“I had one more shot at second chances”….. OS By Fahee

Kartik’s POV.

I was in 10th grade. It was a good pleasant weather that day. I had no idea that day could ever change my life. I saw ‘her’.

Whom I decided to call ‘MY SOULMATE’.


My Naira.

She was in ‘B’ section whereas I was in ‘A’. That day, is an unforgettable day. I saw her, chatting with her friends. Smitten at an instant, I fell for her. I didn’t even know her name. I learned her name was ‘Naira’ from my friend, Surya. Her long lustrous hair, sparkling eyes, rosy lips,…moreover, when I saw her helping our school janitor, who was in poverty, I really fell deeply in love with her. The insecure ness of me, troubled in making up the conversation. Whenever I pass by the class, I would see her sitting beside the window, doing her work.

Oh! How beautiful her handwriting was!

Finally we finished our board exams and the results came. It was pretty good enough. When we went to collect our mark sheets, I mustered up courage. Our relationship was initiated.

“Hello” my squeaky voice, hovered.

“Hey! Kartik?” she asked.

“Uh yes. How you know me?” I asked her, acting astonished.

“No one can ever ignore the name who ignites the toppers place” she says.

Well yeah, I was the topper.

“Yeah” and smiles fakely.

“Friends?” she asks cheerfully.

“Yes!” Controlling my excitement, I acted as if I was normal.

Soon we became the ‘inseparable friends’. Many backbited. We didn’t care. Because we don’t have to.

We both had similar interests. It was not Oxymorous in our relationship. We both loved hiking, adventures, long drives, etc,.

When our holidays were coming to an end, we planned for a long drive. Without our parents consent or permission. It was 9:00 p.m. She came out in her PJs and Sweatshirt. She was cute! I thought that I would tell her my feelings that night….

We went on a very long drive. It was about two hours since the drive started, I drove the car listening to her continuous talks. We were also scared since we were underage. But never minded. She asked me to increase speed.

“Increase it! It’ll be fun!”

“No Naira. Please?”

“Please… Just for once”, she pleaded.

Maybe that was the only once thing she asked me for. Two trucks, trying to overtake each other in a high rate of speed, collided with the car, crashing it to a plate.

Miraculous, I survived. Woke up after 6 months. Was in Coma.

I went to her home. No one uttered anything. I went to the living room.


I lost it when I saw that. She died, because of me? I never expressed my feelings.

I spent 3 years in depression. I was a contrast to the Kartik, who was before.

Finally, I met Sheila.

Same attitude, same looks, as if she’s the reincarnation of my love. She tried to get closer to me, in a good way.

She made me believe


Now we are married, and we have a cute little girl, Naira.

The End.

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  1. Shivaya khanna

    Wow nice one but a better ending would have been if kaira would have been together when will you upload your ff eagerly waiting for it

  2. Fenil

    Simple and emotional OS
    Topper ko kon nhi janta kya baat hain naira.
    Speed badhao Karthik,ek hi chiz naira ne boli use kar ne ko woh ki aur naira ko hi kho diya.

  3. Vrushy

    Very simple and sweet OS.
    Loved it.

  4. Sunanda12345

    Nyc yar cute concept ???
    But sad that naira dies ???but she came back as karthik daughter ??☺

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