One Shot! The marriage that changed everything!

hey guys! as promised i am here with my one shot! i promise i would give you all a ragsan ff soon! not only ragsan,but also swalak,raglak too! any i am also planning to write a oneshot on swaragini! but for that i need time! i am going to mumbai on vaccations on 17th and will return on 14th april. till then no ff,no one shot! my new ff of whose i had gave the inroduction will start from mid of april.!
now no more waste of time! direct to the story!

The story starts when Swara Sanskar married again and Laksh married Kavya betraying Ragini. Swara and Ragini went back with their father.
Next day morning:
Scene1(Gadodia house):
The curtains had been wide open for quite some time now,letting the sharp rays of sun stream in through the open window, on to the face of Ragini,who lay in bed ,covered in a blanket,very uncomfortable in his sleep but still unmoving. Her eyes flickered through the night and her fingers trembled. She was asleep and didn’t wake up. It wasn’t a good night’s sleep. Finally after tossing restlessly from side to side ,she woke up and tried opening her eyes. One of them refused to open swollen from the whole night’s crying. There was a huge gash just above her right eyebrow, which had been bandaged and heavily taped. She touched the bandage with her hands and checked for blood with her other half open, groggy eye. She sighed as she found none…….. As she got up her mother came there with a cup of coffee for her which she politely refused. How can she drink coffe when her world has turned upside down?
Ragini’s POV:

How can you do this with me Laksh? It was only for you, I played with my sister’s feelings who thought me to live life. How Laksh??? It was only because of you I changed myself. Only because of you even I tried to separate my maa and Papa who had united after 20years. Even after you tried to kill me, I forgave you. Everything I did was only for you. To get back in return your love. But you gave me betrayal,pain. How could you do that Laksh? If you would had said me that you love Kavya I would had moved away from your path. If you had to leave me then why did you accepeted me? I can never forgive you.
Suna suna lamha lamha meree raahe tanha tanha
Aakar mujhe tum tham lo, manjil teree dekhe rasta
Mud ke jara abb dekh lo, aisa milan phir ho na ho
Sab kuchh meraa tum hee toh ho

Bapanah pyar hai aaja, teraa intejar hai aaja
O bapanah pyar hai aaja, teraa intejar hai aaja
Suna suna lamha lamha, meree raahe tanha tanha

Scene2(Maheswari Mansion):
Laksh was sleeping on his bed,the rays of sun fell on his face.
Laksh: Ragini,shut the curtains.
Someone comes and put on the curtains. Laksh opens his eyes and sees that she is Kavya.
Kavya: good morning.
Laksh gave a fake smile.
Kavya: Laksh! Seriously you thought Ragini is here? I mean you called meRagini.
Laksh: Sorry I was used to call that name.
Laksh gave Kavya an answer but he was lost in his own thoughts as Ragini had never drawn the curtains,then why did he uttered that name?
Kavya: Actually Laksh I heard Mom and Chachiji talking that Ragini tried to commit suicide yesterday.
Laksh: What?? Is she fine now?

Kavya: Yes but why are you so tensed? You had once said that she had done this drma before?
Laksh: Haan but earlier it was her plan to trap me,but this time she is herself trapped. I think she is not acting.
Kavya: Poor girl! Even I had hitted her with the vase a little hard.
Laksh: Kavya are you mad? I said nah not to be harsh.
Kavya: Laksh you are shouting on me for that stupid girl.
Laksh: Kavya! Please stop! We did wrong with her. If we would had said her about this may be she would had gone out of my life.
Kavya: What happened Laksh? Why are you so tensed? Why are you worried for that Ragini who made your life hell?
Laksh: I don’t know why but I am very worried about her. Hope she is fine.
It can’t be love…. he thinks and immediately his heart protests.

Bichhde bhee ham jo kabhee raasto me, toh sang sang rahungee sada
Kadmo kee aawaj sun ke chalungee, tumhe dhund lungee sada
Bhulee mohabbat kee yeh khushbuye hain, hawaon me phailee huyee
Chhu kar mujhe aaj mahsus kar lo, woh yade meree unchhuyee
Aisa milan phir ho na ho, sab kuchh meraa tum hee toh ho
Bapanah pyar hai aaja, teraa intejar hai aaja
O bapanah pyar hai aaja, teraa intejar hai aaja
Suna suna lamha lamha, meree raahe tanha tanha

Scene3(Gadodia house)
Swara who was sitting near the window was still lost in her own thoughts.Anight had passed away but the wounds are still fresh. There are times when you feel nothing could possibly favour you. Swara was sitting alone trying to get past the emptiness. She felt within her soul but was lost,scared and couldn’t feel pleasant about anything around herSeparatfrom your love one make you feel their worth. Swara had realized Sanskar’s value in her life. Everything happens for a reason,however how hard it may be. It’s just sometimes hard ito find those reason. Swara was still not ablr to believe what had happened the night before. Few hours ago she had everything.but she suddenly lost her everything. Moving on life is not easy but sometimes it is necessary.
Swara’s POV:

I married the love of my life,my Sanskar. But yet I cannot live with him. Why? Just because Laksh betrayed Ragini and married someone else. What was Sanskar’s fault? He loved me flawlessly. The new dawn had broughtwith it new rays of hope. Sanskar! I need you. You are my strength. You had completelt transfoemed me. You made me a strong Swara from a weak Swara. Now how can I love without you?i am weak without you. We have seen many dreams together. When will we fulfil those? How can baba say me not to enter my sasural? Together we can fight all odds. But now I am alone. I cannot even take a step without you. You are my backbone. I am feeling very alone . I am scared. If only you were my side now, I would nvere had felt so alone. My eyes are searching for you. Come Sanskar! Please come back. I want to see you. Just once. Fine I know you always wanted me to be strong. I will not shed any tears. I have to be strong for Ragini,my family and YOU!You love my smile nah? I will always smile and wait for you. If you are in my desting, I know you would walk back into my life. Till then I have to keep patience. Our love is not so weak.

Vaado ke dhago me ham tum bandhe hain, jara dor tum tham lo
Baaho mai aise pighal jane do mujhko, aise meraa nam lo
Mai woh shama hu jo roshan tumhe karke, khud toh pighal jaungee
Subah ka suraj tumhare liye hai, mai hu rat dhal jaungee
Aisa milan phir ho na ho, sab kuchh meraa tum hee toh ho

Scene4(Maheswari mansion):
Sanskar was sitting all alone away from his family,thinkinh how harshly life had treated him and brooding over what exactly has gone wrong. He was busy thinking all their moments. When things go wrong we feel so miserable and all we wish for is to completely erase the bad memories, especially whenour intention was never to do wrong. Or was it? Was all these his fault? When things are not under our control,we feel helpless before our so called destiny. It was a cloudy day. A perfect day of romance. But he had lost his everything. Only he had then was her photo and her memories. He wished to see her in front of him, but she was not there.
Sanskar’s POV:

It’s hard to describe how I feel now. I want to explain you everything Shona,but don’t know how to do. You are the reason of my smile. You are the one who made me have faith in love again. You are the one who fills an empty space in my mind and heart. First I came back here for revenge but you made me realize the value of relations and family. You transformed me completely. You are the one who accepted me the way I am. When we married, I thought our love will last forever. I never thought that there would be a moment when we have to part ways. I know you love me and want me to smile even when you are not with me. I know you always want me to take care of myself even when you are away from me. I promise that I will do everything what you want me to do but you come back in my life .I miss you terribly. You haven’t left my thoughts. Never. Nor even once I miss every moments spent with you. But I respect your and baba’s decision I know what had happened with Ragioni is not justified. I know she is hurt even you are hurt. I will wait for you till the last breath of my life..

Bapanah pyar hai aaja, teraa intejar hai aaja
O bapanah pyar hai aaja, teraa intejar hai aaja
Suna suna lamha lamha, meree raahe tanha tanha Mud ke jara abb dekh lo, aisa milan phir ho na ho
Sab kuchh meraa tum hee toh ho
Bapanah pyar hai aaja, teraa intejar hai aaja
O bapanah pyar hai aaja, teraa intejar hai aaja
Suna suna lamha lamha, meree raahe tanha tanha

A relationship does not need promises,terms and conditions. It justs need two wonderful people that click. One marriage had scattered may lives. Laksh,Ragini,Swara and Sanskar-all had suffered the pain of loss. The marriage that changed everything. 

Credit to: JYOTII


  1. Dona

    Nice but please I want a new entry for ragini…(parth or Karan tacker) it’s a request and if ur planing to unite raglak then Thats fine too

    • Jyotii

      Dona! Thanks dear! But it is an one shot! It ended on d last line of d story! How can I proceed??

    • Jyotii

      Vini!! Thanks dear! Your support mean a lot to me! Nothing is related to me! Its jyst an imagination!!! 🙂

  2. Aashi

    Nice dear… was pleasure to read it!!!!N what about your ff on swasan….you won’t post it after going to Mumbai….this is not fair..but at least give a big hit before going….a long episode…. Plzzzz………N what’s the name of your second ff???

    • Jyotii

      Aasi! I would try to upload my swasan ff! But I am nt promising anything! My second ff’s name is Tha Rain,The spring,The Autumn! 🙂 N YES Thanks dear! 🙂

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