One Shot- Holi Treat



Radhika got up to the shining morning. It was beautiful and pleasant. She glanced across at the sprawled figure beside her. She shook her head wondering about how long he had worked in the night.

Birdsong was doing well and everything was going very smoothly indeed but she didn’t know why he worried that much about working too hard. He had been coming late in the night and waking up before dawn. When she was in the office he was too damned formal with his own wife.

She felt happy though for Neil and Sam. They were a beautiful couple and Neil cared about Sam and it showed outside. She scowled at her husband who wouldn’t acknowledge her as his wife anywhere.

He was on his front sleeping like a log with his hair dishevelled and mouth half opened. He looked so innocent in his sleep. Radhika’s anxiety heightened. He had been a little secretive about a few things now since a week. Before he didn’t have a password to his phone but now when she couldn’t even check into his messaged and call list.

She panicked when he took the mobile from her hand and gave her an evil smirk a few days ago.

“Have you been snooping around my phone again, darling wife?” He enquired with a raised eyebrow at her.

Radhika’s cheeks had heated up when he caught her right. She snorted instead.

“As if there is something for me to check in there..” She said nonchalantly but her eyes slid to his in narrowed suspicion…”right?” She asked in a low quiet voice.

He smiled across at her scandalously while putting on the coat over his white shirt.

“Right, but…” He drawled slowly but he continued…”What if something is really there?” He asked her instead in a whisper.

His eyes were dancing in humour but Radhika’s back stiffened in response.

What the hell..

“What?” She asked sharply.

He took the wallet from over the dressing table and slid it in his pant pocket. His right hand caught the briefcase from the table and he straightened avoiding her eyes.

Radhika fumed as he ignored her presence once again like last night.

“I’ll kill you if you ever cheat on me.” She said while glaring daggers at the back of his head.

She turned around to leave as she had enough of his tricks. Before she could take another step his hands banded around her waist. His chin slid on her shoulder and he sighed heavily.

“Nice thought, darling, but I’m not that lucky.” He said in a mock unhappiness.

Jerk. Radhika tried to move away. He chuckled warmly in her ear.

“Relax, I was just kidding.” He murmured…”Why would I go anywhere else when I have you for a lifetime.” He said smiling into her neck and tightening his arms around her middle

She sagged against his front completely.

Radhika’s cheeks heated up while a small smile curled up her lips.

“Pervert.” She retorted lightly.

His chuckled vibrated again against her skin.

“Prude.” He shot back and turned her around into his arms.

She glanced up into his eyes while he looked down at her.

The brown in his eyes deepened to a dark coffee colour.

“Say the words.” He ordered her softly.

Radhika barely controlled herself to roll her eyes at him.

Since their wedding day he always made her say I love you to him but he never said those words back. He always smiled triumphantly at her when she relented. His smirk resembled the smile of a devil’s satisfaction. He was way too arrogant to say those words back to her.

She stared up into his eyes flatly. He gave back the same look like hers. Seriously? Dear god, he was stubborn. He wouldn’t move away until she did what he ordered her to.

“I’m your wife.” She said flatly in robotic tone.

His eyes flared up in a gleam and his hand caressed her back slowly and up and down.

“Who am I?” He asked her again huskily.

A shy smile curled up her lips.

“My husband.” She replied coyly.

He chuckled with his eyes shining back in response.

“Sweet.” He murmured, his deep and rich with pleasure…”And who are you married to?” He asked again huskily.

Radhika stared up at him and she laughed at his antics.

“Come on, now. This is so childish..”She said while trying to move out of his arms.

He grabbed at her waist more tightly. His eyes lost the humour and his lips thinned out.

“Who are you married to?” He persisted, but his voice was grim and apprehensive.

She her eyes for actual now and his eyes narrowed in a cold look.

Goodness gracious, he was impossible.

Radhika sighed exasperated.

“I’m married to you.” She retorted…”Happy now?” She asked smiling sarcastically.

He grinned down at her and his hair fell over his forehead covering up most of his eyes.

“Not exactly.” He replied feeling up her waist….his eyes slid down and came back to hers heatedly…”You look nice in this dress.” He murmured moving his right hand around her back.

Of course he would like it. It was the red summer dress he bought for her yesterday. He insisted on buying such a dress while she had vehemently rejected it because it looked too scandalous on her. His jaw had hardened because she refused his gift and in anger he bought like ten of those for her to wear daily.

She scowled into his face while he smiled back satisfied now.

His left hand caught and he locked his fingers with hers.

“Would you dare to leave me again?” He asked her in a still an imperious tone.

Oh dear now seriously. He had been asking her this question since like ages and now he was asking the thing again.

She gave him a glare.

“No, I wouldn’t dare to leave you again.” She replied to gritted teeth…”Is there anything else that you want to ask me more?” She asked annoyed, while really getting pissed off by the minute.

He smiled down at her endearingly and his eyes glimmered like brown gimlets.

“Say the words.” He repeated again.

Radhika glared back.

“Right now I don’t love you.” She said in a hiss.

He stared back at her arrogantly.

“You love me. You love me every day. Every hour. Every minute. Every second of your life.” He enunciated each word huskily, gruffly, deeply, and with an intense possessive streak gliding through his eyes in a flash.

It went through her and inside like warm honey.

She smiled at his arrogance.

“You’re impossible.” She replied instead breathily deeply affected by his words.

He smiled boyishly and sideways at her.

“And you’re too damned beautiful.” He replied huskily while tightening his arms around her waist.

With those words he made her heart almost skip a beat but she knew he had still a doubt, distrust and fear in his eyes. He had kept closer to her more than before fearing that she would leave him again.

He slid his hands in her hair and stared down at her sliding his forehead on hers.

“What are you thinking about?” He asked her sighing heavily.

“You.” She murmured back.

He gave her a satisfied look.

“Good. Always think about me. It makes me happy.” He said while at her hair to look down at her more intently.

His tone implied that he was happy. She shook her head smilingly. He behaved like a kid sometimes.

He looked down at her with a grim look now while he pulled at her hair and held it around wrist and curled.

“If I want to then god, I would chain you to my bed forever but I cant and it bothers me. It bothers me that you would be out of my sight once I leave the house.” He said in a low quiet fierce voice.

His tone deep, intimate, husky, rough, lonely, and it came from somewhere inside of his soul.

It vibrated through his chest and came up into her heart and fluttered frantically in her chest.

“You miss me that much already. I’m still in your arms and I will be in the office too.” She replied smiling warmly.

The intense look waned and he looked down at into her eyes and held her face gently now.

“Dear, my darling wife, but I have to work in the office. I don’t do well with a pretty distraction like you.” He murmured back sliding his thumb finger over her heated cheeks.

Radhika sulked.

“So that is why you were avoiding me there.” She said in a sullen temper.

He laughed shortly. It rumbled down his chest.

“Adorable, but I do have the satisfaction of seeing you blush all over and without the annoyance of clothes too.” He said meaningfully and she flushed to the roots of her hair.

His other hand forefinger ran across her collarbone in a slow heated caress.

“You are shameless.” She said while trying to move away.

He gave her a wry look.

“You seem to be always trying to get away from me.” He said grimly as irritation curled around his deep voice.

She smiled in return.

“That’s because you never leave me alone.” She said rolling her eyes at him.

His smile died and he let go off her suddenly. Radhika frowned in confusion.

“Well, I should leave you alone forever then?” He taunted her coolly.

Radhika gave him a worried look.

“I never said like that.” She said while moving a step closer to him.

He walked backwards distancing himself from her.

“You want me to be gone from your life?” He asked her in cruel question.

He was playing with her again. Oh, no. He would always become serious while she just joked about stuff. Oh dear, it was harder always to talk to this guy without making him mad these days.

“No.” She replied hastily.

He gave her a deaf ear as he smiled at her evilly.

“Tell me that you love me.” He said in a low quiet drawl as his eyes sparkled with challenge.

A hard glint appeared in his eyes while looking across at her serenely.

She circled her arms around under her chest and stared across at him in an even look. She stayed silent and he stared back at her with his jaw ticking.

“You aren’t going to say it, are you?” He asked her quietly.

She remained mute. If he was going to think that she would humour him then he was completely wrong to assume so.

He smiled then sighing heavily.

“Think about it again. You and me. You don’t have options to look around. Me..”He shrugged in arrogance….”I have lots and lots of those strutting around me with fluttering eyes and come on smiles……think about it more carefully…..” He said in a low cool voice.

Radhika stiffened.

“Why don’t you think I would have options?” She asked gasping inside at his high handedness.

He tilted his head to the right side while observing her without a smile.

“Because you are my wife and once something becomes mine then it stays mine. Always.” He said possessively in a calm serene tone.

Radhika snorted. Men are all the same. Arrogant idiots.

“And you still would have options even though you’re married to me?” She asked while trying to understand the working of his highly developed brain.

He came around towards her in a circle and whispered in her ear from behind.

“Yes. I always will have numerous options. That’s why I’m telling you to think about answering me carefully before you talk to me so confidently.” He whispered in a gruff low drawl.

Radhika turned around to retort but he smiled back and walked faster in long strides.

“Hey! What the hell did you just say!” She shouted after him.

He only flung back few more nonchalant words over his shoulder.

“See you later.” He waved his right hand without turning around.

What the hell did he just warn her that he would stray.

“Are you telling me that you would cheat on me?” She asked while running after him into the hall.

He turned around instantly smiling while walking backwards.

“Of course not, darling.” He said in a mock soft tone.

He didn’t wait for her reply and walked out of the house and got into the car.

Radhika froze by the front door while he zoomed away onto the road.

Dear god, what was the meaning of that?!?
Her heart started thudding. Did he just threaten her to see another woman.

She needed to talk to Sam. Urgently!

To be contd.

Before u kill me its just three parts. I wil complete it by tmorw coz its holi special update. Lol. I don’t wrote dat nice.

Credit to: Blue

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