You and Only You (One Shot) ~ Monica and Ria


You and Only You
One Shot

Seasons greeting to all of you! Merry Christmas everyone!

• • • • •

(Kunj’s POV)

I rushed inside the airport sweating profusely as the consequences of Twinkle leaving me struck my mind. ‘What if her flight takes off?’, I thought looking around for her. The consequences would be really bad. Leela maa would fall ill, Bebe would rather prefer going back than staying without Twinkle here. About me. I don’t even want to think about it.

‘How could she think that I love Maya? Isn’t it evident that I love her and only her? I’m going to tell her everything today even if that means losing her. Atleast the consequence of that would be better. I would be the only one affected and not the rest.’, I thought.

I was walking searching for her when I bumped into someone and both of us fell down on the floor. I cursed myself for walking carelessly and bumping into random people and that too a girl. Her brown hair covered her face. I stood up and gave her a hand. She placed her soft palm on mine and stood up slowly.

She removed the hair from her face and there she was, the troublemaker. “Twinkle!”, I exclaimed as everyone around us looked at me awkwardly. She looked at me and instantly looked down at the floor guiltily.

‘Why was she guilty now?’, I thought and placing my finger on her chin and made her face me. She muttered an apology as I looked on blankly at her. “I didn’t want to interfere in your and Maya’s life and..”, she started and I immediately pulled her closer to me. She gasped at my sudden reaction as I placed my hand on her mouth.

She widened her eyes and looked at me as I said, “For God’s sake will you stop this?” She shrugged her shoulders and I continued, “Maya is my childhood friend. Do you get it? I don’t love her. Now will you tell what makes you think all these stupid things?”

I removed my hand and she meekly asked, “What about the divorce papers you were going to give me?” “What?”, I gasped at her sudden query. “I saw the papers in your bag”, she stated.

“That was Maya’s divorce papers. I was helping her out in the procedures. Why do you always jump to conclusions without knowing anything!”, I replied. She avoided any kind of eye contact being embarrassed. I pulled her closer and wrapped my arms around her waist.

“Where were you even trying to go taking my heart along?”, I enquired. She gasped at my sudden, indirect confession as I let out a soft giggle and she turned crimson. She hugged me tightly to hide her flattered look. I stroked her hair and whispered, “I love you! It’s either you or no one.”

“I love you too”, she confessed as I brightly smiled and hugged her back. Everyone around started applauding for us as we pulled back and looked around embarrassed. The colour on Twinkle’s cheeks had been rising and I rubbed the back of my head. Both of us looked down at the floor as the crowd slowly started clearing up.


We both entered inside the house entwining our hands with each others. “Are you both done confessing your love?”, asked Bebe. Twinkle looked down embarrassed as I could barely meet Bebe’s gaze. “Bebe! What are you talking about?”, I asked trying to lessen the awkwardness that had engulfed the two of us a minute ago.

“Kunj, you’ve confessed your love to your wife and not to some other unknown girl”, Bebe said and let out a soft giggle along with Leela maa. “Twinkle”, someone muttered and it was Maya’s voice. Twinkle looked up at the direction for a second and quickly lowered her gaze to hide her embarrassment. She handed her the things Twinkle had given before leaving in the morning.

“Twinkle, this is your right. I’m no one to interfere in between”, said Maya as Twinkle slowly looked up and mumbled an apology. “You don’t need to be sorry Twinkle. I do understand how you must’ve felt seeing Kunj being so free with me, but Twinkle don’t lose your hopes. Fight for yourself, this family, your rights and most importantly for the two of you, for Kunj”, Maya said and the two of us smiled.

Situations either bring the best out of people or the worst out of them. For Maya, situations brought the best out of her. Her divorce had affected her a lot and she had turned very mature. “Thank you Maya! Please forgive me. I misunderstood you”, spoke Twinkle hugging Maya. Maya patted her back and replied, “It’s alright.”

They pulled back after a fraction of seconds and Maya said, “I need to leave now. You all have a great time. Kunj, I’ll meet you at the college tomorrow.” I smiled and hugged her. She hesitantly hugged me back fearing Twinkle to misunderstand things again, but she smiled looking at the two of us, at our bond.

Later in the day, Twinkle was working in the kitchen alone when I tip-toed inside. Everyone had gone out for the day for a puja that was required to be held the next day. They had been to Guru ji’s place to bring him home and could return only the next day. ‘Who leaves such a golden opportunity’, I chuckled at my thought as Twinkle turned around to look at me.
“Kunj, why are you coming inside like a thief?”, she asked. ‘Thief!’, I thought and then smirked. I walked closer to her and mumbled, “You’re the thief.” She looked dumbfounded and asked me what I meant. “You stole my heart darling”, I replied stroking her right cheek. She turned around and said, “Kunj, let me do my work.”

(Twinkle’s POV)

He picked me up and made me sit on the kitchen slab. He murmured “I want you, Twinkle”. He then pulls me close to him. His proximity is overwhelming. I bit my lip in nervousness. He’s so close but he doesn’t touch me. His heart is warming my skin. “I’m not going to touch you until you say yes”, he says softly. “But right now after such a lazy morning, I want to bury myself in you and just forget everything but us”.

‘Oh my … Us. Such a magical word’, I think. He raises my head which was facing the ground and says, “You look too cute while blushing, this makes me wanna have you more!”. I melt into pieces with his words, everytime.

He adds, “I’m going to touch your face”. I breathe signaling him. He lifts my hand, caresses my cheeks and runs down his fingertips up to my lips. I close my eyes and exhale, enjoying his touch.

He leans down slowly, and my lips automatically lift to meet his. He hovers over me.

“Yes or no, Twinkle?” he whispers.

His mouth softly closes on mine as his arms enfold me, pulling me to him. His hands move up my back, fingers tangling in the air at the back of my head and tugging gently, while his other hand compresses on my behind, forcing me against him. I moan softly.

He then picks me up, without disturbing our kiss and walks. When he put me back, I felt something soft on which I was sitting and to my surprise we were already in the bedroom.

We continued kissing. My fist in his hair while my mouth feverish against kunj’s, consuming his, relishing the feel of his tongue against mine and it’s the same, heavenly.

Suddenly, he drags me up and grasps the hem of my T-shirt, whipping it over my head and throwing it on the floor. “I want to feel you”, he says against my mouth as his hands move behind me to undo my bra. In one smooth move, it’s off and he pitches it aside. He pushes me back onto the bed, pressing me against the mattress.

His hand moves to my jeans and he smoothly undoes the button, tugs the zipper down and slips the jeans off my legs. “I want you”, I murmur. His mouth joins with mine again and I feel his hungry desperation, his need for me.

Kunj slowly comes apart beneath me. He grabs my hips and place my hands on his arms. I close my eyes to feel him. After a fraction of seconds, I open my eyes to stare down at him and he’s staring back at me, eyes blazing.

“My Twinkle”, he whispers softly.
“Yes”, I rasp. “Always”.

• • • • •

Bonjour everyone! So, here we are. Stupid and Idiot? Do you recognise us? Of course you do. The title itself tells who we are!

So, yes. Monica and Ria. The two dumb heads who keep on fighting all day long, but keep loving each other too.

Anyway, how was this guys? This was our first attempt and guys, please note it down. I (Ria) did most of the work? Okay, Monica, I’m kidding??

Well, drop down your views people. We’re very excited to know your thoughts. Have a great ahead and eat lots of cake.

With love,
Monica and Ria.

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    Is this true? Tom and Jerry working together ? It’s unbelievable. I would have thought that u two working together would end up in a disaster but, boy was I wrong! Instead, you have given us a beautiful masterpiece. i loved the concept of continuing a scene from the show and making it your own. Ria and Monica you guys are amazing and I love forward to more works from you two! Love you! ? and a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Bonjour amigas!!! ?. (Shut up ok? I know.. Im terrible @ foreign languages)

    Idiot and Stupid. Kaise hai? ?

    Yaar.. Cant even insult the 2 of u if i want.. I have to praise y’all..
    Because like damnnnn ???
    This was too much ??????
    Damn clawesome!! Just fantastic guys really!

    I enjoyed every letter typed ! ?
    Really i did.. Not lying.. Hats off to you guys!!

    Ria di… I miss you alot yaar
    Monica di … Psshk.. I talked to u today ?? jking.. Miss yah too ?

    Once again u both nailed it with that dirty minds of yours ?????

    Loada of love to both of you ??

    ~P.S .. Its Romaisha.. Incase you didnt follow

  4. Awesome….;)
    DO write more os like this….. Luv u guys:*:*

  5. Ayu

    Bonjour mes amies! Allez-vous bien?
    Truly saying….if one is cat and one is dog, i would prefer to keep them aloof but if it is for gaining such a piece of work at the end of the day, i am sold!?
    Absolutely amazing!!! Bravo guys!
    Vous méritez l’appréciation dont vous jouissez en ce moment si.
    Zyada french ho gya na?
    Just saying…i am floored! Now that Tom and Jerry have paired up, dhamake to hone hi hai…waiting for more…
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    Ommgggg omggg omgggggg woaaaha is it true… my rwo fav writers together
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    Its hust amazing
    So now tom and jerry sath mien hai toh bomb fatenge???❤️❤️?
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    Sooo romantic yaar I loved it you make all memories refresh
    It was awesome
    Plz keep writing such amazing plots

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    That ws jst soo good.. yrr.. lively OS it ws.. damn hot??

  14. First of all MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
    The story was amazing! I really loved the narration!
    Plz plz continue with ur work and plz write another os…. I am waiting….. And another big fan to ‘THE MONICA-RIA FANDOM’;)

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    Merry Christmas ?
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    TEI ke yaad dila de 🙂
    Love you both 🙂 Keep writing together 🙂

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    Fab colab OS… It reminded me of TEI… Miss those blissful days like hell… The end tho??????? do write more OSs…

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    Cute one ria n Monica
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  20. Zuha Fatima

    Hey my 2 dumb heads 😛 ,
    Well I never knew when 2 dumb heads work together, they end up giving a stupendous piece of creativity.Well being short of time all I can say is that my 2 sweet hearts, you rocked as always and this was definitely more than one could say ‘AMAZING’ and I wish you guys keep on rocking like this! A very happy Christmas! Cherish and Enjoy this Christmas!
    Loads of Love and Support!
    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

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    Am I dreaming ? Yes.. I’m sure I’m dreaming !! Someone pinch me !
    OMG… Is that true ? You two together. Gosh.. I can’t believe it. One calls the other idiot.. the other one calls the first one stupid. How come you both landed up together ? That’s indeed a shock. It’s like a dog and a cat sharing a piece of flesh lovingly! And I swear this bond of dog and cat or say tom and Jerry is my favourite.

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