s death or what if she tried to hurt sanky after marriage then what will you both do hah

ad : do you have a better plan

harshi : yes laksh dare to hurt sanky’s ego so i’ll break his confidence and swara has full faith on her love so i will break her trust

rags : how di

harshi : laksh is journalism student and no blooming journalist will deny the opportunity of being assistant of best journalist harshita maheshwari .

ad : so

harshi : can you buy a news channel

ad : yeah surely which one you just name but now will you explain the plan

harshi : i will make him famous for sometime then in front of the whole world will insult him

ad :and rags is supposed to attract him

rags : no jiju i will not go to that roadside romeo

harshi : you have to just to a fake act with him as if it is practice for your future in acting and then we will frame him in cheating swara

rags : then like every innocent girl she will require a shoulder to sobb

ad : sanskar will provide her that soldier meanwhile i will make laksh pay his debt’s i must say wify you are smart

harshi : just for you dear

rags : ah ah [fake coughing] you can romance i’ll join you later

both d and harshi in unison : just shut up [friends i am able to give pair name to them so plz suggest some name ]

harshi : let’s sleep it’s already very late

tom morning

in a small room of 2bhk flat a old lady was sleeping suddenly laksh caressed her hair

laksh : ma wake up na

lady : good morning my dear son

laksh : ma breakfast is ready

lady : beta today if you had not being here then what would i have done

laksh : ma don’t worry i am there for you and even for punishing them which snatched everything from us

lady : yes beta you have to make that adharsh maheshwari pay for his deeds so that soul of your brother and dad could rest in peace

laksh : he did not only killed dad and bhai he even murdered my innocence and my humanity now i am just a spark of revenge who want to devour him bit by bit

lady : i want him to beg for his death like my son begged for life

laksh : i will make him die bit by bit by seeing his brother his life wince in pain every second

lady : but is that swara right card to play

laksh : she is the best card to play .ma that ad will be planing against me but does not know that he is planning for me

precap : swasan fight

give suggestions about pairs

Credit to: KUSHAGRA

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  1. wow great post asap please i can’t wait and please make it swasan but don’t hurt swara

  2. Plz dont do this complete the story of couple and make a happy ending no sad ending plz

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  4. Swalak please

  5. swalak please

  6. swasan as laksh is using swara for his benefit…

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  9. Mk it swasan…N epi ws twisty…Real face of laksh revealed…

  10. swasan …I just hate swalak …Bhabhi devar koi couple hote h kya

  11. Swasan. Awesome

  12. Pls pls pls make it swasan pls and pls make it a happy ending 🙂

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  14. Swalak..having money r power can’t get love

  15. swalak..sanskar just want swara as atoy

  16. Swasan plzz

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