A one shot. My first try. Dont kill me if you don’t find this good enough. I m not that great writer so please bear my mistakes.

~Swara’s pov~

I was running as I had a flight to India and I could imagine my parents waiting for me. I had to reach the underground ferry from where I could reach London Airport. As I came running I bumped into a guy in a blue hoodie. The collision scattered all my files and I was cursing him a lot. “Idiot!” I yelled at him. He picked up all my files and handed it to me. I couldn’t see his face but I mumbled him a thank you and said him “Sorry for calling you an idiot.”

“Its okay I called you an idiot too in my mind.” He blurted and ran away like an IDIOT.

I also ran towards the underground station and I decided to call my mom to inform her. But I couldn’t find it in my trench coat. “The guy. He was a thief.” I concluded.

I saw a familiar hoodie and the ferry was no way around so I decided confront him as the place was a little secluded. To my horror he was the same guy.

“You thief !” I yelled.

“What ?”

“You stole my phone.”

The cops were around and they enquired us and I told them whatever I had assumed. They searched in his pockets and found my phone.

Before leaving he requested to check me too. “I m sure officer she has my phone.” His last words.

My phone rang I kept it in my ear. But there was no answer. In fact the phone was still ringing. I felt the vibration in the left pocket of my trench coat. It was his phone. He was not a thief. I was guilty as I had assumed a lot of things. He will be jailed probably, the cops might be beating the hell out of him. I have to save him even though I miss my flight. I ran towards the police station and cleared the matter. This time I could see his face — a fair young handsome guy with intense eyes.

And there started our journey — a journey which was forced on us for we were bound to spend the time together. I knew none in London and he was too arrogant to even try.
I started our first conversation.

“Sorry. I never knew that. I hope you have forgiven and forgotten.” I apologised him calmly.

“hmm. Today I have realised all beauty and no brains is the only kind of girls here in the world.” He said me rudely.

“by the way you just complimented me by calling me a beauty. So thank you.” I tried being as humble as I could.
He didn’t respond. I started tickling him.
“Are you mad ?” He yelled at me.

“Tell me who is the girl who broke your heart.” It was so obvious by his rude/arrogant behaviour. It was a Girlfriend problem.

“Kavita. I loved her a lot. But she used me. I was always an ATM machine for her. Nothing else.”

“That’s it. I am, I guess more unlucky. I saw my boyfriend making out with my best friend in my own bedroom.”

“ow. That’s more painful. How can you be happy ?”

“I don’t think much. You should think you didn’t lost anyone. In fact you realised the person after whom you were spending your 24*7 was not worth it. But think about them. They lost someone who loved them truly. I pity Kavita and Kavish. We have not lost anything. So cheer up.”

“Oh. Kavish is that moron.” He spat in anger. He smiled at me as I frowned.

“mhm.” I replied.

We saw a park bench near the river Thames. It was a beautiful night. We surrendered on the bench looking at the beautiful scenery. We couldn’t help but fall asleep. Unknowingly and unintently my head fell on his shoulder.

~Sanskar’s pov~

I looked at her. I didn’t know her name. But I somehow felt complete in her company. Her head rested on my shoulder. We fitted together like two pieces of a jig saw puzzle. Soon I fell asleep.

~After few hours~

I woke up and saw again her face. I tucked her hair behind her ear so that she could sleep peacefully. But all good things don’t last forever. And that was her sleep…

“staring is rude Mr…” She pouted dramatically.

“Sanskar and your name Miss Sadoo?” I asked a little ashamed as I didn’t know her name.


We went to a popular suburb restaurant to have our breakfast. We had a french toast and a pineapple milkshake. Our choices matched somehow leaving us amused.

I pretended to search for my wallet and said her “Sorry. Looks like I dont have money.”

“That’s perfectly alright. I will pay. My treat.” She winked at me.

And she paid. It was her test as Kavita always made me pay her expensive bills and thankfully she passes it. I didn’t want to waste my time with a girl who was like Kavita. But Swara .. She was different.. We took a walk around the river Thames admiring it’s beauty and indulged in some stupid conversation again.

“No cats are better” I argued.

“No dogs are much better.” She answered back.

“okay you win. Lets go for a roller coaster ride there.” I exclaimed.

“Nah. I m acrophobic. I really hate heights.”

“Oh common. Maybe god sent me to get you rid of your scare for heights ?”she didn’t fell for my philosophy so I had forcefully to drag her there.

At first she screamed near my ears and dug her nails deep into my skin.
Finally we came down.

“Sanky I enjoyed it a lot.”

“See your love bites.” I said showing her my wounded hand. She blushed and hid her face in embarrassment. We decides to catch a train and roam in the city. I strided towards the station and she followed me.

Somehow I entered the train but she couldn’t. My heart fell deep into the pit of my stomach. For a moment I felt alone. I hurried to the next station and took a cab.

~Swara’s pov

Life is so unexpected. I met a guy and I lost him. But somewhere I hoped he would be back…. For me…. I saw a goon looking man staring at me with his lustful eyes. I ignored but he grabbed my hand. As he was leaning forward probably to kiss me he was knocked to the floor. It was him… Sanskar. He had given a tight punch to him on his face.
I gave him a bone crushing hug. Somewhere I felt he had a deep impact in my life within a short span of time.

“I was so scared.” I said him. He covered his arms around me ruffling my hair. I felt so protected…

“You don’t have to be when I m around.” Yea, when he was around. I was brought back to reality. Our togetherness was for a little more time. I was going to lose him probably forever. I didn’t want to though. Something struck my mind and I gave him a quick peck on his lips. He was astounded. I felt safe and happy with him.

~Sanskar’s pov~

She kissed me. Probably she was going through the same thing through which I went. Maybe she also felt attracted. But when she touched my lips I had electric sparks running through my whole body. I had those butterflies in my stomach. Maybe it was LOVE…
We saw the time. It was 7:08. We had to reach the airport. I started walking on the empty road. Swara was a way behind. Suddenly she pushed me on the floor. “What the f–” I couldn’t complete. She laid there unconscious. She was thrashed by a car. I could see the driver. It was the same guy who had tried to misbehave with her before.

I ran towards her. Her forehead had a slight bump with a little blood.

“Ouch my head.” She exclaimed.

“I m sorry. I should have been careful while walking. But what was the need to do all this..”

“do what ?”

“to risk your life Swara. Its very precious to me… Why did you do that ?” I yelled at her.

“Because I——”

She stopped and started walking. I was confused. Did she meant because I love you ? She had saved my life risking her life. What else could it mean. We boarded for our flight. Thankfully both of us were flying to Calcutta. A little more time with her seemed to me like I had got a whole lifetime to live and enjoy . We occupied nearby seats on a few requests. I dressed her wound carefully and she slept again on my shoulder. That’s how our journey started and that’s how it was going to end.

We reached Calcutta airport. “I will miss you.” I said her

“Will miss you too.” She replied. A tear escaped her eye.

She had to walk towards east side exit gate and I was walking towards the west. Our ways were like on the opposite banks of a river.

As I was walking I recollected the whole day spent with her. Never had I ever got so much happiness. She was the sole reason. I ran towards her and as she was about to enter the cab I took her out with me. I didn’t care about my luggage getting stolen. I didn’t care about my family. All I cared about was she…

I kissed her with passionately and she reciprocated it back. First time I found myself so complete. So happy. So content.
“I love you. I dont how ? I realised when I was about to lose you Swara.” I said her looking at her eyes.

“I love you too Sanskar.” She told me turning a little tinge of red.

That was our story… A day long love story…
If you have read this please do comment.

Credit to: Anu

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