hi it’s kushagra friends you make think crazy of me to post a same story again from part one but i desperately wanted complete it to give it a proper ending to decided instead of posting remaining story after such a long break i should should post entire story again with some changes or in a better way of narrating .story is same just i am gonna end this story this time after posting all the previous parts i will post the new till bear this and new readers try it you are damn gonna enjoy it .i hope this is allowed on this site

lets start


what’s love .people say it’s crossing every limit to get your soulmate if this is right them what is obsession
what decided people are soulmates or not as falling for someone is also called lust .
if they say lovers are mad then why loving someone madly is called obsession
if giving life for the sake of your mate is called love then why taking life for the sake of getting your mate called madness
if hatred and love are called strongest emotions then revenged which took birth out of love and got nourished by hatred would which lead what else then destruction
can ambition is greater then love then why not selfishness considered wrong

its the story of those who considered love either as way of taking revenge or as destructive obsession .it’s journey of individuals who define what the word mean actually means

it’s story of a rich and dominating businessman randhir singh shekhawat who thinks he is the smartest of all and can make anything go according to him .he loves his brother more than anything and can go to any extend for each and every wish of his brother sanskar .for him love is all about pampering his brother other relations are just for taking advantage off .he is the worst yet best player of all

sanyukta gadodia ;best journalist of the country and wife randhir of .at first marriage is just a diplomatic deal between her and randhir as she never believed in limiting her feather’s by being someone’s better half .she was a free bird who wanted to touch the sky of her dreams .so when her father asked her to marry she instead of disheartening him approached randhir who at that time was just head of one of the adjoining industry of gadodia empire for her ,he married her so that he could extend his business and she married him to live in her way of living she even started falling for him but he never let him bow towards her that’s why he dominated every time .

sanskar complete spoilt brat who thinks whatever he wishes he will get as he knows his brother can never deny him about anything..he is obsessed with swara and wants her by hook or crook .loves his brother as he is only family to him[rest is mystery] .

swara ;a orphan who came in sanky’s life for a purpose which is very selfish still righteous according to her [rest let it be mystery]

ragini ;sister of sanyukta and iobsessed with sanky .player like randhir and doesn’t belives in morals as for her what matters is her happinness achieved anyhow

laksh ;enemy of shekhawats and boyfriend of swara .complete mean guy with all grey shades for him hating them is his way of breathing and destroying them his reason of birth

in this story all are villains because this is story of evil tacking purity of love

precap ; intro of others and story

do comment and it’s gonna be different just stay tunned

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  1. Waiting fot ur ff snice very long ……..
    Plss post it soon

  2. Keep writing kushgara. You have mentioned the truth of love and how relations are made and broken

  3. want ragini more

  4. Superbb dear but plzz post d further parts soon waiting for it

  5. Dharani

    continue dear

  6. Jwala

    loved the intro

  7. boring



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