A one shot of Twinj? Or Twiraj (You guys choose) ~Nusz


A one shot of Twinj? Or Twiraj (You guys choose) ~Nusz

Hey guys Nusz is back aha with another One-two shot of Tashan – E – Ishq (From Cad raised in

England). This story will be very different than the actual track!! But everything will be based on

a love track in my style… I have written many Fan-Fictions and people enjoyed it a lot so I

wanted to give a try out for any of these couples because I was bored has hell But I will choose

any of your choices. It will be based on a true love story. Let me know who you would like to

see. I will write some stuff below and you guys tell me.
Titles that you would want and the story based?

– “My heart and your heart doesn’t equal anymore”
– “I knew it was you because I remember your smile”
– “I am leaving you because I want you to be happy”
– “My destiny and wonders are under you”

So guys these are the titles you can choose from and the most voted one will win. Alright basically you can see what the story will be like but I will give a little hint for each title.

Look Below aha.

Title one Hint of the storyline
“My heart and your heart doesn’t equal anymore”
Something has happened in the past that made two hearts broken and they don’t equal anymore with each other. (Hint 1)
Title two Hint of the storyline
“I knew it was you because I remember your smile”

He feels like they know each other but something has happened that broke their smile for each other. (Hint 2)
Title three Hint of the storyline

“I am leaving you because I want you to be happy”

Someone left someone because they deeply loved each other. But why leave for their happiness?
Title four Hint of the storyline

“My destiny and wonders are under you”

You were made for my destiny no wonder you’re always under me with full of happiness. But why did you have to leave me?
Well guys I am finished telling you the titles that you guys need to choose. I’ve also given you guys some hints for each title for their story. Now you need to choose the couple.
Is it going to be?

Twinj? (Twinkle and Kunj)

Twiraj? (Twinkle and Yuvi/Yuvraj)

Now it’s up to you guys and tell Nusz and I will write a two shot on these couples based on the couple and title that got voted the most. If you guys don’t say anything then I can’t do a Fan-Fiction on them. So you guys have to choose and let me know ASAP.

Moral – “You need to smile with a bright light on your head, then you will see it”

Anyways keep smiling like always guys xx.

If you want read the other Fan-Fictions by me xx ~ Nusz xx.

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  1. Plzzzz twinj…

  2. Ria

    Hey, I would prefer Twinj.
    Also, the story I would prefer is : “I knew it was you because I remember your smile”
    But, obviously go with majority opinion.?

  3. Angita

    Hehe can you write two for example
    One twinj
    One twiraj
    Title my favorite is title 4 and title 2
    All the best
    I’m Angita……are you elder to me???

  4. Isha_

    My destiney and wonders are under you and twinj and the rest is up to you but what ever is the topic i am going to love it love your ff nusz

  5. Hi pls make it on twiraj Bcz all the stories are only of twinj

  6. Hi pls make it on twiraj

  7. I Luvd title 4….
    I wud luv it more if its twinjs ff

  8. Make it twiraj

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    loved title 2….& plzzzz make it a twinj os….plszzzz….

  10. Sriya

    i knew it was you i remember your smile and plzzzzzzzzzz make it a twinj os

  11. Fan

    I likrd title 2…n plz write twinj os..

  12. Write on twiraj all of thm vl write on twnj im bored yaar can u write on twiraj.nd im wtng for twiraj

  13. I like the fourth a bit more otherwise all are amazing and make it twinj or twiraj it’s fine with me

  14. Ritzi

    Pls make it as TWINJ! Any story will do nd ya I just read ur status may I knw what is law Bollywood?

  15. Zuha Fatima

    Make it a Twiraj FF Nuszzzz and 1st option is different and nice! I like it! Well it is Twinj or Twiraj that does not matter to ne as I am fan of both Twinj and Twiraj?
    Continue ASAP!



  17. Plzz make it twinj plz

  18. Meeta

    I love both TwiNj n TwiRaj.
    But Bahot kunj ho gaya.
    I want TwiRaj please

  19. Meeta

    Title ..1 n 4.

  20. twinjfan (tamanna)

    plz make it on TwiNj plz…I would prefer 2nd one…

  21. Romaisha

    Heyy i like it was you because i remember your smile …. Andw well im a fan of both twinj and twiraj but whichever u choose … Please .. Anyway up to the votes … But all has rather nice intros…?

  22. SidMin

    Twinj and I am a bit confused with the story line coz I liked the 2 and 3 one

  23. I want twiraj ….twiraj… Twiraj.. Twiraj..twiraj…… Too many twinj FF and I am a Twiraj Fan … Kunj is just tooo gone now … Yuvi is too good

  24. plzz make it twinj…twinj…twinj….twinj….twinj….twinj…..twinj
    any story will work but only twinj….twinj…..twinj…twinj….twinj….twinj

  25. Baby

    nusz fr sure pls pls pls twinj only

  26. Baby

    nusz all 4 yr all r gud rite all bt only on twinj twinj twinj twinj n TWINJ nly dear

  27. Thanmy

    I would like twin and the 4th one rest is up to you

  28. Twinj

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