friends it’s kushagra it’s my old ff only in this part i’ll sum all 1 to 4 parts so that from next to next part i could began the new readers who are knew can better understand this story

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part 9

let’s start

under dark sky lightened up by glowing stars a man of about 27 entered a huge mansion followed by bodyguards and settled himself on sofa and suddenly his servant came

servant : randhir sir dinner is ready may you pls come

randhir : has sanskar sir dinned or he is out

servant : s…s…sir. sankar sir are at home but they haven’t came outside from their room from afternoon we tried to call them but they did not responded and sounds of breaking things were coming out of the room

randhir [buring in anger and holding servants collar ] ; what and you are telling me now where are his guards and pa why the hell they did not informed me and he ran towards his brothers room
seeing ron in such mood guards and pa of sanskar standing outside the room got terrified

pa [sweating highly ] : sir we were constantly knocking but they are not responding

randhir [yelling ]: go akhil bring the duplicate keys just go

then even he started knocking finally with help of duplicate keys he opened the room

room was devastated and sanskar was sitting on the floor resting his back on bed with blood coming from side of his lip and one hand holding bottle of wine and other hand oozing blood because of pieces of broken glass pricked in it

randhir [hell afraid and tensed ] went towards him and lifted him and akhil came with first aid box

randhir himself did sanskar’s first aid

sanskar [fully drunk ]: bhai why you care about ha why she says i am worthless then why why you love me

randhir : who says you are worthless you are my everything you just name the person who did all i will not leave it .just name the person who dared to mess with brother of randhir singh shekhawat

sanskar [yelling ]: this is what he says that i am nothing without your name i have no value i am..

drunk sankar dozed off before even completing his sentence on randhir’s lap

randhir lovingly caressed his hair but suddenly sanskar in sleep winced in pain leaving him burning in anger to punish the reason behind it

randhir carefully placed him on bed and went from there and called one sanskar’s friend

randhir : hello dhruv it’s adharsh here

dhruv : oh randhir bhaiya how is sanskar is he ok .plz tell him to don’t take that laksh seriously

randhir : who is laksh and what happened to sanskar

dhruv : actually bhaviya sanskar was behind a girl named swara bose from a month .he fell for her on the first day of the collage but she was a scholarship student and very introvert so she never interacted with him but tomorrow sanky saw her with that laksh

dhruv started narrating the incident


sanky was sitting on the bonnet of his black mercedes then outside the campus that suddenly he saw laksh and swara walking hand in hand which infuriated him and he went to them and jerked their hands

laksh ; what the hell

sanky : swara dear how many times i have said you that u are mine them why the hell you do this to me

swara[annoyed] : what nonesense i am least interested in spoil brat like you stay away from us

sanky [sat on his kness] : see i love you more than my life and don’t worry i’ll propose u in grand style and in any ring you desire and whenever you ask but say like this

laksh[irritated] : heh stop this crap she is my fiance

this infuriated sanky and he stood up

sanky[yelling ] : swara what the hell u can’t leave me for this roadside romeo

laksh [matching his tone ] : if i am roadside romeo than what you are a worthless spoilt brat

after hearing this

sanky punched laksh after which swara slapped him in front of the whole campus

sanky ; how dare you slap the sanskar maheshwari

swara : what you thought that only good for nothing like you have guts .i warning you stay away from us

this made sanky furious and he twisted swara’s hand which made laksh punch him leading blood oozing from corner of sanky’s lips
sanky in order to confront him held his collar and suddenly dean came and saw them

dean : what is this nonsense

laksh ; sir some people think that they own this place so they bully others who came here to study

sanky : sir you stay out of this this is my matter

dean : mind your tongue i am your dean but what else i can expect from a spoiled student like u you are suspended for a week for confronting rank one laksh gadodia

narrated all this to randhir

randhir : what’s name of your dam dean

dhruv : just wait a min i’ll message his message to u bhaiya

randhir after receiving the message called the head of board members of the collage

randhir : mr singh its rss here

mr singh : sir why you bothered yourself if u needed anything you just have messaged me

randhir : i have no time to waste so i am directly saying that if you want donation this year then change the principle know

and he ended the call and went to the sanky’s room and sat near him

sanky woke up around 11

sanky : ah why my head is bursting

randhir : akhil bring lemonade and food for sanskar sir

soon akhil came and he himself made sanky drink that

after feeding he himself made his brother take pain killer

sanky[in baby voice ] : bhai u are also hungry na. please speak to me

sanky [innocently ]: sorry if i hurt but i was also angry na .plz na sorry plz i promise i won’t repeat it bhai .but u surely will make her mine na

ron ; yes sanky i will be least bothered even if your anger kills someone but if it gives you even one percent pain then it will myself devastate the reason

in sanky’s room

sanky laying on his bed stretched his arm and ordered

sanky : akhil where is my my coffee man

someone forwarded a mug to him

he while laying sipped it and then woke up with a jerk and said what the hell is this

ron[laughing ] : this is what you call milk and you have to gulp this whole mug

sanky [in sleeply voice ]: good morning bhai and thanks for disturbing my peaceful waking up session

ron : oh my pleasure by the way it’s afternoon after 12 and get ready fast as we have to go to airport

sanky : why i have to pick , has our pm returned from any foreign tour [sarcastically ]

ron : no just our bhabi is coming accompanied with her sister and someone’s bestie

sanky [jumped in excitement ] ; wow rags and sanyu bhabi is coming that’s why you have dressed so much [teasingly ]

ron : sanskar you are not coming

sankar : sorry na i was just kidding

ron : hurry up for your brunch

and he left soon they all went to airport and randhir himself drove followed by two cars of security guards

at airport they all greeted each other while ragsan just jumped on each other but sandhir had a cute hug

in the car

ragini : jiju do you know even this year too di dedicated her journalist of the year award to you . their was a phrase that their is a women behind every successful man but in your case it is vice versa

sanyu blushed but randhir remained neutral and smiled a bit

sanky : bhai if you say i can drive and you may join bhabi at back seat and rags will come in front

ron [stern tone ] : shut up or i will drop you both[eyeing rags and sanky ] in the jungle

sanyu : and their are lot of reptiles with whom you can click lot of selfies

rags pouted : leave these saddu’s snaky you tell how many days old your recent gf is

sanky : no rags this time i am really fallen in love

rags { soft tone } : do you really love her

sanky : yes but she is with someone else [his smile vanished irking the trio ]

rags : don’t worry she will be yours or else i will make her yours

soon they reached home and after dinner and celebration ragini ,ron and sanyu settled in study room

sanyukta : so he is just a middle class journalism student still that girl is prefering him over sanky

ragini : can’t you just force her family

rags : jiju why are you waiting just gunpoint her family and kill her lover and she’ll bow to you [ ragini said it so casually like making tea using teapot ]

ron : i was also thinking about this but i want to break her ego so that she can’t dare to stand against and her romeo has himself destined his early death by raising his hand on sanky

sanyu : wah wah what a ridiculous plan you both have made .what if that stupid girl committed suicide after her lover’s death or what if she tried to hurt sanky after marriage then what will you both do hah

ron : do you have a better plan

sanyu : yes laksh dare to hurt sanky’s ego so i’ll break his confidence and swara has full faith on her love so i will break her trust

rags : how di

sanyu : laksh is journalism student and no blooming journalist will deny the opportunity of being assistant of best journalist harshita maheshwari .

ron : so

sanyu : can you buy a news channel

ron : yeah surely which one you just name but now will you explain the plan

sanyu : i will make him famous for sometime then in front of the whole world will insult him

ron :and rags is supposed to attract him

rags : no jiju i will not go to that roadside romeo

sanyu : you have to just to a fake act with him as if it is practice for your future in acting and then we will frame him in cheating swara

rags : then like every innocent girl she will require a shoulder to sobb

ron : sanskar will provide her that soldier meanwhile i will make laksh pay his debt’s i must say wify you are smart

sanyu : just for you dear

rags : ah ah [fake coughing] you can romance i’ll join you later

both sandhir in unison : just shut up

sanyu : let’s sleep it’s already very late

tom morning

in a small room of 2bhk flat a old lady was sleeping suddenly laksh caressed her hair

laksh : ma wake up na

lady : good morning my dear son

laksh : ma breakfast is ready

lady : beta today if you had not being here then what would i have done

laksh : ma don’t worry i am there for you and even for punishing them which snatched everything from us

lady : yes beta you have to make that adharsh maheshwari pay for his deeds so that soul of your brother and dad could rest in peace

laksh : he did not only killed dad and bhai he even murdered my innocence and my humanity now i am just a spark of revenge who want to devour him bit by bit

lady : i want him to beg for his death like my son begged for life

laksh : i will make him die bit by bit by seeing his brother his life wince in pain every second

lady : but is that swara right card to play

laksh : she is the best card to play .ma that ad will be planing against me but does not know that he is planning for me

precap; summary of next 6 to 8 parts and hint of future story

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