thank’s to all for their support .i only wish to keep you thrilled with this story of cunning souls where love is either a obsession or a way to achieve mean motives .in short this the story of devils with pure lust for their love .

now back to this ff. and it’s link

as i have promised to write about character’s nature .so today it is ok swara

swara ; she had lived a hard live in an orphanage her father abounded her because she was a illegitimate child once her mother told me .from the age of 8 she was in orphanage .she hates her father [more will be revealed afterwords ].she is highly ambitious and want to live a luxuries life for which she can do anything .she loves money and most and is good at manipulating .she is extremely cute and beautiful no one can guess about the devil hidden behind her angelic face

let’s began the story

after the interview ended only laksh was selected .which made swara highly depressed as she was answerable to someone .she was going out of the interview room suddenly her phone ringed

swara : hello mam

renuka : so you got selected .this will be a golden chance for you for being near both of my sons as this channel is owned by my randhir’s wife .it will be really ….

sawara : hold on mam hold on .actually i got rejected

renuka : what and how i mean weren’t they came here make you sanskar’s ,do sanskar likes or he is behind some one else

swara : mam their is nothing like that he is behind me only that’s why they hired laksh my so called boyfriend

renuka : poor soul gonna suffer because of your plan to jealous sanskar nut remember till sankar is with you i am going to pay you to make him and randhir come back to me or else you gonna suffer

swara : mam your son is in my clutches gonna see a example

renuka : what

swara : just don’t cut the call and silently hear

swara went to canteen and saw sanky and his gang sitting .she took a tea cup and marched towards them and intentionally spilled bumped with someone and spilled that tea of his friends branded phone

dhruv[his best friend ] : you idiot stupid [ swara started crying ] what the hell you did .do you even know it’s cost .you blo…

before he could complete

sanskar[stern voice ] : mind your language dhruv her tears are more valuable than anything to me .these tears are priceless and don;t worry i’ll pay for your phone

druv : it;s nothing like that sanky i was just carried away

sanky : then apologise to her

dhruv : but what’s my fault

sanky[angry tone ] : just apologise or else i’ll

dhruv : i am sorry swara ji

swara ;it’s ok thanks sankar

sankar was happy beyond imagination but swara ran from their .after reaching away from sanky she took her phine again

swara : do you hear that sanky made his best friend apologise to me

renuka : good but don’t be overconfident .he hates much more than you can think

swara : but he loves me more than anything and i love money more than anything

suddenly someone tapped swara’s shoulder

swara:laksh you scared me

laksh : with whom you were talking [he didn’t heard anything ]

swara : voh voh

laksh : let it be do you know i got selected for news plus

and swara hugged him

swara [in mind ] ; tum select hua toh me kya achar dayu kya problem .uf i hate dis fake love drama

laksh [in mind] : bas har baat par hag karna hota hai ,i just hate all this drama

they did their fake lovy -dovy talks for sometime and laksh went home .his mom came to him but before she could say something he signalled her to be shut and from his hair detached a electronic bug and showed it to her .she got alert he placed that in air tight box so no sound could be heard by using it

his mom : they seem to be smart

laksh : they are very smart

his mom : who did it

laksh : their was a wild cat who intentionally slipped on dry floor and instead of my shoulder held my hair for support as i am too dumb to understand all this.hahah [he gave a evil laugh ]

his mom : they may be thinking .they can hear you all but they are wrong

laksh : but i can hear them all

his mom : what

laksh : their is microphone in interview room

his mom : i am proud of you son

laksh just gave a evil laugh ; hahah .dumb maheshwari’s

precap : suspense

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  3. This is amazing. Swalak are smart, ragsan are fools.??


      Thanks for comment to all but wait for the next epi to say who is fool and who is smart

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  5. amazing ff
    really interesting and really different from other ff
    m liking all devilish characters especiall raglak

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    I lyk such stories full of devilness
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