One Sided Love – Everyone Has A Story (Part 2)

I was holding my guitar on sunday afternoon and singing

“Toote dil toote dil toote dil (Broken heart-3)
Roothe dil roothe dil roothe dil (Upset heart-3)
Oh jhoothe dil jhoothe dil jhoothe dil (oh liar heart-3)
Hai kya teri mushkil (What is your problem)”

Moon had finally agreed to wear pink lehenga for the wedding. The chat went on like

Me- Why specifically pink though?
Sanky- You remember that day. Her 15th birthday?
Ragsy- I was wearing pink dress that day.

Ragsy’s 15th birthday was the day when Sanky first fell for her.

Moon: I hated that dress.
Sanky: Why?
Moon: ‘Cause it was pink.
Honey: Why do you hate pink so much?
Moon: ‘Cause its pink. I won’t wear pink.
Ragsy: No moon. Won’t you do it for me?
Ashu: Please moon. Their marriage won’t come again.
Moon: Unless they fight and get divorced and patch up and get married again. Ok I will.
Ragsy: I love you.
Moon: But. The rest of you won’t ever do such torture on me.
Sandy: No worries. Ashu will be there to convince you.

We all started laughing. Moon’s love story is no. 3 for Ashu. All her feelings for him are genuine. But as moon changes her boyfriends and micro crushes like clothes, no one believes her. Initially, I didn’t too. But you know. Sister instincts. I came to know it was true. And Ashu did. But he did not have that kind of feelings for her. So Moon moved on. But you know. Buddies. They are there to make your hell heaven and your heaven hell. We still joke about it.

The chat went on like discussing clothes for girls and WWE score for Moon and boys. And then we had dinner and slept peacefully because sunday. Yayyy.

I was still singing
“Oh just go to hell dil”

My phone rang. It said Tato. Tato or Aaliya is another cousin of mine. She is still a student. And she is Honey’s girlfriend.

Tato- Yo didu.
Me- Yo sissy. ‘Sup?
Tato- Sunday chilling. You.
Me- Exams di.
Tato- Gawd I miss those days.

And we both talked about school days. I told her about the pink thing. And then Honey came up.

Tato- Di.
Me- Yeah?
Tato- What if I fall for someone else?
Me- You did?
Tato- No but what if?
Me- It’ll be complicated. But he will gradually understand.
Tato- No. No he won’t. He is very emotional di. His heart will snap into peices. And I don’t want to do it.
Me- No one does. But you know. Teenage affects whole life.
Tato- How to make him understand that he was just a crush for me. Just a simple micro crush. And we are in a relation for almost 10 years now. And I don’t feel like more than a friend about him. The way I feel about all my friends.
Me- 10 years is a very long time.
Tato- I know. But. I can’t even tell him.
Me- I feel guilty sometimes. We are cheating Honey. And I was the one who silently supported Sandy and now he’s also broken. He does not show me but he is. I was the one who started to joke about Moon and Ashu and persuaded her feelings when I knew that he does not feel the same for her.
Tato- Di you were the one who made Ragini and Sanskar patch up everytime they fought. And they are getting married.
Me- Thats 3 to 1.
Tato- Dida please!

She paused.

Tato- Di mumma is calling. Buh bye. Love you.
Me- Love you too. Bye.

And she hung up. By now you must be knowing that its the love story no. 4.

It does kill my insides. Sandy, Honey and Moon’s one sided love. It only has gloom. Negativity. Hell.

“Har kisi ko nahi milta yahan pyaar zindagi mein (Every body dies not get love here in life)”

I hold my guitar and sing.

I imagined a figure. Blurred but getting clearer each second. Almost clear.

NOOOOO my insides screamed.

And I leave the guitar, lie on bed and sleep.

I’m over him.

Author’s note: Guys it was supposed to be a non serial ff. I mentioned that Sanskar and Ragini are not the ones from SwaRagini. But if you want to assume them to be, you can.
But there are 4 other stories going along.

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