One shot


I believe all of you have heard of deals specifically deals between strangers that leads to love…

Being a shy,timid girl to strangers and being the bestest friend to her loved ones. She will do the craziest thing to make you smile and will be the first one to know when your down. She gives everyone her everything but excepts one from all,love.

She hasn’t loved anyone as she fears of losing him. She wants someone to be there just like how is there for others but whenever she turns back no is there for her.

But thing changed when she went to high school. She made new friends that is what all of us do. She found old friends whom she knew for her lifetime. As the days go by her classmate,her best friend started to love someone. That someone was our girl’s old friend she doesn’t talk much to him even though they know each for 7 yrs. But as always she did all she can to bring the two together. The only thing was it was not happening.

But there was something happening between our girl and that guy. They started to talk more than they have ever since 7 yrs. They talked about anything they could imagine, they talked everyday. She started to feel a sense of belonging which never felt before. She wanted more, she wanted to know him more she wanted to talk to him more but the only thing stopping her from her wish is her friend’s love.

Years passed and our girl and guy were very close but kept its a secret to all. One day the guy told the girl this, ” hey, do u wanna make a deal?”
She was confused.”what deal?” She asked. “If by end of our school year we actually like each other would like to be together? “. Reading this her world went upside down what she always wanted was happening but that was too good to be true she thought.Then it hit her.Her friend how could she betray her friend? Would u say yes?

She replied and their jounery begin. She loved herself more she didn’t rely on others for help or a shoulder to cry she was becoming strong. Gradually the connection between them increased and the love/infatuation her friend had slowly went down. She started to like him alot but doubts arised as to whether if this is it the one who she has been looking for.

He liked her,like like her and he looks for with his eyes but never shows it. He expression changes when she talks or is having fun with guys as he didn’t want her to be ard them. He thinks he knows everything he calls himself best in the world but what he doesn’t know is how much be means to her as being her she hides everything within as she is still on the fence to whether this is love or is it just like her friend an infatuation…

But is this really love? Will the deal work out?
Or is it something that every girl experiences…if it is what would you do if your friend doesn’t like him anymore how will you tell her that?

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  1. It was a bit confusing…the last part..for whum didu ask d question?? was good…but i think its a bit personal..isnt it?? Btw..regarding this very has a diferent its always upto the girl to think wat it or infatuation..

  2. Awesome, ….loved it…keep on….plz continue dear

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