One shot : Dark Black Rant


Heya guys this is me again with my incessant blabber.


She was a mess. A f**ked up mess. A pretty bad mess. Everywhere she looked there was nothing but darkness. Utter, complete and undespeciable darkness. Wholesome black. Evil. Eerieness.

It was as if she was running up a spiral staircase which was rotating at angular speed of ten radian per second and then it suddenly came to a halt lunging her forward. In the unknown.




And then she found herself tangled up in the dark. Tangled in such a way that she wouldn’t come out for God’s sake.

There was complete nothingness around her. Absolute black. Emptiness. And it was weirdly perfectly insanlely fine. To be in such impeccable darkness. She struggled striving hard to come out of the void. But it was like a black hole pulling her in.

Frustration, anger, helplessness, agony, pain, hurt and betrayal had pushed her here. And now though she was free of all those, she was still trying to find a way out. Suffocation seemed to be clouding her senses wedging her towards a complete wholesome abyss.

But she was still proceeding further. Into the emptiness. Shame and pity weren’t to be faced how much she failed. The only things the dark offered were empathy, opportunity, help, love, faith, belief and extreme power. It was unbelievable to think that the dark could be so wondrously amazing. Imperfectly perfect.

And now darkness was her solace. Her home. Her peace and tranquillity. Her world.

Done with the agony and emotions wandering inside her whenever she thought of light, she accepted her victory. Victory over light. Victory with dark. Victory over her helplessnes.

So whenever subjected to the tiniest bit of light, she waited patiently for it to fade. Light was temporary not vice versa. Darkness was permanent. Never ending. Healing. Soothing. And light was all but opposite. Light was transient. Paining. Hurting. It gave you ample opportunities to backstab. To cheat. Betray. But the dark helped you in every way.

She was familiar to it. To the black around her. Darkness wasn’t a vice but light was. It gave you false hopes only to shatter you. But darkness never encouraged you for something which wouldn’t happen. It showed you the bitter truth of reality. Not roses. Flowers and hearts but thorns and scrapes. The epitome of truthfulness couldn’t better be shown by anyone else except for the dark.

Unforgiving yet understanding. Cruel yet caring. Harsh yet true. Bitter yet melodious. Painful yet soothing. Torturing yet caressing. Harmful yet secure. That was what dark was. It didn’t mean treason or loneliness as it was mercilessly accused to. It meant salvation. True salvation.

Frustrated due to the helplessness engulfing her, she decided to prowl in the abyss of darkness. Maybe that was alright. To be in such a place. Dying had felt an amazing option earlier but now it was out of bounds. Pathetic.

Yeah. Creepy. Slithering. Slimy.

Funny? Laugh guys. As much as you can.

Lips thinned out forming a pout. Mind blanked out on everything before zooming on to possibility of finding herself once again. Strands of hair kept floating around.

But then, he came around. The arrogant a-hole who captured her heart. And it was the perfect fairytale ending. Except it wasn’t. She still remembered how he had pushed her down the cliff. How she felt betrayed. Silly at her foolishness. She was falling freely like any other object would under the effect of gravity. She fell into the stream below. The propulsion had pushed her down the surface so it took all her will to come afloat. She was cautious not to be seen. But she couldn’t succeed. She didn’t know how to swim. Then she saw him jumping in too. Must be to check whether she drowned and died finally. In a second, he came up grasping for air and then started searching for her probably. She kept drowning helplessly. His betrayal had tired her body and soul. She didn’t want to live any longer.

When she opened her eyes, she was alone. Her clothes changed. She gazed around and escaped the clutches of Satan. It was then she took solace in the dark. And now she wasn’t alone. The black was with her. It was her life. And it was perfect. Until.

There’s always a ‘but’ or an ‘until’ or ‘unless’.

Until he came around again. But she didn’t let him in. Her heart beated for the black and emptiness. Yet he succeeded in making his place. Only because blackness and emptiness had given him the way. It was still engraved in her memories. The incident. His betrayal.

He leapt at her. Filling the void. Trying to end her emptiness. She wasn’t complete but she wasn’t empty either. She was lonely but not alone. She was wounded but not paining anymore. He healed her like magic. He made her alive. It was then she got to know what had actually happened. She had fallen. And he wasn’t at fault. He had jumped to save her and made sure was okay before leaving her to rest.

This was what pathetic was. There was no betrayal but all misunderstanding. She wanted to let him in. Like she did earlier, but would it be the right thing? She wanted to be with him, but should she, really?

All she now had was the dark. Could she hold on to it? Could she not let the wrong ashen her hopes? Could she be her own self again?

Could she, finally?


So… how was it?

You can cuss as much as you want. But do let me know how bad it got to you.


It wasn’t nice. Not readable either. Donno what got into me and i wrote this. But i loved it. Every little bit.


And the cliff part was hypothetical. Someone betrayed her and it was like pushing her down the cliff. And then he looked up for her when she was lost. Hope you got it now.

And i didn’t write the names, so u can imagine it to be anyone.

Was thinking to write it as a short story. But..


Love ya guys
Just don’t curse me for this one.


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  1. Myra

    Anu curse you for this?
    Dude, it is freaking amazing….
    And your language is too good for letting it go without any appreciation…
    Hell yeah, i loved it too.
    Love you!

  2. Jessie

    Anuuuuuu….. bear hug…. god… how dare u said it wasn’t readable…I read twice… do you know how much I don’t get me to be sadistic..enjoying to read someone’s pain…It was your words lil sissy…gosh…you made to think the darkness….and Misunderstanding!! OS was the perfect choice…you brought it live!!! It was all her Misunderstanding…and the finishing was perfect.. I should add more emoticons here..but am thro conveying claps and thumbs up verbally… she wasn’t complete not empty either… wow!!! and each and every word u gave here describing about her agony and wish to be within darkness just to get soothed by itself was amazing!! now… where is your Being me!! I wish I could have wings… fly to Jammu and catch of hold of Anu to write for me…Friendship story too I want…My fav… you have me waiting… now I have a request…i will add 2 links here..u should read and say how it was… I did expect you there….

    Enough of me I guesss… Misssssssssssed you girl….. TC and loads of love…

  3. arti viswanathan

    Very nice dear…

  4. Brin

    It is an amazing one shot, I love it, well done. đŸ™‚

  5. It was nice and totally different…

  6. Jewel

    This was really nice one Annie…. Ur words have that power to catch and tie the mind with ur story…. I liked this story very much.

  7. Very nice dear

  8. awesome…….

  9. Roma

    Awesome, wowwww anu….it was really superbbbb. …the choices of words n your thoughts….it was very heart touching. ….heart wrenching n emotional. ..directly hitting the heart so deeply. ..I felt the pain n darkness of her heart….then her being used to of this darkness n finding her solace there itself. ….light can betray but dark will always show you real face of the truth…then she found him again n it turns out to be mare misunderstandings…n she is in turmoil of taking him in or not…. …wowwww….brilliantly narrated. …very lovelyyyy shot….I just loved it to the coreeeee. …keep it up honeyyy. you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug đŸ˜‰

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